The 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses in The UK


If you’re on the market for a new mattress, we’re sure that the phrase “memory foam” has come up more than once. A memory foam mattress seems so luxurious and those adverts make it seem like you’ll be sleeping on a cloud.

So what do you need to know before you buy a memory foam mattress? Well, we’re here to help and give you all the information you need to find the best memory foam mattress for you.

What is Memory Foam?

We’ve all heard of it, but what actually is memory foam? Well, memory foam was developed in the 60s and it was developed for NASA. Yep, you’re sleeping on the stuff that was made for astronauts!

Memory foam is a material mostly made of polyurethane. It comes in different densities; the denser memory foams tend to last longer. You can get traditional memory foam, open-cell memory foam (this type provides more airflow through the mattress and so it’s cooler) or gel-infused memory foam (gel is pumped into the mattress to help regulate body temperature).

Why Should I Choose Memory Foam For My Mattress?

Memory foam is a relatively new technology for making mattresses but it’s already been praised over and over by consumers. If you find your traditional spring mattress too uncomfortable or hard to sleep on, memory foam might be the way to go.

Memory foam moulds to your body, supporting you where you need it most. The aim of this is to keep your spine aligned, therefore making you more comfortable while you sleep. This should also relieve some aches and pains if you find yourself waking up with a sore neck or back.

These are some of the factors you should be thinking about as you read through our pick of 10 awesome memory foam mattresses.

The 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses On The UK Market

1. Leesa Premium Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B01M7WS9JQ”]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 25cm
Layers 3
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 8 Sizes: Single to Euro King
Budget ££

Leesa has been around for a few years now and they’re making a real impact on the mattress scene. They’re committed to making high-quality long-lasting mattresses but they’re also focused on making an impact on the community. For every 10 mattresses they sell, they donate 1, with over 30,000 mattresses donated to date.

We’ve decided to feature the award-winning multilayer foam mattress from Leesa due to its premium construction and local production (they have a production warehouse in Manchester!). They’ve won awards from Which?, Good Housekeeping, the Evening Standard and Men’s Health.

Leesa are so confident you’ll love their mattress that they give you a 100-night free trial AND a 10-year warranty. They’re confident you’ll enjoy this mattress thanks to its 3-part construction. The top layer consists of 5cm of cooling Avena foam, with air holes for better airflow and a cooler nights sleep.

The second layer is 5cm pressure-relieving memory foam. This is the layer that’ll contour to your body and support those pressure points so you can wake up without those aches and pains you’ve come to know. In the third layer, you’ll find 15cm of a base foam layer that offers the support you need, no matter the size of the sleeper.

We spoke earlier about density and that’s definitely a defining factor in choosing your mattress. The first and second layer are both 50kg/㎥ and the bottom layer is 33kg/㎥.

If you’re feeling like this is the mattress for you, you’ll be pleased to know it comes in 8 sizes, from single all the way up to euro king. It has also been made to suit all sleepers; back, side, front or combination you’ll have a luxurious sleep on this Leesa mattress.

Sold on this one? Head on over to check out more features and get ready for a restful night’s sleep.

2. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B07B42DWWC”]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 25cm
Layers 5
Machine Washable Cover? No
Size(s) 4 Sizes: Single to Super King
Budget ££

Nectar has one job and one job only, to give you the best sleep of your life. All their efforts are focused on manufacturing the most comfortable, sleep-enhancing mattresses around. They’ve even won awards from Real Homes, Good Housekeeping, Evening Standard and Ideal Home.

They’ve taken memory foam layering to the next level and incorporate five awesome layers into their model. First, you’ve got the Adaptive Cooling Cover. It does exactly what it says on the tin and circulates fresh air each time you move. Again with the cooling, the second layer is made of smart memory foam that dissipates your body heat.

Now that you’re cool enough, you need some comfort. Layer three is pressure-relieving memory foam which will give you the comfort associated with memory foam. Underneath all this goodness is another 7-layers. These 7-layers make up the supportive base essential to enjoying your mattresses full potential. Finally, there’s a positioning base material to stop your mattress slipping around; after all, you’re sleeping, not surfing.

If you look on Nectar’s website they have this cool little GIF that shows you even if you bounce a big ball around your bed your red wine won’t fall over! Finally, a bed that can support my bouncy ball AND red wine habits. In all seriousness though, it’s good to know you won’t be waking your partner up in the night and vice versa!

Nectar aims to please, which is why they’ve made their mattress a comfortable and pleasing 6.5 on the firmness scale. They’re so confident, in fact, that you’ll love their mattress they’re offering a  365-day free trial. Yes, you can sleep in this bed for an entire year and test it out!

Check it out for yourself and see if it really is the bed of your dreams.

3. Otty Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B01HS66RM8″]
Type Hybrid
Thickness 25cm
Layers 6
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 9 Sizes: Single to Emperor
Budget ££

Otty was created by someone who understands the hardships that come with finding the right mattress. They personally understand what it’s like to work all day, go and socialise or exercise and then go back only to fall into a…less than comfortable bed.

They also didn’t want to create a pure memory foam mattress, as this can get too hot, or a purely sprung mattress, as this can be uncomfortable.

Enter the Otty Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress. It has a five-layer construction for the perfect combination of comfort and support. Layer one is a removable and washable cover. This is so important when it comes to keeping your mattress healthy and lasting a long time.

Next, you have temperature regulating memory foam so you won’t get too hot and steamy in this mattress…unless you want to. The memory foam is infused with Blue Gel to help with the regulation of body temp. Underneath that is the Reflex Foam which is specially designed to support you where necessary.

Here comes the hybrid part. Layer four is made up of 2000 pocket springs. They’re all encapsulated and measure 14cm for a firm base but with the manoeuvrability for a comfortable sleep.

Next, they’ve incorporated edge-to-edge side support which helps maintain the structure of your mattress and also increase airflow.

Finally, they’ve topped it off, or bottomed it off we should say, with an HD foam base. Because the base is at the bottom of the mattress, most people think it doesn’t matter as much but a strong, supportive base will make sure it stands the test of time.

They rate their hybrid at a 7 on the firmness scale, so a little firmer than the Nectar model. They can be placed on any bed frame; slats, divan, adjustable or platform.

Not sure? Go see for yourself the awesome features of this mattress and its great reviews.

4. Casper Original Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B01M5JER7B”]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 24cm
Layers 5
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 7 Sizes: Single to Super King
Budget ££

Casper is obsessed with sleep. Their team of scientists and researchers spend their entire days studying it and coming up with new innovative products based on feedback from Casper customers.

With a company so excited and focused on good sleep, it’s easy to see how they won so many awards. They’ve been recognised by Which?, Good Housekeeping, Real Homes, Google, Architectural Digest and more!

They’re so confident in their Original Foam Mattress that they offer a 100-night trial as well as a 10-year warranty. Not bad, Casper!

This confidence stems from the superior construction of their mattress. The base layer consists of a thick layer of foam, optimised for zonal support.

When you work your way up, next you have a Deep Comfort layer which sounds like it’s all about the luxury but it also helps with distributing your body weight. Practical, too! Next up there’s a high-density foam layer which is designed with pressure relief in mind and then an open-cell top layer. Having this air circulation through the top layer will help keep you cool throughout the night.

To top it off, quite literally, Casper has included a removable, premium-knit cover which also has handles for your convenience too. When you’re ready, just unzip the cover and throw it in the wash at 40°.

If you like the look of Casper, take a closer look. You can also rest assured knowing all their products are manufactured in the UK!

5. Emma Original Mattress

[amazon box=”B07DRLN9YV”]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 25cm
Layers 4
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 5 Sizes: Single to Super King
Budget ££

Emma is renowned in the mattress game. They’re known for producing the UK’s most awarded mattress with awards from Which? and all the usual suspects. Emma doesn’t make a bunch of different products and spread their attention out. They make a total of four products, but they make them really well. They’ve got the original mattress, hybrid mattress, pillow and mattress protector.

Emma attempted to produce a mattress that suits all sleepers and all body types and, according to a LOT of great reviews, they may have just done it. The original mattress consists of four layers.

First up we’ve got a temperature-regulating top cover which can be removed and washed at 60°. I don’t know about you but I like being able to wash things at a higher temperature because it makes them feel cleaner. The bottom cover is made up of 3D mesh that keeps the air circulation going throughout your mattress. It also has non-slip elements to keep it firmly on your bed base.

The next layer down is 4cm of Airgocell foam. This layer is open-pored foam so it’ll keep you cool and it’s also super comfy thanks to the exceptional point-elasticity. If you move around a lot in your sleep, don’t worry, your partner won’t feel a thing thanks to this layer.

Then we have visco-elastic memory foam in the next layer which distributes your weight nicely, relieving pressure points and making for a better night’s sleep. It’s this layer which makes this bed great for any type of sleeper.

Finally, the largest layer is an HRX foam base. This important layer will help keep your spine aligned and offers the required counter pressure to make sure you don’t just sink completely into the mattress. All great memory foam mattresses have a firm base layer.

Loving the look of the award-winning Emma mattress? Go check it out. It comes in five sizes to choose from.

6. Simba Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B07YVGBG3K”]
Type Hybrid
Thickness 20cm
Layers 5
Machine Washable Cover? No
Size(s) 4 Sizes: Single to King
Budget ££

Simba is another big player in the bed business. They started from humble beginnings, being a company that supplied the thread that made mattresses back in the 70s. Since then, they’ve expanded to have their own line of award-winning mattresses, mattress covers, pillows and more.

Simba actually only has one mattress. They’ve tried and tested, and hopefully perfected, their Hybrid Essential Mattress. With over 80,000 five-star reviews it would seem like they’ve done a pretty great job. They’re also recommended by T3, Ideal Home and Good Housekeeping.

So, what makes them so special? Their mattress consists of five layers, starting with a breathable top cover. It’s a 500g knitted cover that boasts hypoallergenic properties too, however, the cover isn’t removable.

Next up is the open-cell foam layer which is what helps keep Simba’s sleepers at the ideal temperature all night. Regular memory foam can be too hot and sticky as the top layer.

Moving down, you’ve got the patented spring layer. This consists of up to 1,500 individually encapsulated miQro springs. This is where Simba is set apart from other memory foam mattresses.

These little 25mm springs support your body in a way memory foam does not whilst also adding air circulation to your mattress and keeping you cool.

Underneath this is a high definition foam layer with added edge support. This support is crucial in making sure your mattress maintains its shape over time. And then there’s the base. It’s got zonal support to adjust to any kind of sleeper and gives the mattress the firm base it needs.

It’s easy to see why so many people love Simba but, if you don’t believe us, check them out for yourselves.

7. Eve Sleep Original Mattress

[amazon box=”B019DRUUJ6″]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 24cm
Layers 4
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 9 Sizes: Single to Large Emperor
Budget ££

You might recognise Eve for their signature bright yellow logo and mattress. They’re much more than just a colour though. They’ve been manufacturing top-quality mattresses, bed frames, bedding and baby mattresses for years.

Their Original Memory Foam Mattress really takes the biscuit though. It is made up of three foam layers. The base layer is the firmest of the three. It is strong enough to support all body types and Eve has cut 7-zones into the base to support your hips and shoulders perfectly.

Moving on up is what Eve calls their memory layer. It’s super comfortable, like a cloud, but it’s still supportive. We’re not sure quite how Eve managed this but we like it!

On top of that is a springier, more breathable foam layer which should support you without letting you sink in. It’s supposedly 30 times more breathable than the old stuff.

They’re not done yet though. There’s also an anti-slip base to keep your mattress right where you want it and a moisture-wicking top cover. You can easily remove this cover and wash it at 40°.

This mattress has been designed with all sleepers in mind. It’ll suit back, front and side sleepers alike. It’s also incorporated movement isolation technology so you can toss and turn without disturbing anyone.

Eve is pretty confident you’ll love their mattress but just in case you need some reassurance, they’re offering a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty to put your mind at ease.

Get this bed in a box delivered right to your door and start your 100-night test period.

8. Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B008I1E2OS”]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 20cm
Layers 3
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 7 Sizes: Single to Super King
Budget £

 Silentnight is perhaps the best-known bed brand in the UK because they’ve been around for decades. It’s because of this that people have a certain level of trust in Silentnight. After all, they wouldn’t still be in business if they’re beds weren’t any good, right?

They’ve got a huge range of mattresses and other bed products but today we’re focusing on their memory foam.

The Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam mattress seems to be a popular choice. Having 7-zones in the mattress means you’ll feel supported where it’s necessary. The hips, knees and shoulders will be cradled to alleviate pressure and hopefully stop back pain related to bad sleep.

There’s a deep comfort layer of memory foam for that cloud-like feeling you usually associate with memory foam. Then comes the really good stuff; a miratex foam core that provides the spinal support you need for a restful sleep. Aligned spine = happy body and better sleep.

This 20cm deep mattress offers medium support so it should be good for most but Silentnight also makes their memory foam mattress in medium-firm and medium-soft. It’s no surprise Silentnight are a firm favourite when their prices are as favourable as they are. This is definitely a great option if you’re on a budget but you still want the luxury of memory foam.

Go ahead and check out the Silentnight 7-Zone mattress in closer detail. They even have Euro sizes to choose from which is pretty cool!

9. Inofia Flippable Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B07Z8S1CX7″]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 22cm
Layers 4
Machine Washable Cover? Yes
Size(s) 1 Size: Double
Budget £

Inofia has spent years figuring out the science behind a great night’s sleep and they think they’ve cracked it with the Flippable Memory Foam Mattress. They also have a bunch of other memory foam and hybrid mattresses to choose from as well as mattress toppers and pillows.

What’s really cool about the mattress we’re looking at is that you can flip it over. Most of the time, the way memory foam mattresses are constructed, you can’t do this.

Inofia wants you to figure out the best sleeping arrangement for you so they’ve made one side of the mattress soft and the flip-side firm. This means it’ll be great for all kinds of sleepers.

The core of this mattress is made of highly elastic and resilient polyurethane foam. It’s been produced with 7-zoned support to offer the right level of movement under your head, shoulders, lower back, hips, thighs, lower leg and feet.

Inofia has not only paid attention to the inside of their mattress but the outside too. This memory foam mattress has a removable, massager cover. It’s a high-quality 450g/㎥ cover that can be easily removed and washed at 60°.

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true then give it a trial first. Inofia also offers a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. Your mattress will be vacuum-packed and sent in a small box.

This is a fantastic mattress if you’re on a budget. It won't break the bank, you’ll get to figure out whether you like a soft or firm mattress AND have the option to switch between the two. The only downside I guess is that it only comes in double.

If you’re as indecisive as I am, you need this mattress in your life. Check it out today.

10. Naturalex Extrafresh Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B07N89K7QY”]
Type Memory Foam Only
Thickness 30cm
Layers 5
Machine Washable Cover? No
Size(s) 18 Sizes: 80x90cm to 180x200cm
Budget £

Naturalex is a company dedicated to making new and innovative mattresses. Over five collections they produce over 40 different mattresses, all perfectly suited to a certain type of sleeper. We’re featuring a new mattress from the Techno collection.

This extra deep memory foam mattress is a little slice of luxury for those that prefer a firmer mattress. It’s been specially designed to be flippable, with a summer and a winter side. Memory foam is renowned for being too hot during the summer months so it’s pretty cool Naturalex has addressed this.

The summer side boasts FiberFeel V300 fibres which absorb moisture, has a cool feel and regulates your temperature. There’s then a layer of MemoFeel V30 foam that has high heat conductivity. This means it absorbs the heat from your body and then disperses it throughout the mattress to keep you cool.

There’s then a huge 25cm FlexiMax core with a density of 38 kg/㎥. This has been designed specifically to support your body in just the right places and with just the right firmness. It’s also super elastic so it’ll help mould to your body.

Then we have the winter side. This side has a layer of bi-alveolar latex which is extremely dense (70kg/㎥). It’s got 7-zones of distribution and also acts to reduce motion felt across the mattress.

Next up there’s a layer of MemoFresh V60 foam which has an open-cell construction. This foam will give you the support you need, keep your body at a regular temperature and keep you feeling fresh thanks to the airy consistency.

Again, the winter side has FiberFeel V300 but there’s also an extra layer of SoftSensation deluxe fabric. This gives it a super soft and luxurious feel, perfect for wrapping up under the duvet during the winter months.

If you prefer a firmer mattress, this flippable memory foam mattress comes with all the technology of a luxury mattress but without the luxurious price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Your Back?

Quick Answer: Yes. They’re better for your back than a regular spring mattress.

When you sleep there are natural pressure points where your body is holding the most weight. These are the hips, shoulders and knees. Memory foam conforms to your body, cradles these pressure points and relieves that pressure. This will also align your spine and reduce back pain.

If you already have a back injury then memory foam could help you in the healing process. Injuries heal better during sleep, that’s just a fact. So if you’re having trouble sleeping on a hard, uncomfortable mattress it’s going to take you much longer to heal than if you have uninterrupted sleep.

Apart from just being squishier and softer than most mattresses, memory foam sometimes incorporates temperature-regulating technology. Overheating in your sleep is one of the most common reasons people wake up in the night; you take away the heat, you take away the sleepless nights.

How Thick Should My Foam Mattress Be?

The thickness of your memory foam mattress can be an important factor in how comfortable it is for you. It’s a very personal preference though, so it’s best to go to a bed store and try them out if you can. Memory foam mattresses can come anywhere from 10cm to 30cm.

When it comes to quality, it’s not all about the thickness though. The density of your mattress is much more important. This is usually measured in kg/㎥. Low-density memory foam will feel soft and non-supportive whereas thicker densities feel firmer, of higher quality and they’ll last longer.

How Long Will a Memory Foam Mattress Last?

The general rule is that a memory foam mattress will last 8 to 10 years. This is the same lifespan as most mattresses but of course, that can change depending on how well you care for it. To keep your mattress in tip-top condition you should:

  1. Rotate your mattress every 3 months (from head to toe)
  2. Use a mattress protector, waterproof is best
  3. Have a solid bed base preferably without slats
  4. Keep it away from strong heat sources
  5. Wash the mattress cover regularly
  6. Don’t make your bed as soon as you get up, let the heat and moisture dissipate first

There we have it. Ten awesome memory foam and hybrid memory foam mattresses in a range of budgets and styles. We tried to find a little something for everyone but if you still didn’t find your perfect mattress match then check out what other styles these brands have to offer.

They’re all fantastic brands with a bunch of cool choices so we’re confident they’ll have something for you!

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