5 Of The Best Pregnancy Pillows In The UK


Growing a new person in your body makes even the simplest tasks difficult. We’re not just talking about touching your toes or driving— sleeping becomes a challenge too. Luckily, the sleep part might be fixed by switching to the best pregnancy pillow for you, we've reviewed 5 of the best pregnancy pillows available in the UK!


Pharmedoc Full Body Pregnancy C-Shaped Pillow
[amazon fields="B0829FC6B8" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.7 / 5Polyfill with a cotton jersey pillowcaseFull body support for minimal movement

Bamibi Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow
[amazon fields="B086PZ4LL6" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.6 / 5Polyester filling with a cotton pillowcaseMultifunctional and long-lasting

Silentnight V-Pillow
[amazon fields="B076QDV9WJ" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.5 / 5Recycled fibre filling with a microfibre pillowcaseSpace-saving and upper body support

PROCAVE Side Sleeping Pillow
[amazon fields="B077P2HS3C" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.5 / 5Polyester filling and coversCooling, durable, and large

Queen Rose U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow
[amazon fields="B06XKYCHD1" value="thumb" image_link="none"]

4.5 / 5Bionic polyethylene filling with a velvet pillowcaseFull body support for restless sleepers

Tips to Sleep Well While Pregnant

There are some things you can do to help avoid an uncomfortable nights sleep. They go beyond listening to calming music and tiring yourself out until you crash. There are some things you can do during the day to ensure you fall asleep much quicker and much more pleasantly. Here are a few tips to help you sleep better while you’re pregnant:

  • Always Hydrate

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated in order to keep your body working smoothly and to keep your joints loose. However, you’ll need to make sure to time it properly. Dehydration isn’t good but filling up on liquids right before you sleep will be bothersome, especially once you start waking up over and over again just to pee!

  • Keep The Exercise Going

Exercising and stretching out your body improves blood circulation. By doing this, you lessen night-time cramps and loosen up your body, eliminating tension when waking up. Being active, even when you’re not pregnant, helps you sleep better rather as compared to if you lounge around the everyday. But take note that exercise produces adrenaline which makes you more alert instead of sleepy. If you exercise in the evenings, it’ll be more difficult to fall asleep.

  • The Room Should Be Cool

By lowering the room’s temperature, pregnant bodies will feel more at ease. When things are warm or humid, it makes for an uncomfortable sleeping environment. However, when things are cooler, it’s easier to sleep.

  • Healthy Food For Healthy Sleep

Eating big meals and consuming lots of fat can induce heartburn while you sleep. Instead, eating protein-rich foods can help any hunger and pregnancy cravings. These should last you through the night and fill you up.

  • One Thing That Plagues Many Pregnant Ladies Is Anxiety

This worry about what’s to come can contribute to a fitful sleep. To prevent that, breathing exercises, meditation, and journaling could help. If you have a partner, you could also talk about that before you sleep. Rather than seeking advice or looking for a fix, this is an outlet for you. Even without a solution, the act itself is very calming.

  • Invest More In Your Sleep Routine

Your body is different now, with different needs for sleep. When you bought your mattress, it wasn’t for a body weighed down by a developing foetus. Your mattress doesn’t answer your needs well anymore but it’s neither smart nor economic to buy a new one just for your pregnancy. Instead, changing your sleeping position and getting a pillow to accommodate it would be better. To help out, pregnancy pillows have been developed to address those needs.

Best Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

People typically fall under one of three sleep positions but not all will work during your pregnancy.

  • Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is most recommended, specifically sleeping on the left side. This is obvious because it’s the position that puts the least strain on the bump and body. Even if you’re not expecting, sleep experts tend to recommend side sleeping.

During your pregnancy, the left side is most recommended because it allows for easier blood flow from your heart to the baby. It also relieves pressure and weight on some organs, such as the liver. However, sleeping on your right is still safe, with only the slightest risk of compression issues of the IVC (inferior vena cava).

  • Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is possible up to a point. By the 16th or 18th week, doing this will be uncomfortable because of the growing baby bump. Before that, it might be easier to try to get used to sleeping on your side. However, if you can get past the discomfort of sleeping on your baby bump, feel free to do so, especially since your baby will be fine. It’s protected by uterine walls and amniotic fluid, and won’t get squished.

  • Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is the least recommended position for pregnant women. It can bring a lot of complications and might even cause digestive problems, haemorrhoids, decreased blood circulation, and backaches. Some studies even find that sleeping for a whole night on your back could cause stillbirth. However, these studies are small and more research is needed for definitive results. Even so, it’s better safe than sorry.

Sleeping on your side for a few months is a difficult switch if you’ve spent your whole sleep career in a different position. To help you out, pregnancy pillows have been designed to help you sink into the proper positions more comfortably. Here are five of the best pregnancy pillows for you to choose from.

Check Out Some of the Best Pregnancy Pillows in the UK

1. Pharmedoc Full Body Pregnancy C-Shaped Pillow

[amazon box=”B0829FC6B8″]


  • Adjustable polyfill
  • Full body size and support
  • Multifunctional
  • Good for nursing
  • Relieves back and hip pain
  • Soft jersey cover
  • Low chance of seam ripping


  • Very big and takes up significant space
  • Not good for moving around

To start off the list is the Pharmedoc Full Body Pregnancy C-Shaped Pillow, a large pillow designed for support and comfort.

It’s made out of polyester fibrefill, also known as polyfill which is a cost-effective pillow filling that is both cosy and supportive. This pillow is designed to relieve any tension in the back and hip areas while still providing maximum comfort.

It’s big enough to be able to support an entire body. Its C shape makes it easy to get in and out of the pillow without lacking any of the proper support your pregnancy belly might need. This design also helps with any discomfort and tension in the neck, shoulder, and knee areas. The shape makes it very flexible, allowing it to be used for side sleeping, lounging, and nursing.

It comes in an extremely soft jersey knit cotton cover. This removable pillowcase is machine washable and has a snuggly feel overall. Pharmedoc has also made sure to double stitch the seams, to help eliminate the chances of it ripping.

Unfortunately, its size might also be its weakness. This is a huge multifunctional pillow that can be used even after the pregnancy and nursing stages but this size also means that it takes up significant space on the bed. Without a partner, it’s not much of a concern but with someone sleeping beside you, you’ll need a large mattress in order to fit you, this pillow, your partner, and your partner's pillows!

Another possible problem is that its size might make it too heavy to move around in at night. Not everyone can get through the night in just one position, especially when pregnant.  Having a heavy pillow to untangle yourself from when you get up or need to switch sides might be an added hassle. If you are a restless sleeper, this could be a huge problem for you.

Even so, this could still be a great maternity pillow if you’re looking for a cost-effective pillow to give you the support you need even until after the baby is born. This eliminates the need for other pillows because of its size and versatility. You can use it on the bed, on the couch, or on the floor to help give you a nice, soft place to sit.

2. Bamibi Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pillow

[amazon box=”B07QNRNSB5″]


  • Breathable pillow with premium polyester and cotton materials
  • Hypoallergenic pillow
  • 3-in-1 multifunctional pillow
  • Good for baby care
  • Relieves body aches
  • Adjustable and manoeuvrable in sleep
  • Includes an attachable baby headrest
  • Less space consumption
  • Comes in a variety of fun colours and designs


  • Might not be long enough for very tall women
  • Polyester filling might need frequent fluffing

The Bamibi Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pillow is an extremely multifunctional pillow that will serve you well long after your baby is born.

This pillow is stuffed with a polyester filling in a cotton cover. This is a hypoallergenic pillow that can take on many forms. The mix of polyester and cotton creates a breathable and comfortable pillow that both mum and baby can enjoy.

It’s designed to be a flexible bolster, looking like a tube but flexible enough to curve with your body and be curved as desired. It’s large enough that it can span most of the length of the body, allowing it to offer up a lot of support for baby bumps. It also helps reduce pain and soreness from the neck, shoulders, back, hips and knees.

Another benefit of the bolster design is that it gives mums full-body support without taking up much space. It’s narrow yet fluffy, long yet flexible, and it’s good for pregnant mums, newborn babies, and anyone else looking for pressure relief in their sleep.

The soft cotton cover has an invisible zipper to give it a seamless feel. It also has safety straps at each end of the pillow that can be attached to one another, making it a doughnut shape. This simple addition makes it safe for babies to use once they’re born.

The pillow can be used as a cot bumper, an anti-roll cushion, or for support while breastfeeding. It can even be used as a tool to help babies sit up, especially considering that it comes with an internal cushion that can be used to help nestle their heads and support their backs.

As with all things, this pillow is not perfect. To support the whole body, it has to be long, but this length might not be enough for tall people. Another possible issue is in its polyester filling that, although affordable, could need frequent fluffing.

Nevertheless, this would be great for mothers looking for value for money, especially since it can serve many purposes for the family and also has a long lifespan. This is especially recommended for restless sleepers who move around often at night, its space-saving design makes it easy to manoeuvre around without bothering anyone beside you.

3. Silentnight V-Pillow

[amazon box=”B076QDV9WJ”]


  • Recycled fluffy fibre filling
  • Hypoallergenic pillow
  • Soft microfibre pillowcase
  • Good for pregnancy and nursing stages
  • Supports head, neck, and shoulders
  • Completely machine washable
  • Less space consumption


  • Does not offer full-body support
  • Pillow might be too soft

This next one is the Silentnight V-Pillow, which is great for issues with stiff backs, shoulders, and necks.

Pregnancy pillows are designed to last until after giving birth— this one is no different. This pillow can be a great help during your pregnancy but it will be even better for breast-feeding and nursing stages.

This is designed to come in a V-shape, to support your upper body area from your chest up. What this means is that it will support your head, neck, and shoulders. Any aches, pains, or discomfort in these areas, which are common even without a growing foetus, is relieved with the help of this pillow. This is possible because it makes use of a fluffy recycled fibre filling to give proper support. Even though it’s a recycled material, it’s safe and hypoallergenic.

This also has a soft microfibre pillowcase to help it stay clean. This cover is stain and water repellent, making it great for when unfortunate little accidents happen while nursing.

Since this is optimised for nursing, the entire pillow is machine washable and can withstand temperatures up to 40°C. This means that, while you're pregnant, it’s safe to use and will be easy to maintain the pillow’s safety and cleanliness, avoiding any possible irritants for sensitive infant skin.

If you’re looking for something to support your bump, the V-shape can support it. With the shape similar to a pregnancy belly’s natural contours, the bump will mould nicely into this comfortable pillow.

Additionally, this has a medium firmness, meaning that this could help even after nursing is over. This pillow is meant to support parts of the body that often need relief, meaning you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy it.

Sadly, this isn’t able to offer full-body support like others on this list. You’ll still have to use multiple pillows if you want something to lift your head, hips, belly, and knees simultaneously. Another possible issue is that it uses recycled fibres for filling, which might make it too soft.

This is suitable for mummies who are not concerned with full-body support, only wanting to fix shoulder and neck pains. This would also be a great help in nursing babies in bed.

4. PROCAVE Side Sleeping Pillow

[amazon box=”B077P2HS3C”]


  • High-quality polyester filling and covers
  • TopCool cover for temperature regulation
  • Good for pregnancy sleep and nursing
  • Completely machine washable
  • Skin-friendly
  • Full body support
  • Space-saving design


  • Might be too long for standard bed sizes
  • Might be too voluminous

Next up is another bolster pillow. This one is the PROCAVE Side Sleeping Pillow, made and designed in Germany.

This pillow makes use of polyester pellets and polyester sticks as a filling. This style of filling is great in avoiding clumping and flattening of pillow stuffing. This also gives it a longer lifespan.

It comes with a TopCool quilted pillowcase cover made out of 100% polyester fabric. The TopCool feature is what’s unique about this specific pillow design and helps it stand out from other bolster pillows on the market. This cover absorbs body moisture and makes the pillow more breathable.

Added breathability means that air will circulate well throughout it and will help you cool you down as you sleep. During nine months of pregnancy, pillows with cooling and temperature regulating features grow to be more and more of a necessity, especially in warm climates or through summer months.

It’s a large pillow that measures a length of almost 60 cm. Because of this, it’s sure to fit most bodies and provide the ample support needed.

Optimized for side sleepers, this pillow particularly helps in cradling your bump and relieving pressure on the hip and lower back areas. It moulds and conforms to the contours of your body.

This is multifunctional as well since it can be used for sleep when you’re expecting and for when you’re nursing and breastfeeding your baby beside you on the bed.

Luckily this pillow is not only soft and comfortable, but it’s also good for sensitive skin and helps prevent any allergic reactions. The soft materials used to create this go hand-in-hand in creating a space for the mother and child to have as much relaxation possible.

Made with care in mind, PROCAVE also made sure this pillow is machine washable.

This might not be a great choice if you have a short mattress. Since this is a lengthwise design made to support the whole body, this will go over the edge of mattresses that are on the shorter side. This might also not work for you if you don’t want a pillow that’s too fluffy. This is a voluminous design that, although agreeable to many, might be too thick or deep for your preferences.

This pillow is great for cooling down and absorbing moisture, without any risk of sweat build up. It’s also not as expensive as pillows usually are, considering its size and temperature regulating features.

5. Queen Rose U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

[amazon box=”B06XKYCHD1″]


  • High-density bionic polyethylene filling
  • Allergy safe pillow
  • Flexible for multifunctional use
  • Good for pregnancy sleep and nursing
  • Full body support and pain relief
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Durable and comfortable design
  • Easy to move around while sleeping


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Might be too hot

Last but not least is the Queen Rose U-Shaped Pillow, which is flexible and highly versatile in many maternity and childcare situations.

This maternity pillow uses a special blend of bionic polyethylene filling, which is high-density but ultra-soft. This filling also ensures maximum support and comfort. This filling lasts longer and performs better for the various activities of pregnant life.

This comes in a fine velvet cover that equips it with additional softness and a very plush feel. This cover is removable and machine washable, to keep your pillow clean and hygienic.

This mix of materials makes for a hypoallergenic pillow that’s safe for the skin and prevents any dust mites and allergens from burrowing into the pillow.

The U-shape comes with built-in curves that follow the contours of your body and help it mould to your body better. Since it’s a large pillow, it’s able to cradle your entire body. It also helps improve body blood circulation and reduce leg and ankle swelling, since this keeps those areas lifted up and well supported.

It’s great in lessening hip and back pains in expecting mothers and could also address other body and joint issues in conditions such as fibromyalgia and sciatica. This pillow is basically built to relieve body aches during sleep in order to wake up pain-free.

For pregnant women, this pillow can replace all other pillows. Since it cocoons your entire body, there’s no need (and no room) for other pillows. However, this large size also takes up considerable mattress space. That might be inconvenient if you’re sharing your mattress with a partner.

Even with the minor inconvenience of its large size, this has many uses for other activities. With a flexible design that can be twisted and used for the bed, on the couch, on the floor, and for nursing and breastfeeding your baby.

Thanks to its U-shaped design, it’s also easier to move around at night with this. There’s no need to struggle with unlocking your legs from it or lifting the entire pillow to turn around— just turn over and hug the other side of the pillow.

One possible set back to this pillow is in its materials. The mix of bionic polyethylene and velvet makes for very comfortable results but it can lead to heat retention, which is a problem if you tend to get warm at night.

This might be the pillow for you if you’re looking for a full body pillow to nest in that’s easy to switch sides with and will keep you warm. This would also be great for nursing and lounging. Since this isn’t just for pregnant women, if you lead a life that forces your body to stiffen up often, this pillow could help even after your pregnancy and nursing days are over.

Final Thoughts

Every pregnancy is different— the same woman can even go through completely different experiences in her first and last pregnancy. This also means that pregnancy pillow preferences differ from person to person.

It’s hard to definitively say that one pillow from our list of the Best Pregnancy Pillows in the UK is the absolute winner but it is easy to see that one pillow can help a big majority of people in their maternity struggles. The Bamibi Pregnancy and Breast-feeding Pillow is the overall champion of this roundup. This pillow is easy to manoeuvre, space-saving, extremely multifunctional, and remains with a purpose even years after the pregnancy.

But if you’re looking for something that will answer specific pregnancy struggles whilst you're expecting, there are other options available on this list that are just as exceptional.

The Pharmedoc Full Body Pregnancy C-Shaped Pillow is great for versatility and lots of body support for peaceful sleepers. For the more restless mums, the Queen Rose U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow would work well with excess movement for sleeping, lounging around, and keeping cosy.

If you’re looking for something cooling to help with nursing and sleeping, the PROCAVE Side Sleeping Pillow might be best. If you’re already well supported but just want some help with specific areas, the Silentnight V-Pillow could work for your needs.

It’s going to be different from person to person but, at least with this list of the best pregnancy pillows in the UK, you’re much more well-guided now!

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