Emma Hybrid Mattress Review: An Impressive Trial That Puts You In Control


Here is our Emma hybrid mattress review to show you the pros and cons of one of the most awarded mattress brands currently on the market.

If you want peace of mind that your new mattress is protected, there are few manufacturers that have gone to the lengths Emma has.  They have bundled the Emma Hybrid mattress with an extended 200-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee and that leaves just one big question: is the Emma Hybrid mattress worth its price tag?

You will love the Emma Hybrid Mattress if…

You want a mattress designed for the UK marketEmma has specifically tailored the Hybrid for the UK market so its sizing and specifications are all designed with the UK buyer in mind. This means it should be a good match for most size-appropriate bases that are made in the UK.

You want a long trial period. The Emma Hybrid mattress comes with a 200-night trial, meaning you can try the mattress in your own home for the better part of a year.

You want to know your investment in the Emma mattress is protected. In addition to the extensive trial period, Emma offers a 10-year guarantee on this mattress, giving you peace of mind.

You may not like the Emma Mattress if…

You want next day delivery. At the time of writing, Emma does not offer standard next-day delivery on the Emma Hybrid mattress so you can’t have it on your doorstep as quickly as some other brands.

You want EU sizing. As the Emma Hybrid is made for the UK market, the mattress may not be suitable for all EU bases and furnishings.

What is the Emma Hybrid Made Of?

The Emma Hybrid is a 10” or 25cm memory foam mattress. It is a medium-firm mattress that comes with improved temperature regulation to solve the problem of hot-sleeping memory foam.

The mattress is made up of several layers, including foam and micro-coils.

The cover of the Emma Hybrid mattress is 100% polyester and is designed to keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep. The cover can be removed and is machine-washable.

The second layer of the mattress is made of 4cms of Emma’s Airgocell® foam. This is Emma’s speciality foam which contains open pores. Combined with the moisture-wicking top layer, this foam is designed to give better breathability and temperature regulation.

The Emma Hybrid mattress also contains a 2cm layer of small steel micro-coils to give you extra comfort. The coils allow for extra space in the mattress to improve airflow and provide targeted support to your body as you sleep.

The final major layers of the Emma Hybrid mattress are a 3cm layer of memory foam and a 16cm layer of cold foam. These layers are to provide contouring and pressure point relief.

Our Thoughts on the Emma Hybrid

Memory foam mattresses tend to divide people, you either love their feel or you hate them. Memory foam hugs your body and tends to reduce the amount you will turn in the night. They can also be extremely firm when you buy them and take a while to soften.

The Emma Hybrid mattress aims for a bit of extra bounce and comfort over the average memory foam with its steel coils and breathable pore foam. This might make the sleeping experience more pleasant than standard memory foam.

Memory foam also tends to retain heat which, for people in warmer climates or those who tend to get warm during the night, can lead to an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

The materials in Emma’s Airgocell® foam, combined with the bed’s micro-coils and the moisture-wicking top cover are all designed to tackle this problem and give you better temperature regulation: so no night sweats here, right?

As with all foam mattresses, we would expect the mattress to retain more heat than a cage sprung or even a solely pocket sprung mattress. However, if you need the comfort of memory foam but would like to guard against any middle-of-the-night overheating, the Emma Hybrid may be a good option.

The micro-coils in this mattress are a nice addition. Combined with the memory foam we’d expect most sleepers to feel little to no motion transfer. The micro-coils may also add a little more support for different areas of your body.

The micro-coils could bring more comfort if you sleep on your side or weigh a little more than average, or if you find memory foam’s quality of deadening motion too restrictive.

Whether the extra reactivity of the micro-coils is worth the extra money you pay for the Emma Hybrid over the Emma Original will be up to you, but if you have enjoyed a hybrid mattress before, the Emma Hybrid fits the bill nicely.

And it is hard to argue against the value of the mattress. While we might question just how much those micro-coils are offering in the way of extra support, the 200-night trial means this is a question that you can answer for yourself.

Also, while the 10-year warranty isn’t the longest period available on the market, it is a sign that Emma is confident the micro-coils and memory foam in its mattress can deliver a quality sleeping experience for longer than most.

With little touches like a breathable and washable cover that means you don’t have to add a mattress protector unless you want to, the Emma Hybrid packs a lot in for what is arguably a competitively priced hybrid mattress.

For most people, the lack of no standard next-day-delivery will not be a deal-breaker, but if you are needing a bed-in-a-box straight to your door within a short timeframe and don’t want to pay extra, the Emma Hybrid might not be for you.

Emma does offer free shipping though, so if you are willing to wait a few extra days you might save a little bit of money.


The Emma Hybrid comes in at £569-£979 and is available in the UK sizes Single, Small Double, Double, King, and Super King. This isn’t the widest range of sizes available but is likely to be a good fit for most buyers.

All sizes have a height of 10 inches. The prices are listed below and are correct as of 25/03/2021.

Size (Weight x Length) Price
UK Single (90cm x 190cm) £569.00
UK Small Double (120cm x 190cm) £749.00
UK Double (135cm x 190cm) £769.00
UK King (150cm x 200cm) £879.00
UK Super King (180cm x 200cm) £979.00

Delivery & Returns

Emma offers free delivery on the Emma Hybrid and Emma Original. It does not offer standard next-day delivery. According to Emma, its standard delivery takes a few days and you will receive your delivery information via email.

The mattress is delivered to your doorstep by courier in a box measuring 45x45x110cm. It can then be unpacked in your bedroom.

A premium delivery service is also available but some aspects of this service may be affected by national pandemic restrictions, so it’s always worth checking exactly what services are still open to you before purchasing this option.

Emma also offers a streamlined returns service through its Returns Portal. Standard returns are also free and once processed a pick-up service will contact you to arrange pick-up as appropriate.

Sleep Trial & Warranty

Emma offers an impressive 200-night sleep trial on the Emma Hybrid. You have 200 nights from the day of delivery to evaluate the mattress. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

It might be a relief to hear you do not have to keep the plastic on while you evaluate the mattress. Emma asks that the mattress is returned in “good” condition if you do choose to return it.

Emma offers a 10-year guarantee with the Emma Hybrid. This guarantee starts from the day of delivery. The guarantee covers the durability of the foam and springs and other so-called “core materials” including defective springs or large areas of sagging.

It is always worth checking the terms and conditions on your mattress guarantee to ensure you know what protection you are given and what proof you will need.

Certifications & Awards for the Emma Mattress Range

Emma states that it makes mattresses specifically using British materials and British expertise.

Emma’s Original mattress has won industry awards including being rated a top or best buy in 2023 by the Good Housekeeping Institute, the Indie, T3, and more.

Emma Hybrid FAQs

Is a mattress topper needed with the Emma Hybrid mattress? If you find that the firmness of your mattress is not to your liking, Emma may provide you with a free comfort layer to help improve softness. You can find out more here.

Can you flip the Emma Hybrid mattress? No, the Emma Hybrid is designed with specialist layers that must stay on top to be effective. Rotating your mattress is always advised though to ensure the mattress ages evenly.

Will Emma take away my old mattress? Yes, for £39 Emma will come and take your old mattress away. This can be arranged when you are buying your new mattress.

Love Emma But Want an Alternative Choice?

The Emma Original Mattress is an award-winning 10-inch memory foam mattress.

The mattress generally retails around £429-£829 and is available in the UK sizes Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, and Super King Size.

The mattress includes Emma’s Airgocell technology that aims to give you a cooler sleeping environment than other memory foam mattresses. Sleepers can expect a medium to firm sleeping experience.

The mattress is designed to give a comfortable sleeping experience to most sleepers and should suit all sleeping styles.

Final Thoughts

The Emma Hybrid mattress combines the body contouring of memory foam with the targeted support of micro-coils and should suit most sleepers. It also attempts to keep you cooler during the night with its open-pore technology.

While not a budget mattress by any means, with a 200-night trial period and 10-year guarantee Emma is giving you plenty of reasons to enjoy the Emma Hybrid.

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