Does Horlicks Really Help You Sleep?


For countless years, many of us have relied on a deliciously warm malt drink to help us get to bed without tossing and turning. You might be wondering, does Horlicks really help you sleep? While it’s not a guaranteed method to snooze only a few minutes after consuming it, you might be surprised to see some of the revealed secrets behind the cozy bedtime drink.

Warm Drinks Reduce Blood Pressure

One of the most certain and direct reasons that Horlicks has worked so well for over a century is the warmth. Milk and the sweet taste of Horlicks combine to reduce stress naturally. Think about how amazing it feels to relax in a hot spa after work or what it’s like to drink that first sip of tea. Your muscles begin to drop, and you can finally enjoy the moment!

It’s been known for a long time that warm milk before bed can lower your blood pressure. This natural reduction is similar to deep breathing techniques, giving your body the sensation that it doesn’t have anything hectic on its schedule. Closing your eyes and sipping on the timeless malt drink is just about as good as it gets!

Horlicks is Nostalgic

Another reason that we all love the relaxation of Horlicks is that it’s so nostalgic. When I was a kid, drinking warm chamomile tea or sweet milk before bed was almost always a guaranteed way to fall asleep quickly. Some of us even grew up drinking Horlicks nearly every day. That feeling of nostalgia sends us back to simpler, easy-going times.

The effects that nostalgia has on the brain are studied all the time. We often look back and remember the good times, leaving out the rough nights of sleep. Knowing that Horlicks was such a key ingredient to promoting great rest tells us that it’s time to go to bed right when we finish the cup. On top of that, it helps to lower your stress through these fond memories.

Horlicks has been advertising their drink as a sleep-time aid since the early 1900s. Consistent questioning has led many people to wonder if there’s any scientific backing. While there are certainly a few reasons (the next section, for example) that it works, the most common thought is simply this: Horlicks might help us sleep better simply because we’ve been told that it does!

Hearing, reading, and believing that Horlicks helps us sleep works in the same spectrum as nostalgia. Since we were kids, we’ve felt the seemingly undeniable effects. Some people feel that there isn’t enough evidence outside of these possibilities. That being said, who can deny the calming properties of a warm drink before going to bed?

Vitamins and Minerals for Sleep

Iron, zinc, folic acid, Vitamin B, magnesium, and all sorts of other vitamins and minerals are found in Horlicks. Combined with the ingredients that are naturally found in milk, the combination is almost considered a superfood. Your body craves to feel healthy and it has standards that must be met. This nutritiously packed drink tends to check off the boxes.

It’s also commonly known that magnesium plays a significant role in the restorative sleep process. Not only does it help you fall asleep quicker, but it also allows you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested. There are actually magnesium supplements that alone offer similar sleeping guarantees as Horlicks.

If you’re deficient in various vitamins and minerals, your body will feel tired and weak. It’s not the kind of tired that you’re looking for, though! Vitamin B deficiency can leave you feeling nasty and groggy. Thanks to Horlicks and the milk that you’ll drink it with, your body will avoid those issues. Folic acid also heals your blood cells, repairing damaged tissue and even allowing you to conquer sicknesses quicker than normal.

The Protein in Horlicks Has a Sleepy Effect

The combination of Horlicks and milk has plenty of protein. It’s no secret that protein is a necessity to prevent starvation, which is why you might feel hungry so often. After the digestion process is complete, your body starts to demand more protein. Having Horlicks before bed will give you the precise amount of protein that you need to stave off midnight hunger.

We’ve all woken up feeling dreadfully hungry at 3 AM. This is usually your body asking you for protein and carbs to fuel up. Even though you’re not actively moving around, it still needs these ingredients to restore you and allow you to feel replenished upon waking up. Getting that dose before bed is a well-known tip that’ll prevent those unwanted wakeup calls from your stomach.

If you’re someone who has trouble eating late, as many of us do, then you might want to give Horlicks a try. Drinking a liquid is much easier on a sleepy stomach than consuming bulky meals. Rather than adding unwanted calories to the day of the day, this drink supplies a healthy number of vitamins, minerals, and protein to help you feel full until the morning.

Does Horlicks Actually Make You Tired?

With all of this newfound knowledge, it might be easy to see why thousands and even millions of people depend on Horlicks every night before bed. Whether they’re in it for the nutrition, the nostalgia, or the reduction in blood pressure, it’s an easy choice to experience fantastic sleep.

There might still be plenty of doubters. After all, Horlicks has yet to release the true reason behind their drink. Nobody knows exactly why it works so well, but with a little bit of science and creature comforts, there doesn’t seem to be much of a mystery at all. So, why do you enjoy Horlicks before going to sleep? Leave your comments below!