Eve Mattress Review: Can You Sleep Even Better?


I’ve often had trouble finding a mattress I like and the constant question of springs or memory foam has been eating at me for years. A hybrid mattress sounds like the perfect mix of the two, so I started digging.

In this Eve mattress review, I’ll look into their Premium Hybrid mattress (and more) to see if this is the brand we all need in our lives.

What Should You Consider Before Going for Eve?

Before you decide to purchase an Eve mattress, you should consider three key things.


Eve mattresses are pricer than average, so if you have a tightly wrapped wallet then this isn’t the brand for you. A double mattress can cost you over £900 when not discounted and you can get a super king for that price in some places.


Some Eve mattresses are only available in double, king and super king. If you’re shopping for a bed for your child, or you’re single with a small bedroom, then you’re out of luck with the regular mattresses.


All of the Eve mattresses we’re going over today are medium-firm. Obviously, this isn’t suitable for someone who likes a soft mattress and it’s not great for those wanting something ultra-firm, either.

Medium-firm is in the middle, it’s that “just right” sensation that many people desire. If you’re looking for a firm mattress then you want one that doesn’t have the “medium” tacked on.

The reason for this is that most people who want a really tough, rigid mattress have circumstances that require it. One of them could be back pain, as firm mattresses can help elevate that. The other is that you’re heavier, again requiring a mattress with harder support.

Being heavier, the medium-firm mattress may end up feeling medium-soft. It can’t support your additional weight as it would with someone “average”. So, you need a firm mattress to gain a medium-firm amount of support.

A Look At Eve’s Premium Hybrid Mattress

Now you know whether you want to go with Eve or not, you can take a look at the brand’s most popular pick: the Premium Hybrid mattress.

It’s a thick mattress, a combination of pocket springs and memory foam. The foam is in five layers so if you count the 1,500 springs then it’s a six-layer mattress overall.

The layers are made to relieve pressure, regardless of what position you sleep in. Plus, if you change positions throughout the night, there should be no motion transfer to alert a partner of your antics.

If you find there is too much transfer or you dislike the mattress for other reasons, you can return it within 100 days for a refund. Returns are free and easy, just like delivery.

Thanks to this policy, this is a fantastic mattress for people who want to shop around before settling on something they like. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with this one. After all, its pressure-relief element is an excellent feature for people with achy joints, or who just want to feel utterly weightless in bed.

This Eve mattress features weightless-feel foam never before seen in the UK, and the brand tailors its designs to the UK mattress overall. The foam is slightly firmer than some people expect though—so hey, maybe this mattress is suitable for heavier people and those with back pain, after all.


  • Designed for the UK market
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Instant pressure relief
  • Great for people who sleep in any position


  • Higher priced than others
  • Some users would prefer more medium, less firm in it
  • The handles are in awkward places

Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress: A Breakdown

We’ve seen what this mattress is like as an overview. Now, what makes it tick?

Five Layer Construction

Eve is not only proud of their five-layer construction, but of their cover and base too. Let’s peek at each section and see what makes them so special.

The Cover

The cover is almost like a layer in itself. Not only is it quilted and glorious, but it’s removable so you can wash it.

Being antibacterial and antimicrobial, it’s a fantastic quilt to keep you feeling fresh, healthy and clean night after night.


Floatfoam is named as such as it’s supposed to give you a weightless feeling. This is the layer that provides pressure relief, as well as some cooling properties. It’s one of the softest layers in the mattress that lets you sink in, helping align your spine.

Memory Foam Layer

This is where the memory foam lurks, which molds to your body shape for custom support. This also helps remove pressure from your body, as well as provides some minor support—fantastic for waking up feeling light and rested.


The real support comes in this foam layer, which is tough and there to ensure you don’t sink too far into the mattress. It’s meant to keep your spine in alignment regardless of your sleeping position. This is vital for a healthy spine, so something that everyone should enjoy.

Foam Casing

This “casing” layer is made to add some edge stability, as well as keep the spring separate from the rest of the foam. It doesn’t add much to your sleep experience, but having it their is still beneficial. It assures you that your mattress’s other foam layers won’t wear out too quickly from contact with the springs.


Finally, the springs themselves are pocket springs so they’ll move individually, or in smaller groups rather than overall. This reduces motion transfer so it’s fantastic for people who sleep with partners. You won’t feel each other shifting around at night.

Each spring is 12 centimetres long, sturdy and provides support and adapts quickly. Not only that, but the open coils let warm and cool air pass through with ease, adding some breathability to the mattress.


Have you ever had one of those mattresses that seemed to shift side to side as nights went on? This mattress has a non-slip coating that keeps your mattress from running away. Excellent if you hate readjustments!

Breathable and Cool

Not only are these layers soft and supportive, but the top two are infused with graphite to absorb body heat and keep you cool. This is smart memory foam and similar foams tend to sleep hot. So, it makes sense to infuse it with something that will combat this issue.

If you’re a hot sleeper or are sensitive to warmth at night, then this may be a mattress you should look into getting.

Firmness Factor

Like we mentioned at the start of this Eve mattress review, this isn’t a mattress for those who need something very firm—but if you need something somewhat firm, then this could be a match for you.

It may be rated medium-firm, but it’s slightly tougher than most mattresses of that rating. This is down to the tough foam layer that stops you from sinking too far into the mattress. Many people enjoy this feeling so if it’s what you’re after, or you need relief some mild back pain, this could be the firmness for you.

Handles and Easy Delivery

Not only does this mattress have handles for easy movement, but delivery is fantastic too. It’s fast and free, and the slots are highly flexible.

Once it arrives, the delivery people will help you get the mattress into place. And, if you find you dislike the mattress within 100 nights, or something goes wrong in the first 10 years, then you can return this for free, with no hassle. Eve’s workers will come and collect the mattress you don’t even need to take it out of your bedroom!

Eve’s Other Sleeping Beauties

Not a fan of the Premium Hybrid? Let’s touch briefly on some of Eve’s other best mattresses.

1. The Lighter Mattress

If Eve’s prices made you scream, consider this foam mattress that’s far lighter on your wallet. For this one sizes start at single, so it’s a great mattress to consider for kids. It’s medium-firm but very springy so it’s excellent at keeping you light in sleep. Plus, it’s wonderfully breathable because the foam is so fluffy and porous.

Overall, it’s a light mattress in weight and in cost. Given its middle-ground feel and affordable price, this would be an excellent mattress to use in your spare room if not in your own.

Take a look here.

2. Eve Premium Mattress

Did you like the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress, but would rather it was all memory foam? This one is the same bed but without the springs.

This mattress is identical to the Premium Hybrid, except it has a “base layer” in place of the pocket springs. The base layer has several zones with different levels of support for your heaviest and most used muscles.

You sink into the memory foam as you would, sleeping in the mattress and surrounded by the plush foam. Despite this, you still have that pressure relief and weightless sensation.

Check it out here.

3. Eve Original Mattress

Back to the affordable end of things, here we have Eve’s “original” mattress, a more affordable memory foam pick than the one above. It only has three layers of foam but has the same zones to help support you and take the pressure off.

Instead of floatfoam it has evecomfort, a springy and breathable foam that supports your most delicate muscles and bones. Under that there’s the memory foam, then below that you have the zoned supportive foam layer.

You can see more on this mattress here.

4. Eve Original Hybrid Mattress

For a hybrid containing evecomfort instead of float foam, this mattress does the job. It’s as supportive as the other hybrid, but it’s done differently. The layers:

  • Memory foam, but not as breathable as the Premium Hybrid
  • Harder support layer
  • Over 800 pocket springs
  • .Thin foam layer adding more support

Here’s this mattress.

5. Eve Lighter Hybrid Mattress

Finally, we come to a more affordable hybrid mattress. It’s more cost-effective because it’s thinner, and only has 650 pocket springs. It also lacks memory foam, instead opting for evecomfort atop the pocket springs. There’s some foam casing above and below the pocket springs which help add stability to them.

Check it out here.

Different Altogether: Eve Alternatives

If you still dislike Eve, don’t fret. We’ve reviewed several other mattress brands you may prefer.

1. Nectar

If you like Eve’s memory foam mattress but not the prices, consider Nectar. It’s:

  • More affordable
  • Available in more sizes
  • Bundled with several other essentials
  • Better for sinking into

Check the bundle out here.

2. Dreamcloud

For a more luxurious hybrid, here’s one to consider. Customers have described Dreamcloud’s mattress as luxurious several times. Compared to Eve:

  • Pricier than eve
  • Has fewer layers, but larger pocket springs
  • Foam is designed to last longer than average
  • Available in more sizes

Check it out here

3. Sealy

Another different material, perhaps you’d prefer the pressure-dispersing gel of Sealy’s Geltex mattress. Not only is it wonderfully cooling, but it’s fantastic for people with back pain, and heavier people too. This is because despite not being firm, the gel ensures your body weight is evenly spread out, almost like you’re floating in water.

  • More affordable than Eve
  • Lacks foam
  • Bigger pocket springs than Eve

Final Thoughts

Eve mattresses are incredibly well constructed and extremely luxurious. The Premium Hybrid is no exception. Cushy but supportive, breathable through each layer, it’s one that if you have the budget you can’t go wrong with.

The 100-day sleep trial makes it much safer for you to try it out if you’re on the fence too. You’ll either get a refund, or perhaps you’ll end up with your perfect match it’s a risk-free investment.

You can check it out here.

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