The 5 Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Available In The UK


Even the best mattresses in the world need a little help after a few years! It’s frustrating when your expensive mattress stops giving you sweet dreams and starts giving you body pain instead. Before you throw it in the tip, know that you might be able to squeeze a few more years of fantastic sleep out of it. All it takes is a mattress topper, particularly a memory foam one. However, it can’t be just any topper, it has to be the best memory foam mattress topper for you!


Littens Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper
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4.8 / 5

Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper
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4.7 / 5

Panda The Topper
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4.7 / 5

NOFFA Mattress Topper
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4.6 / 5

Inofia Naturbrown Doublesize Mattress Topper
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4.6 / 5

Different Kinds of Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers, not to be confused with mattress protectors or pads, help give your old mattress new life. It’s a quick and efficient way of extending your bed’s lifespan and making sure you continue to sleep well.

Typically, a mattress topper is a thick layer of bedding that’s strapped to the mattress, with varying designs and materials used. There are many kinds of mattress toppers, each with its own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Before continuing on your search for a mattress topper, it’ll be good to have a basic knowledge of the different toppers you might encounter.

Latex mattress toppers are on the premium end of the spectrum. It’s made from natural liquid rubber from trees. However not all latex toppers are made with natural materials. There are loads of latex alternatives and mixes available on the market.

If you’re familiar with latex mattresses, you should know that a latex mattress topper can get you similar benefits at a fraction of the cost. Latex mattress toppers are known to be firm yet still soft. It’s great at pain relief and can last you a long time. However, a latex topper isn’t a very economic choice since it’s still quite costly and it retains a lot of heat, especially during the summer.

  • Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool mattress toppers use another natural material. Wool is something we all know and love, familiar in warm winter coats and light jumpers. This material has been used over and over again for different reasons and functions. Nowadays, it’s also found use in mattress toppers.

This makes sense considering that wool is a very comfortable, soft, and cosy textile. As a bonus, many insects and dust mites tend to stay away from wool because of its unique texture. Wool is likewise very durable and easy to maintain, so long as you’re careful. It’s also quite a versatile material since it keeps cool in the summer and helps stay warm during winter. However, wool toppers are usually thinner and lack filling, reliant instead on the wool top. This makes wool mattress toppers less soft than other kinds. It’s also much more expensive, especially since it’s a natural material.

  • Polyester-Cotton Mattress Toppers

Polyester-cotton mattress toppers are another popular choice of material. There’s a lot of room to grow and improve with these toppers since it’s easy to mix with other materials for the perfect combination. That’s not to say that it isn’t great on its own, it’s just commonly mixed with a lot of other materials and substances.

However, the enjoyment of this topper depends on the quality of materials. High quality ones can last years and can feel like sleeping on a cloud, while lower quality toppers might have a shorter lifespan. Because the quality can vary from one end of the spectrum to another, it’s also a challenge to try and pinpoint the usual prices of these kinds of toppers.

There are many other kinds of mattress toppers available on the market. Although these are all interesting to learn about, they’re also far less common than the ones already mentioned. However, we did intentionally miss out on one kind— memory foam mattress toppers!

The Pros and Cons of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is well-loved in the mattress world, even though it isn’t a perfect material. To help elaborate on why memory foam is so popular, we’ve listed down the strengths and weaknesses of memory foam mattress toppers.


Memory foam is best known for how it conforms to your body shape. It melts to cradle your body nicely and it springs back to normal once you’re off of it. Since it follows the contours of your body, it also relieves pressure on certain parts of the body and helps relieve physical aches. If it’s difficult to see why this is such an edge, try visualizing your own spine as you lay down. Typically, your spine will have to adjust to the bed and straighten or bend where the mattress itself does. With a memory foam mattress topper, the topper will adjust to your body, keeping your spine relaxed and supported.

One other huge advantage that memory foam has its ability to absorb movement and noise. This feature is, for obvious reasons, a blessing for couples with restless partners. With memory foam, their movements are dulled down and, though they may stay up late working beside you as you sleep, the topper will help those movements go unnoticed.

  • Variety In Sizes And Types

Memory foam can be cut into any shape and can be made with a combination of many things. To combat the heat retention problem, gel-infused memory foam has grown popular for added temperature regulating properties. There are also latex-memory foam mattress hybrids currently on the market. Even if memory foam products are expected to have traces of toxic chemicals, researchers have been able to make and develop safe and risk-free memory foam mixtures too.


This might be one of the biggest cons of this material. Standard memory foam relies on your body heat in order to “remember” your body shape. This has the adverse effect of your mattress topper retaining your body heat. Instead of dropping into a cool, fresh bed, this might be uncomfortable to touch and could make you sweat more while you sleep. This is very uncomfortable, especially if you're heat-sensitive. However, technology has helped memory foam along and there are memory foam materials and designs that help regulate temperatures better. They’ve found very efficient workarounds to this issue that are becoming more and more common with memory foam products.

Memory foam is, typically, made of a polyurethane base and mixed with other chemical substances. The chemicals used vary, some with virtually no effects while others can be toxic. The chemicals are particularly noticeable when it’s freshly opened and releases a strong scent that'll take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fade. It’s hard to pin down the full composition of a memory foam topper but, thankfully, there are associations out there dedicated to testing these products to certify its safety and that they lack toxic substances.

There’s a lot to gain and consider with memory foam mattress toppers, especially since it looks like the memory foam material is still being further developed. Many of the problems and issues found in it have been thoroughly addressed in awesome mattress toppers. Read on to see our pick of the five best memory foam mattress toppers!

Check Out Some Of The Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

1. Littens Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper

[amazon box=”B018Q3O46S”]


  • Visco memory foam material
  • Egg shell crate box design
  • Added breathability
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite
  • Massaging effect on body
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Compatible with most mattresses


  • No mattress topper cover
  • Makes the mattress sheets look dimpled

The Littens Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper is unique in its design— it’s unlike any other topper on this list!

They use a high-quality Visco memory foam, which is very popular in the business of sleep. It has very low resistance and is very slow in response to movement, allowing for more motion transfer resistance. It also contours very well to your body’s shape and provides support. Littens uses this material in a 7.5 cm tall eggshell crate design mattress topper.

If the “eggshell crate” term is throwing you off, simply visualize an eggshell crate and imagine that it’s made of memory foam. While it looks cool, this design serves many functions.

The many high points in this topper offer a lot of breathing area for enhanced cooling. Rather than using air pockets or gel drops to maximize breathability, they use this out-of-the-box design. While it helps the air circulate through the topper, it’ll also help keep you cool at night.

Furthermore, laying on this eggshell crate topper gives out a very massage effect. Since this also has a very deep design, this depth allows your body to sink in deeper into the soft peaks of the topper. This design also improves blood circulation. Visco memory foam is also known to be very orthopaedic, reliably helping out with pain relief. This topper is also anti-dust mite and hypoallergenic.

Obviously, there are a lot of benefits to this design innovation, but it also comes with some very noticeable disadvantages.

First of all, it will be a task to clean this topper. The points in this topper make it difficult to clean with a hoover and, since it doesn’t come with a cover, the only barrier between you and the topper is your bedsheet.

Additionally, this mattress topper might not look very comfortable if your feathers are ruffled by slightly messy bedsheets. The surface of this design makes the bed look dimpled and odd. However, this is only an aesthetic observation and won’t affect your enjoyment of the topper.

This might be amazing for you if you’ve tried many memory foam mattress toppers and are looking for something new. It’s extremely comfortable, is compatible with a lot of mattresses, and it doesn’t cost as much as the other high-quality toppers on this list. But if you don’t have the time to deep clean this kind of special topper, this might be something to pass on.

2. Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper

[amazon box=”B07FPNW5DH”]


  • Orthopaedic support for all sleeping positions
  • Bamboo fibre cover
  • Compatible with most mattresses
  • Anti-slip bottom for minimal movement
  • CertiPUR label, ensuring it’s free of toxic chemicals
  • OEKO-TEX standard, ensuring the absence of toxic substances


  • Strong odour can take up to 72 hours to diffuse
  • Care instructions are tricky

The Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a European-made topper that goes above and beyond to provide orthopaedic support for irritating body aches.

This 5cm tall mattress topper is made of thick memory foam that makes it easy to support the body and provide pressure relief on serious body pains. Luckily, this easily adapts to all sleeping positions, since it conforms to your body without applying additional stress on certain pressure points. In short, Dreamzie is aiming for maximum orthopaedic relief with this mattress topper.

What’s more is that this topper has both CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex certifications, which signify that it’s been examined by experts to ensure its quality and safety. Mostly, these two labels certify that this topper is free of toxic chemical substances and skin irritants. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it was made without chemicals but it does make sure that the final product is free of anything harmful.

For a cover, they opted to use a soft bamboo and polyester textile, to help protect your skin. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable, which helps the memory foam ventilate any heat it absorbs. Additionally, it has a non-slip material on the bottom, with the four elastics, to help minimize movement atop the mattress itself. Thankfully, this cover can be simply cleaned in the washer.

It’s shipped in a vacuum-sealed pack, which will unfold to its original shape after 24 hours. Unfortunately, even with the CertiPUR and Oeko-Tex labels, this still comes with a noticeable smell. Thankfully, it’ll go away 24 to 72 hours after opening.

If you suffer body aches, this mattress topper might be the missing ingredient in your next good night’s sleep. This mattress topper was designed to address conditions like arthritis, stiffness from past surgeries, and bodily discomfort upon waking up. Whether you match it with a mattress that’s too soft or too hard, this topper might help address those issues and help you sleep comfortably.

3. Panda The Topper

[amazon box=”B074STNQ5G”]


  • Cooling Hydro-Foam material
  • Bamboo cover
  • Orthopaedic qualities
  • Anti-slip bottom for minimal movement
  • 10-year manufacturer guarantee


  • Chemical smell when newly opened
  • Can be too soft

Starting off this list is Panda’s The Topper. This is a gel-infused memory foam topper made from the Panda’s very own Hydro-Foam material.

Hydro-Foam is a blend of 3rd generation memory foam and gel beads. Since memory foam’s biggest concern is how it retains body heat, they developed Hydro-Foam to combat that effect. This mixture basically provides pressure relief whilst maximizing temperature regulations. It’s great for comfort, support, and even hygiene.

In essence, Hydro-Foam has incorporated tiny cooling gel capsules into their memory foam. These gel capsules activate when pressure is applied, and it sifts heat away from the body. This would also help with its durability, allowing it to keep its shape for longer. Panda claims that their Hydro-Foam technology is the most advanced memory foam mattress topper available. While we’re not sure about how true this claim is, we understand why they would say so.

To help out even more in the cooling factor, they used bamboo textile for the mattress topper cover. The bamboo cover has temperature regulating features of its own and, together with Hydro-Foam, it makes for a perfectly complementary pair. This material has natural anti-bacterial properties and it’s great for eczema, sensitive skin, and to protect against dust mites. It’s a removable cover, making it easy for you to keep it clean. This cover basically helps give you the best shot at being comfortable and cool all night long.

One problem with mattress toppers is that they tend to move around on your mattress. To address this, Panda has included a non-slip bottom on the bamboo cover. This anti-slip layer makes use of tiny silicone grips embedded at the bottom of the topper. To secure it to the mattress, it also has four very strong elastic bands at each corner of the topper.

This might be amazing for you if you’re sensitive to allergens and heat. Even though this mattress topper is known to provide great body support, the Hydro-Foam material has been developed to combat memory foam’s biggest weakness: heat retention. This means that if you’re looking for a memory foam topper that doesn’t run hot, this might be a good place to start.

However, although they addressed the heat retention issue, this topper isn’t without weaknesses. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a ton of pressure relief, this topper might be too soft for what you’re looking for. If you’re sensitive to strong smells, this might also be a problem since, as with most memory foam mattresses, this releases an unpleasant chemical smell when you open it. It’s supposed to go away after a few days but it’s still something to consider.

4. NOFFA Mattress Topper

[amazon box=”B071ZJ1CZM”]


  • Highly breathable mattress topper
  • High-density memory foam
  • Slow rebound and reduces bounce
  • Bamboo cover
  • Suits all sleeping positions
  • Regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture
  • Anti-slip bottom for minimal movement
  • No chemical smell upon opening


  • Might be too firm
  • Cover is finicky

Last but definitely not least, the NOFFA Mattress Topper sticks to a traditional topper design, with some subtle enhancements instead.

It’s made of a 5cm layer of high-density memory foam. This memory foam design helps reduce the pressure on certain parts of the body. This material has a slow rebound time, meaning that your impression on it will last for some time before returning to its original shape. This is good because it helps add support for your body.

This mattress topper also comes with a removable bamboo cover for protection. The bamboo fabric also has a natural self-clean ability, and it also has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Like the other bamboo covers, this is also very breathable and helps your mattress regulate temperature and circulate air.

Unfortunately, this mattress topper relies heavily on the quality of your current mattress. Even though this is super comfortable if your mattress is extra firm, the material of this topper will not work well with your mattress and might be too firm for your needs. However, if you find your mattress too soft, this definitely has a good chance of helping you out.

Another possible issue is in its cover. If you handle this roughly, the stitching might give way, or the elastic bands might come undone. This doesn’t happen often but there have been enough cases of it for you to consider.

This might be great for you if you’re looking for a mattress topper for a mattress that’s much too soft. This offers just the right amount of firmness for a mattress that has no support and helps relieve any body aches you might have.

This might also work for you if you’re looking for something very basic but efficient. It’s a very simple design that works very well and doesn’t cost more than £80!

This might also be a clever purchase if you sleep with someone beside you. Since it has a slow rebound time, the foam will muffle any noises from movement, and it won’t bounce as much when your partner moves. This lessens your disturbances for the night and helps you sleep soundly even if they’re choosing to stay up late for one reason or another.

This is available in a lot of mattress sizes and, if you’d rather not have the finicky cover, there’s an option to have just the memory foam topper. It’s delivered to you in a vacuum pack and will take around 4 to 48 hours to unfold properly. Luckily, opening this won’t release any chemical scent.

5. Inofia Naturbrown Doublesize Mattress Topper

[amazon box=”B07RZ82Z1D”]


  • Dual layer memory foam
  • Biogray Relief Foam for support
  • Naturbrown Memory Foam for comfort
  • Eco-friendly silk cover
  • Anti-slip bottom for minimal movement
  • CertiPUR-US label, ensuring it’s free of toxic chemicals
  • OEKO-TEX standard, ensuring the absence of toxic substances
  • 100-night free trial
  • 10-year guarantee


  • Zipper can be faulty
  • Mattress topper might decompress with a fold in the middle

Inofia is a strong name in the mattress topper game. One of their best toppers is the Inofia Naturbrown Doublesize Mattress Topper. This has a 6 cm height, with two layers of memory foam zipped up in a special cover.

There are two kinds of memory foam inside this topper. The bottom layer of memory foam is called the Biogray Relief Foam. This foam is a charcoal-infused memory foam that provides maximum body support and enhances your blood circulation as you sleep. The charcoal also helps purify your body. This layer is 4 cm tall and is part of what makes this topper so comfortable. This is what helps the mattress topper relieve your body aches.

Above the Biogray Relief Foam is the Naturbrown Memory Foam layer. This layer is what you’ll be feeling most. It’s super soft and is made without a polyurethane base. This composition helps prevent any noxious gasses from escaping. This material is Certi-PUR-US certified, guaranteeing your health and safety as you sleep.

Inofia chose to use a colourful silk material for its cover. This is an ultra-soft and breathable eco-friendly textile that helps air move throughout the topper. This also helps with the heat retention problem. The cover also matches the OEKO-TEX standard, meaning this has been tested and found to be free of toxic chemicals. The bottom of this topper has an anti-slip base, to secure it to the mattress and muffle out any harmful allergens.

Since there are four layers to this (colourful silk cover, naturbrown memory foam, biogrey relief foam, anti-slip base), there is hardly any chance for contaminants to get on the mattress itself. This means that you might be able to save some money on mattresses by shelling out a bit more on a good topper.

However, this comes with some drawbacks. This mattress topper tends to have a faulty zipper. While removing the cover, the zipper usually gets stuck. No one really wants to struggle with a huge zipper and, considering that this doesn’t come cheap, it might be too much to ask to deal with a bad zipper.

Furthermore, this mattress topper is delivered to you tightly compressed in a small box. Unfolding it will take some time which isn’t a problem. However, what could be an issue is its tendency to air out with a fold stuck in the middle. Since this is meant to enhance your mattress, that’s definitely not what anyone would expect from a topper.

Regardless of some shortcomings, this is still a great contender. You should seriously consider this mattress topper if you regularly wake up with an aching body. This isn’t a purely orthopaedic mattress; however, it does grant a healthy amount of support to your body and will make any kind of mattress much more comfortable.

Final Thoughts

After all this, it’s obvious that a memory foam mattress topper is full of merit. There are five serious recommendations in this list, but one topper has stood out.

The Inofia Naturbrown Doublesize Mattress Topper is an all-rounder and helps maximize memory foam’s potential. The dual-layer foam is a brilliant design feature that helps address both the comfort and pain relief factor.

Even with such strong competition, the four other mattress toppers still stand out. The Inofia is the obvious crowd-pleaser but the others have been able to address specific needs for a more special group of people.

For cooling relief and sensitive skin, The Topper by Panda might be the best choice. If you’re looking for something to address orthopaedic needs, the Dreamzie Memory Foam Mattress Topper could be good. If you’re looking for something a little out-of-the-box, the Littens Visco Memory Foam Mattress Topper might be your best bet. If you’re interested in something a little more simple and basic, look no further than the Noffa Mattress Topper!

Perhaps, despite our best efforts, the best mattress topper for you isn’t on this list. If so, at least now you’ll know what to look for. As you make some very important mattress topper decisions, we wish you the sweetest dreams!

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