Best Mattress For Heavy People in the UK


When searching for a new mattress, it can be a minefield out there. There are literally thousands to choose from, all boasting to be the best. If you’re on the heavier side then this job is made even tougher. Don’t stress; we’re here to help!

Read on to find out what you should look for in a mattress, specifically as a heavy person and see some models we’ve picked out from trusted and reliable brands.


GhostBed Premium Cooling Mattress – 50+ Stone Limit
[amazon fields="B07PH45JT4" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.7 / 5

Casper Original Foam Mattress – Unlimited Weight Limit
[amazon fields="B01M8QEJSV" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.3 / 5

Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress – 22-Stone Limit
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4.3 / 5

Otty Hybrid Mattress – 22-Stone Weight Limit
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4.2 / 5

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress – 46-Stone Weight Limit
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4.1 / 5

Simba Hybrid Mattress
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4.1 / 5

Leesa Premium Foam Mattress – 18/21-Stone Weight Limit
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3.7 / 5

Tempur Hybrid Luxe – 23-Stone Weight Limit
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3.7 / 5

What Type of Mattress is Best For a Heavy Person?

In general, there are three types of mattresses; memory foam, pocket sprung and hybrid. There are mattresses of all three types out there that are suitable for heavier people, however, some are more suitable than others.

  • Memory Foam: Choosing a pure memory foam mattress might not be a great choice for a larger guy or gal. If you’re set on memory foam then make sure to go for a high-density foam. This will be more durable and firmer so you won’t completely sink into it.
  • Pocket Springs: A traditional pocket spring mattress can work, however, you will want to make sure it has a lot of springs. 2000 and up would be a good place to start. This offers you the support you’ll need and if you can get a mattress with edge-to-edge support then even better.
  • Hybrid: The best of both worlds? In some cases, yes. Having the support of thousands of pocket springs with the comfort of a couple of layers of memory foam could be a match made in heaven.

What Firmness Level Should I Be Getting?

Usually, the firmness of your mattress is a personal choice. You can get mattresses from soft-firm, however, as a heavier person, you will want to avoid a soft mattress. On a soft mattress, you’ll just sink into it and possibly even feel the slats beneath you which is never what you want.

Instead, go for a firm mattress or medium-firm if you’re a side sleeper and need a bit more cushioning.

How Deep Should My Mattress Be?

25cm+. If you get a mattress thinner than this then you’ll lose out on some comfort. With mattresses thinner than 20cm, you might be able to feel the bed’s base.

How Can I Make Sure I Won’t Overheat?

A common problem for heavier people is overheating during the night. This will lead to you tossing and turning or waking up multiple times and just generally not having a good night’s sleep.

Some mattresses come with features to combat this. Some memory foam is infused with a cooling gel, some pocket spring mattresses have lots of air pockets for circulation or you could simply get a cooling mattress topper to go on your chosen mattress.

Now that we’ve looked at some of the factors that need to be considered, it’s time to check out our picks from some of the UK’s most trusted mattress brands.

The Best Mattress For Heavy People in The UK

1. GhostBed Premium Cooling Mattress – 50+ Stone Limit

[amazon box=”B07PH45JT4″]
Type Latex and Gel Memory Foam
Weight Limit 53 Stone / 340kg
Depth 27cm
Firmness Medium-Firm
Washable Cover? Yes at 30°C
Cooling Properties? Yes – Gel Foam
Trial/Warranty 20-Year Warranty

If you’ve been on the market for a suitable mattress for someone on the heavier side then you have probably heard of the GhostBed. It’s a popular choice in the UK thanks to its supportive memory foam construction and, of course, that 53-stone weight limit. You can rest assured then that this mattress will not flatten or sink like a mattress manufactured for a smaller person.

Firstly, there’s a machine washable viscose and polyester cover which is great. Being able to remove your mattress cover and wash it keeps it feeling fresh and it’ll also make it last longer. Next, you’ve got a 3cm aerated latex foam layer. This layer is perforated with holes that improve airflow and helps keep you cool throughout the night.

Underneath this, we have 4.5cm of gel memory foam. Gel memory foam is produced with the sole purpose of being super comfy but also regulating your temperature so if you’re usually a sweaty sleeper, this layer is going to be your new best friend.

Finally to give you the support you need there’s a 19.5cm layer of high-density foam. This will ensure you don’t sink through the mattress like with some others and your body, especially your spine and neck, will be supported.

Overall this gives you 27cm of comfort, much thicker than most alternatives and all of this will not break the bank. It’s a very reasonable price for such a deep, luxurious mattress. GhostBed has rated this as medium-firm which most customers have agreed with. It’s a bit squishier than other mattresses designed for heavier people so it would be a good choice for side sleepers.

This particular mattress comes in single, small double, double and king. As it’s a memory foam mattress we’d recommend the king so there is less chance of the foam sinking at the edges and rolling you off the bed!

If you’re into the GhostBed why not check it out in more detail. You may have just found the mattress of your dreams!

 2. Casper Original Foam Mattress – Unlimited Weight Limit

[amazon box=”B01M8QEJSV”]
Type Memory Foam
Weight Limit Unlimited
Depth 24cm
Firmness Medium
Washable Cover? Yes
Cooling Properties? Yes – Aerated Foam
Trial/Warranty 10-Year Warranty

Casper is a well-known bed brand in the UK and for good reason. Their Original Foam Mattress is a popular choice with everyone AND it comes with an unlimited weight limit. They’re confident that no matter your size, this mattress will be right for you.

It’s constructed of 4 layers of foam, all of which have been designed for maximum airflow and therefore a cooler night's sleep. There’s a layer of breathable open-cell foam on top, then responsive memory foam underneath that for the contouring and cradling of your body, particularly the hips and shoulders.

Up next you’ve got a layer of adaptive transition foam and then the durable, sturdy support foam. This is the densest foam in the mattress to give the comfy parts the “push-back” and support they need to work best. They’ve even contour cut the base layer into 5-zones. This helps distribute your weight evenly across the mattress, giving extra support where it’s needed.

Casper is so confident in their mattresses ability they’re even offering a 10-year warranty.

If you think this mattress could be for you, choose from the 7 available sizes. It even goes up to Super King size.

 3. Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress – 22-Stone Limit

[amazon box=”B00Y2AW28C”]
Type Memory Foam
Weight Limit 22-Stone
Depth 17cm
Firmness Medium
Washable Cover? No
Cooling Properties? No
Trial/Warranty 15-Year Warranty

 This Dormeo Memory Foam Mattress is much thinner than some alternatives, at 17cm, however many customers praise it for how comfortable it is, hence why it’s being featured here. If you’re under 22-stone and you want a well-made, affordable memory foam mattress then this would be a good pick.

With 3cm of high-quality memory foam sewn into the cover, you won’t be able to take the cover off and wash it, unfortunately, however, you will be able to appreciate the cosiness cloud-like feeling of this memory foam layer.

It’s supported by 14cm of Ecocell foam which has been specially designed by Dormeo to be as supportive as possible. This is thanks to the 3-dimensional cellular structure. This layer will be supportive in all the right areas whilst also being breathable to try and reduce some of that memory foam heat.

The cover of this mattress is enriched with carbon fibres to create a barrier from dust-mites and other irritants. The entire mattress has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite protection so even if you have allergies, you should be good to go with Dormeo. (That rhyme was accidental, we promise)

For an affordable, well-constructed memory foam mattress in double or king-size, check out Dormeo.

4. Otty Hybrid Mattress – 22-Stone Weight Limit

[amazon box=”B01HS66R0U”]
Type Hybrid
Weight Limit 22-Stone
Depth 25cm
Firmness Medium-Firm
Washable Cover? Yes at 40°
Cooling Properties? Yes – Temperature Regulating Memory Foam
Trial/Warranty 100-Night Trial/10-Year Guarantee

 You may not know this but Otty won the Small Online Bed Retailer of the Year award back in 2018 and it’s clear to see why. They’re a small company making a big impact with their memory foam and hybrid mattresses. We’re featuring the hybrid option for the added support the springs offer.

Otty’s mattress is made up of 6 layers in total:

  • HD Base Foam: This will give it solid support right from the bottom up and help with durability
  • Airflow Side Support: Side support is so important if you’re a heavier person looking for a mattress. It’ll keep everything from squashing down to the sides when you sleep
  • 2,000 Pocket Springs: These springs are all 14cm tall, way bigger than most other companies. These give more support and also help eliminate motion transfer between partners
  • High-Density Support Foam: Here comes more foam. This layer is all about supporting you without being uncomfortable
  • Temp-Regulating Foam: So important with a memory foam mattress, this layer reduces that hot sticky feeling memory foam sometimes has
  • Removable Cover: That is also washable! Again, it’s kind of a must, especially if you’re a hot sleeper. Nothing will degenerate memory foam quicker than moisture.

All of this goodness comes in nine different sizes, all the way up to Emperor size, perfect if you’re a bigger person. Otty is confident you’ll love their mattress but just in case you don’t, they’re giving you a 100-night trial to try it out. Otty can be used on any bed base so there’s really no excuse why you don’t want it, right?

5. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress – 46-Stone Weight Limit

[amazon box=”B07B42DWWC”]
Type Memory Foam
Weight Limit 46-Stone
Depth 25cm
Firmness Medium-Firm
Washable Cover? Not Stated
Cooling Properties? Yes – Adaptive Cooling Cover
Trial/Warranty 365-Night Trial/Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Nectar is another huge name in the bed making market. Their memory foam mattress has won awards from Real Homes, Evening Standard, Good Housekeeping and Ideal Home. I bet their award shrine is overflowing!

Even though their memory foam mattress isn’t specifically marketed towards larger people, it is suitable for anyone up to 46-stone! That’s pretty impressive and the third-highest weight limit on our list.

Their mattress is purely memory foam so you might be concerned about heat, but Nectar has really tried to fix this issue with their adaptive cooling cover. It’s designed so that every time you move heat is drawn away from your body and circulated out. Then they’ve got the smart memory foam and pressure-relieving memory foam layers which will support you and hug you in all the right places.

The base is designed with 7-zones making it super supportive in all the right areas (head, shoulders, hips, knees etc). This base is then set in the base material which is designed to be non-slip. So you can leap into your bed at night without fear of the mattress sliding off!

Nectar knows what it’s like to have a fidgeting partner and so they’ve designed this mattress to minimize motion transfer. It’s also apparently so good that you can put a glass of red wine in one quarter and move on the rest and it won't spill! I don’t know who is putting a glass of wine down on their mattress but if it’s you, then you need this mattress!

This medium-firm mattress will accompany any bed frame well and you’ve got five sizes to choose from; single to super king. If you’re feeling unsure, test it out! Nectar is offering the longest trial period I’ve seen, 365-days! 

So there’s no reason you shouldn’t give Nectar a go. Take a look if you’re thinking this memory foam mattress could be for you.

6. Simba Hybrid Mattress

[amazon box=”B076PPCH9K”]
Type Hybrid
Weight Limit 18-Stone
Depth 25cm
Firmness Medium-Firm
Washable Cover? No
Cooling Properties? Yes – Open Cell Foam Layer
Trial/Warranty 100-Night Trial/10-Year Warranty

If you haven’t heard of Simba by now, where have you been!? They’re an awesome mattress company that has taken the world of beds by storm. Their hybrid mattress is combining the best of both worlds for you so you have support, comfort AND the ability to stay cool.

The breathable top cover will help with air circulation if you get hot at night and the open cell foam underneath will keep the air flowing every time you move. Underneath this are 2,500 miQro pocket springs. That’s a lot of springs! The springs work to support your body from all angles without just letting you sink in.

Then there’s foam support under that AND a large zoned support base. The base’s design is not by accident and has been developed to give you extra support or extra cushioning in all the right areas. It’ll keep your spine aligned whether you’re a back, front or side sleeper.

So, this medium-firm mattress is easily able to handle someone up to 18-stone. Simba does not say that the mattress won’t be good for heavier people, it just means that the warranty won’t be applicable. With a 25cm depth AND 2,500 springs we can’t see this mattress waning after a year or 2, it seems to be sturdy enough to last.

We can’t really find much wrong with this mattress except the cover isn’t removable so it can’t be washed! This is kind of a bummer but they do say that stains can be removed with a damp cloth. Maybe just invest in a waterproof mattress protector as well if you sweat a lot in the night.

 7. Leesa Premium Foam Mattress – 18/21-Stone Weight Limit

[amazon box=”B01M7WS9JQ”]
Type Memory Foam/Hybrid
Weight Limit 18/21-Stone
Depth 25cm/28cm
Firmness Medium-Firm
Washable Cover? Yes
Cooling Properties? Yes – Avena Foam
Trial/Warranty 10-Year Warranty

 If you’ve been looking for a mattress, you’ve almost certainly heard of Leesa. They’re a big deal in the mattress business and have had thousands of positive reviews. They’ve got a memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress option and we just couldn’t pick which one we loved most.

The memory foam mattress is 25cm thick, with 5cm of cooling Avena foam up top. Then comes 5cm of contouring memory foam on top of 15cm of core support foam. The top 2 layers have a 50kg/㎥ density and the bottom layer is 33kg/㎥, both showing what a high-quality mattress this is.

This mattress has been designed for all types of sleepers and is a little softer than the hybrid option, so better for side sleepers or those who prefer a bouncier mattress! It’s designed to relieve pressure in all the right places as well as offer support in those needed spots. The weight limit for this one is just 18-stone though.

If you need a higher weight limit with a firmer feel, the luxury hybrid mattress could be your better bet. It’s 28cm deep which is ample depth for a heavier person. Leesa rates it as being able to support anyone up to 21-stone.

There are five layers that make up this mattress:

  • 4cm comfort foam top layer
  • 4cm contouring memory foam
  • 5cm core support foam base
  • 15cm of premium pocket coil springs
  • Another 2.5cm of core support foam base

Both of these mattresses come with a removable and washable cover, a 100-night trial period AND a 10-year warranty. They’re designed to keep you cool, offer minimal motion transfer and should stand the test of time. The only concern would be if you and your partner are both on the heavier side, these mattresses might not offer the weight limit you need.

Interested to find out more? Check out the luxury hybrid mattress and see what you think for yourselves.

 8. Tempur Hybrid Luxe – 23-Stone Weight Limit

[amazon box=”B00MHOI2TS”]
Type Hybrid
Weight Limit 23-Stone
Depth 30cm
Firmness Medium
Washable Cover? Yes at 60°
Cooling Properties? No
Trial/Warranty 100-Night Trial/10-Year Guarantee

 What can we say about Tempur that hasn’t already been said? They’re world-renowned for making supremely high-quality, memory foam and hybrid mattresses. All of their mattresses can support someone up to 23-stone, however, we’re featuring the luxe product because it’s also 30cm deep. This means there’s no chance you’ll sink through this one and feel the bed slats!

Tempur has worked hard on its fusion of traditional pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam. They’ve come up with the Hybrid Luxe, 30cm of pure luxury. It’s made up of five distinct layers:

  • 4cm advanced Tempur material
  • 3cm dynamic support technology
  • 10cm precision micro coils
  • 10cm precision micro coils (not a typo, they give you 2 layers!)
  • 3cm durabase technology

By choosing the hybrid option you’re getting more support than just foam. The 20cm of micro coils will support your body in all the areas that it needs whilst the layers of famous Tempur softness will make it super comfortable to sleep on.

The only issue is there aren't any cooling technologies included. The foam top layers are made to improve circulation which could make you warm in the night. They recommend sleeping with a sheet or thinner cover with this mattress.

Still, if you know you like the comfort of memory foam, it doesn’t get much more luxurious than Tempur. The cover is also made of a high-quality, visco-elastic material that can be removed and washed up to 60°.

9. Reinforced Beds Brick Mattress – 50-Stone Weight Limit

[amazon box=””]
Type Pocket Spring
Weight Limit Individual = 30-Stone / Couple Total = 50-Stone
Depth 25cm
Firmness Extra Firm (Like a Brick!)
Washable Cover? Not Stated
Cooling Properties? No
Trial/Warranty 3-Year Heavy Duty Guarantee

Now we’ve gone for a company whose entire job is to come up with heavy-duty, reinforced beds; perfect for a heavier person or couple. They’re very upfront about their weight limits, however, they will expect you to be upfront too! If you get a bed and exceed the weight limit they recommend it’ll void the guarantee.

This mattress is suitable for an individual up to 30-stone or a total weight of 50-stone. They’ve made this mattress suitable for heavier individuals with special extra-durable springs. They don’t state how many pocket springs are packed into this mattress but they’re packed in with special reinforced side support.

You may have noticed that this mattress is called the “Brick”. That was no mistake on the manufacturers part, they really do say this is as firm as a brick! This is what some people need, especially if you’re a back or front sleeper. It might not be so comfortable if you’re a side sleeper but then you could always get a mattress topper to sort that problem out.

It’s supposedly packed with “luxury filling” but not too much. There’s still room for airflow and vents to improve air circulation. This would be a great mattress for hot sleepers because it’s purely pocket sprung. None of that hot and sticky memory foam in sight.

What’s Next?

Now it is down to you, my friend! We’ve given you a few great options from these brands but they do have more so if you need a different firmness or something a little different then don’t hesitate to browse around.

Choosing a mattress as a heavier person shouldn’t be mission impossible and it doesn’t need to be. All you need to bear in mind is firmer is better, the more springs the better and go deep! Good luck!