Eve vs Tempur: How Do They Compare?


A good mattress is always hard to find, especially when you’re comparing two highly differing ones. When it comes down to Eve vs Tempur, it’s a decision of hybrid vs foam. Each construction has its own set of comfort and support features that are more complex. To help with deciding, I broke both down to see what makes each tick, or bounce.

Should I Buy Eve or Tempur?

Eve and Tempur both have multiple mattresses to choose from, so we’re going to take one model of each. We’ll be looking at the Eve Premium Hybrid and the Tempur Sensation, Elite version.

The mattresses have the same warranty and sleep trial and they both have washable covers, so here’s what’s different if you want to decide quickly:

Choose Eve If:

  • A mattress with tons of layers sounds like luxury
  • You want a taste of memory foam
  • A slight bounce seems appealing

Choose Tempur If:

  • You dislike memory foam
  • A full foam mattress sounds wonderful
  • You don’t mind a hefty price

What’s Going On Inside?

One of these mattresses has a more complex construction, where the other is quite basic. Let’s explore both so you can see which one jumps out at you.

Comparing Construction


With seven layers, Eve has a lot going on. They come together to create a sensation and level of support that you won’t want to miss.

The Top Cover

The best part of Eve’s cover, for many people, is that it’s washable. Mattresses are difficult to wash sometimes, so a washable cover brings peace of mind.

Plus, it’s a cover you’re most likely going to want to sleep on. It’s made of luxurious cashmere which feels wonderful against the skin. It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as it’s infused with silver, making it further safe for slumber.

Eve’s Floatfoam

Floatfoam is graphite-infused to aid in cooling you down while it supports you. It’s soft so your body sinks into it easily in all the right places, but it doesn’t swallow you as memory foam does. Instead, you’re supposed to feel like the foam is barely there and you’re floating. Many customers report that Floatfoam achieves this feat quite well.

Memory Foam

If you wanted that traditional memory foam feel then there’s a layer underneath the Floatfoam. The Floatfoam stops you from sinking into the memory foam and letting it cradle you. Instead, the memory foam is there to add softness and support.

The memory foam contours to the shape of your body. It lets your heavier areas sink further towards the next layer that provides adequate support for your whole body.

Supportive Layer

The supportive layer is a dense foam section, made to keep your spine aligned and to stop your mattress from being too soft. The layer doesn’t add all the support that the mattress has to offer, but it stops you from feeling the more unpleasant firmness aspects of the mattress.

Foam Casing

The foam casing has two purposes. The first is to add more solidity to the edge of the bed, but the main purpose is to protect the springs. It lies overtop of them and blocks them in at the sides, too, adding durability to the mattress.


The pocket springs in the Eve mattress provide most of the support. They’re medium-firm and there are lots of them, so each body part is supported well.


The last layer in the Eve mattress doesn’t do anything special for you. It helps stop your mattress from moving on your bed frame, creating an easier and more stable experience.


There are three versions of the Tempur Sensation, and as mentioned earlier, this examination is on the Elite, which is the middle-ground for the model. This version of the Sensation has three layers underneath a washable cover, so let’s take a look at those.

Comfort Material

The top layer is purely for comfort, and there are 7 centimetres for it. It’s a foam that contains some viscoelastic cells, although it’s not pure memory foam. As it’s not memory foam, it sleeps cooler and it won’t come up around your sides and hug you while you sleep. Instead, it’s springy, rather than “sinky” like memory foam.

Instead, this foam is just soft and squishy and it leaves customers feeling satisfied. According to several sources around the web, Tempur’s luxurious comfort alone leaves 80 per cent of users satisfied, which is apparently more than are satisfied with other brands.

Dynamic Support Technology

Underneath that softness, you have 4 centimetres of dense foam. This layer provides medium-firm support. Although it doesn’t seem like much, customers report that many of their aches and pains disappear after sleeping on this mattress. Of course, this support also comes from the next layer.

Durabase Technology

Durabase makes up most of the mattress, at 14 centimetres. It’s made to help the mattress last longer, and it also provides more springiness as well as support. This mattress allegedly lasts three times longer than your average mattress and it’s thanks to the tough Durabase providing durability and always springing back into shape after use.

So, if you’re used to mattresses starting to sag early in their lifespan, this is one you should consider.


Thickness is important in a mattress. It can be the difference between feeling a particularly hard bed frame and not. It can also be the difference between having to drop to the floor from a high bed frame and thick mattress and ending up hurting your knees. Thicker mattresses and high bed frames really aren’t great for shorter people with aching joints.

Neither mattress is too thick, but it’s worth measuring your current mattress and comparing them against it. This will help you determine if these mattresses suit your needs of thinner, thicker, or the same as your current mattress.

  • Eve: 28 centimeters
  • Tempur: 25 centimeters

Note that the Tempur Sensation also comes slightly thinner or thicker, but the internal construction is different. It still has those three base foams in each alternate thickness but in different quantities.


Both of these mattresses are medium-firm but they come with different sensations and ways of creating that feel. Let’s explore.


You don’t notice Eve’s firmness too much thanks to the Floatfoam. Instead, you feel like you’re floating and the support is hidden underneath. Your spine is aligned easily by the smart combination of foams and springs,

There’s some slight bounce thanks to the springs, too, but as they’re medium-firm this isn’t extreme. You also won’t feel many repercussions from the bounce as the springs are hidden so deep within the mattress. You mainly feel the foam, if you feel anything specific at all.


Tempur has relatively the same amount of firmness as Eve, but it’s all foam-made. You feel the soft foam more than the firmness, and you feel the springiness the top layer provides, but it’s not exactly bouncy nor do you feel like you’re floating.

With Tempur, you mainly feel satisfied. It’s not a feeling that customers can describe, all they know is that they’re comfortable and pain-free. They don’t feel like they’re sleeping on anything too hard, but the softness factor isn’t excessive either.

Edge Support

For many people, especially those who sleep in a crowded bed or like sleeping on the edge, edge support is vital. Unfortunately, if you like the Tempur mattress it’s not there so strongly. The mattress lacks dedicated edge support, so you may feel less secure as you near the side of your bed.

Of course, the foam is supportive enough for you to stay on the bed, but you most likely won’t have as easy of a time as you’ll have with Eve.

Eve, on the other hand, has dedicated edge support with rigid foam enclosing the springs. The foam ensures the springs can’t lower too much on the edge and create a difficult slant. So, you can sleep across Eve’s entire surface without worrying about feeling discomfort on the edge.

Motion Transfer


The way Eve works is simple. The foam absorbs your motion, and that’s that—but with Eve there’s another layer.

The springs add some bounce to your movements, but thankfully they’re pocket springs. The fabric surrounding each coil dampens the vibrations so they don’t travel and bounce your partner, too. There’s more motion transfer than you’ll find in the Tempur, but it’s still nothing too disruptive and shouldn’t be enough to wake a sleeping partner.


The Tempur mattress may be springy, but that springy sensation doesn’t slip over and disturb your partner. The foam is too dense underneath and too soft on top, for vibrations and movement to travel.

On top, the soft foam is able to absorb your motion, creating a relatively transfer-free sleeping surface. If you’re jammed side by side and you move your partner will likely feel something, but they won’t feel your natural movements during a regular night.

Breathability and Temperature

Tempur is breathable, yes, but Eve gets in there with the active cooling—both work well, but it’s up to preference here.


Eve starts off with a silver-infused cover, fantastic for getting rid of bacteria and allergens, but silver is also naturally cooling. So although you’re on top of quite a cushy cover, you’re not overheating on it.

The layer underneath has charcoal, which also has natural cooling properties, so temperature regulation is further enhanced.

Each of these layers is breathable too, but none more than the springs inside. Since coils are open, air can easily travel down through them and out through the bottom of the mattress. The warm air escaping through the bottoms of the coils is particularly prevalent here, as the base layer is incredibly thin so air can slip through with ease.


Tempur lacks active cooling completely, but the foam is breathable. Plus, although it contains viscoelastic cells, the foam won’t make you overheat as memory foam will.

As far as temperature control goes this is a more neutral mattress that keeps things cool with decent airflow, but not with a helping hand. As luxurious as the mattress feels, it would be better if it had some active cooling that could add more value to the already highly value-packed mattress.

Eve vs Tempur: An Overview

Let’s stitch the layers back together and see how these mattresses work overall, and importantly, who they’re suitable for.



  • Active cooling in two layers
  • Excellent edge support
  • Soft sleeping surface
  • Washable cover
  • Highly supportive for most people
  • Long sleep trial and warranty


  • Not for heavier people or people with back pain
  • Slight bounce which some people may not like

First and foremost out of these two, Eve is a fantastic mattress for people who sleep hot. Whether you’re pregnant, menopausal or just naturally run warmer than average, all the active cooling in here works to disperse that head and make your night more comfortable.

If that doesn’t work and you end up sweating a bit then it’s no problem. Throw the cover in a wash and your mattress is clean and dry again.

However, most of the mattress’s great features are hidden under that cover. For example, the foam that makes you feel like you’re floating. If you’ve ever wanted to feel weightless in sleep but still have the support of something firmer then this could be your go-to.

With some mattresses, you can feel how they’re trying to target your pressure points and you can feel how they’re forcing your spine into alignment, but with Eve you don’t. It’s done subtly, cleverly, using the memory foam layer that moulds to your shape, but stops you from sinking in.

This level of support and comfort should be plenty to relieve any lingering aches and pains in almost anyone—except a select few groups.

While the mattress is medium-firm, that doesn’t mean it’s firm enough for everyone. For example, the heavier you are, the further you sink into the mattress and it loses some of that support. This means the mattress isn’t great for heavier people.

It’s also not a perfect pick for someone with more serious or persistent back pain. People with that issue are often told to sleep on a firm mattress, and the top foam just isn’t quite right for that with Eve.

It has firmer edges if you want to try sleeping on those, but it’s not much fun to try and stay right on the edge. Plus, the slight bounce to the bed may make this difficult. There’s minimal motion transfer but you may still feel some of the bounce of your partner moves.

So overall, this is a mattress for comfort and cooling, but not for supporting higher weights or back pain. If you still want to try it out even if you’re unsure about its suitability you can, risk-free in fact. If you dislike the mattress you can return it within 100 nights with no hassle.

Once it’s yours the mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty too, so if you love the mattress but something goes wrong you’re covered.



  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Great for back pain
  • Breathable
  • Wonderfully comfortable as well as supportive


  • Expensive
  • It may be breathable but there’s no active cooling

Tempur is more focused on comfort than cooling. While it’s breathable and the cover is washable for if it’s not breathable enough, it’s not actively trying to control your body temperature.

With Tempur, you’re getting a luxurious feel but without too many extras. There’s no dedicated edge support, no fancy inner layers, just three different foams that work together to provide something that makes almost everyone feel secure and satisfied.

Many customers report that the mattress cured them of their aches and pains, including in their back, so Tempur has that advantage over Eve. Although, like Eve, it’s not firm enough to support someone heavier—unless you’re heavier and you want a soft-feeling mattress with less support.

You can try the mattress out for 100 nights if you’re curious about how it would work for you. If you dislike it you can return it, but be sure to wash the cover first, and wash it regularly if you decide to keep the mattress.

Keeping the mattress in top condition ensures that if something goes wrong and you need to use the 10-year warranty then the issue is not your fault. Plus, you’ll want to use that warranty if the mattress fails before its time. It’s mightily pricey to replace, but customers feel it’s worth the money.

Final Thoughts

Where Eve excels for people who need something ultra-cool, Tempur is the one to pick if you desire ultimate luxury. Outside of those needs then you can’t go wrong with either—they’re comfortable, supportive and have washable covers so you can prolong their comfort and cleanliness.

Consider your desires and your budget and they should reveal which mattress is right for you.

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