How Much Should You Spend on A Mattress?


Mattresses can be costly and there are so many factors that go into choosing one. Do prices vary by size? What about memory foam pricing as opposed to innerspring, or other mattress types?  There are also cheap, low-quality mattresses to sift through. So how much should you spend on a mattress?

How Much Is a Mattress On Average?

The average mattress can cost anywhere from £300 to over £1,000, but you’ll pay more for premium brands and features. You can find mattresses under the low end of the budget, but they’re generally not the best.

Really, what you want to consider when calculating how much you should spend on a mattress is how much the mattress is worth. Sometimes, you don’t need a £2,000+ velvet-soft, an ultra-luxurious beast when an average £1,000 mattress will do. They’ll be covered by sheets anyway—they don’t need to feel like velvet.

To help you determine what you should be spending, let’s break it down by mattress size, as well as mattress types. This guide will focus on two mattress types, but if you’d prefer something latex, innerspring or perhaps a futon, we’ll touch on that later on.

Also, note that we won’t be including small single as a size to evaluate. Based on our research, the top mattress providers don’t sell this size.

Memory Foam Mattresses: What to Spend

Memory foam is that luxurious, spongey stuff that you sink down into when you sleep. It supports your weight and cradles you nicely at night. These are the most cost-effective mattresses in the short term, but they’re by no means cheap.

The top brands tend to lean more towards hybrid mattresses, but their memory foam ones are noting to turn your head at.


Memory foam mattresses, regardless of size, are usually thick, 24 cm and beyond, and are sometimes constructed with a few non-memory foam layers in the middle to make them cooler and more breathable.

With this breathability feature and construction of half memory foam, half other, they often cost around £450 and up.

Small Double

A small double for your quaint bedroom or your guest room can cost you upwards of £500, heading into the low £600s depending on the brand.

You can expect luxury at this price, though, with breathable lawyers and often, zones within the mattress that will contour even better to your body.


Some generous brands won’t charge you more for a double over a small double. Others hike the price up considerably, nearing £700.

On average, you can expect to pay somewhere in the mid £600s for a thick, breathable and cooling double memory foam mattress.


For a king-size premium memory foam mattress, you’re looking at something in the mid £700s. Some brands will price their king size mattresses about £100 lower, which by no means implies they’re lower quality.

However, the more expensive you go, the better your expectations can be for exclusive features. Memory foam is not breathable on its own and traps heat in its dense build. The pricier the mattress, the more effort likely went in to ensure you stay cool during the night.

Higher-priced mattresses may also have more memory foam—though pure foam, not all viscoelastic mattresses are entirely memory foam and use other types to add bulk.

Super King

For a super king, we’re entering the £750–£900 range, depending on the manufacturer. In a super king’s case, you’re paying a lot of that for size and cost of materials rather than the premium features—these mattresses are massive.

At this size, remaining under £1,000 is an incredibly fair price and you should consider the mattress a steal compared to other mattress types.

Read our article on the best memory foam mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses: What to Spend

Hybrid mattresses are costlier from the start. They use a unique combination of memory foam on top, with padding and coils/springs underneath meaning they need to utilize two skillsets, and a wider variety of materials.

These mattresses often outlast memory foam as coils are tough, metal and less prone to breaking or losing their elasticity. When you go hybrid it’s even more of an investment, but at least you get a few additional years out of it.


Single hybrid mattresses can start off decently reasonable, around £500, but there are some that shoot right up to £850.

The lower end of that can get you anything from a basic hybrid mattress to one with advanced breathability and increased pressure relief.

As you climb the pricing ladder, you start to see features like odour and moisture control, ultra-soft touch, and extra-sturdy springs.

Once you hit the highest end of the price window you’ll see custom features showing up. For example, one brand has a unique way of placing springs in pocketed-off segments to ensure they remain untangled, sturdy, and highly supportive.

However, they’re also small enough so that even the most sensitive sleepers won’t feel the individual coils.

Small Double

There are many companies that don’t sell small double hybrid mattresses, but the ones that too price them fairly compared to the singles.

You’ll encounter the same basic advanced breathability features in these, while prices range from £700–£800.

Small doubles and singles having an £800 option is a prime example of why you should shop around when purchasing a mattress. If space isn’t an issue and you’re focused on budget, you could get a small double for the price of another brand’s single.

Though keep in mind, it won’t have those advanced and unique springs—figure out what matters to you more, size or fancy mattress tech.


For double hybrid mattresses, the most common prices are in the mid £700s, with some closer to a solid £800. At these prices, you can expect a typical mattress, comfortable, potentially with some cooling properties and added durability.

On the higher end of the scale, you can find some hybrid doubles selling for £950. If you value premium features and original mattress tech, then you can go for one at this price.


In exceptional circumstances, you’ll find kinds starting at just £800, but most of the time they’re in the mid £800s instead.

Most of the brands we’ve examined are relatively standard with their pricing here, although some inch into the early £900s, with the premium, unique brands crossing over the £1,000 mark.

For a king hybrid mattress, between £800 and £900 is a decent amount to spend—over £1,000 is a tad excessive.

Super King

You can expect a super king to cost £900–£1,000. Due to their mammoth size, they don’t often vary much from more premium brands which will usually only cost an extra £100.

Spending just under £1,000 is reasonable with a super king hybrid mattress. A nudge over is fine too, but more than that is a bit much.

Other Mattress Types


Innerspring mattresses tend to be less common among the premium brands, and are usually less pricey than hybrid mattresses but costlier than memory foam.

However, if you’re going innerspring, why not go hybrid instead? You get the best of both words and some additional comfort from the foam on top.


Latex mattresses are even less common, and sometimes they’re not too pricey. For example, you can find some super king latex mattresses for just over £600.

On the other hand, some jump rup to over £2,000 and will most likely come from a brand specializing in latex mattresses.


If you’re looking for a low level, futon mattress, then you shouldn’t expect it to cost a bomb. These mattresses for your sofa beds or floor sleeping often cost under £300 for a decent amount of luxury.

You won’t pay much more than £600 for one of these on the other end of the scale, and sometimes that price includes the bed frame.

Mattress Budget: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, brands vary widely in what they charge for the mattresses of the same size and similar build. Some can use “advanced” or unique design features to charge you up to £150 more than other brands.

Choose your mattress wisely and consider going somewhere in the middle of the scale so you get slightly advanced features but nothing too ridiculous:

  • For memory foam, £450–800 is great—you don’t need to go with the more premium £900 mattresses.
  • Looking at hybrid mattresses, £550–£950 is best for a wonderful, premium but not an over-exclusive mattress.
  • Other mattress types vary considerably and can cost double or half what you’ll pay for a hybrid or memory foam mattress—shop wisely.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to share them below.

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