Can You Use An Electric Blanket With A Mattress Topper?

If you get chilly at night, you might turn to your trusty electric blanket to make things a bit more toasty. But, if you recently bought yourself a mattress topper you might be wondering, can you use an electric blanket with a mattress topper? Here is what you need to know.

So Can You Use an Electric Blanket With a Mattress Topper?

The short answer is, not all mattress topper brands recommend using an electric blanket, but some say it is fine to do so.

Some people worry that if they have a mattress topper with certain materials in, for example, certain foams, using an electric blanket could be a fire risk.

But, electric blankets from reputable manufacturers should not pose a fire risk so long as they are used as intended and are cared for and stored as directed in any user manuals.

That’s because most modern electric blankets warm your bed gradually. They also have built-in safety features. These include timers, as well as safety cut-offs to make sure that if there is a problem the blanket will cut out before it becomes a hazard.

Electric blankets must conform to specific safety standards, too. In the UK, this will mean they carry a safety label like the BEAB Approved mark.

For this reason, it is best to avoid using a second-hand electric blanket because you will not know how long the previous owner had the blanket. You may also not have the original documentation, so you may not know what safety standards the blanket conforms to.

You may wish to avoid electric blankets if you have a memory foam mattress or one made of other visco-elastic or body-conforming materials. This isn’t because memory foam poses an extra safety risk, though.

Memory foam and other similar materials change shape when you lie on them due to a combination of the pressure from your body and the heat your body gives off.

A modern electric blanket should be safe to use with memory foam, but heating the memory foam in this way may prevent it from contouring to your body, defeating the purpose of the memory foam itself.

With all that in mind, if you have a good quality electric blanket and would like to use it with your mattress topper, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to ensure everything is safe and effective.

Over and Under: Knowing the Difference

We can divide electric blankets into two groups: “over” and “under” blankets.

Electric over-blankets go over your body. They are blankets you can use as a sheet. An electric under-blanket, on the other hand, is the kind of blanket that goes under a bottom sheet to warm up your bed.

An under-blanket should not be used as an over-blanket, nor an over-blanket as a bed-warmer under your sheets.

When combining a mattress topper and an electric blanket, we are generally talking about electric under-blankets.

Not all brands of mattress toppers are suitable to use with electric blankets, so check with the manufacturer.

Similarly, not all electric under-blankets allow you to use your electric blanket with a mattress topper, but some do. The documentation for your electric blanket should make it clear if your electric blanket is suitable for this purpose.

You must read the care instructions and safety guides that come with both the blanket and your mattress topper to make sure they are compatible.

There are a couple of other things to consider before trying your electric blanket with your mattress topper, too.

How Old is Your Electric Blanket?

As mattress brand Eve points out in its general instructions on mattress care, if you plan on using an electric blanket you should make sure it is under 10-years-old and that everything on the blanket looks and functions as it should.

According to Electrical Safety First, there are a few warning signs for a damaged or faulty electric blanket.

Look out for any fraying on the electrical cord of your electric blanket. On the blanket itself, you can check to make sure no wires are poking through the fabric and that there are no scorch marks on its surface.

You can try testing the timer on your electric blanket before use, too. If you've not used your blanket in a while, this is especially important.

Electrical Safety First has more detailed checks you can carry out to make sure your electric blanket. Simple precautions like these can give you peace of mind.

Where Should You Place Your Electric Blanket?

You have checked that your mattress topper and electric blanket are compatible, and you are confident your electric blanket is working safely. You might wonder where the best place is to put the under-blanket to ensure you can use it effectively.

Leading mattress maker Silentnight says that you can use mattress toppers and electric blankets together. Silentnight recommends you put your electric under-blanket on top of your mattress topper and then the bottom sheet you will be sleeping on over the electric blanket.

In this way, you are getting the comfort of your mattress topper and the warming benefits of the electric blanket.

Again though, always check your care guides for your electric blankets and mattress toppers to make sure everything is compatible and safe.

Final Thoughts

So it is good news, you may be able to combine the warmth of your electric blanket and the extra comfort of a mattress topper! But always make sure to read the instructions.

If in any doubt, reach out to the mattress topper manufacturer and the electric blanket makers. They should be able to answer your questions.

Do you find the combination of an electric blanket and a mattress topper work well together for you? Please let us know in the comments below because we love to hear your opinions!

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