Which Hypnos Mattress Is Used By Premier Inn Hotels?


The mattress brand Hypnos has a long-standing relationship with the Premier Inn hotel chain in the UK. The chain uses Hypnos mattresses exclusively, so if you’ve stayed in the hotel and want their beds for yourself, we’ll figure out which mattress you should buy.

What Is Hypnos?

Hypnos is a British mattress-making company that sells beds alongside mattresses. The company has been around since 1904 and claim to have “the most comfortable beds in the world”…making them highly desirable.

Not only can you choose from a range of fantastic mattresses, but you can create custom, made-to-measure beds, too. On top of that, you can commission beds of non-typical shapes including curved and V-shaped.

This makes Hypnos an incredibly desirable brand so it’s no wonder that Premier Inn partnered with them. This partnership is fantastic for both companies, but it’s also great for buyers. If you’re thinking about getting a Hypnos mattress, you can stay at a Premier Inn hotel and try one out for a few nights before you commit.

Hypnos’s Premier Inn beds are also more affordable than some other mattresses. So, it won’t put too much of a strain on your wallet to go to one of the hotels and test the mattresses out first.

What Type of Hypnos Mattress Is It?

What if you fall in love with the mattress you slept on at the Premier Inn? Which Hypnos mattress is used by Premier Inn, and can you get one?

It’s not one of Hypnos’s typical brands or from one of the company’s well-known ranges—it appears to be a mattress made especially for Premier Inn hotels. That said, it is available for purchase and we’re going to break down the mattress to help you determine whether you want it or not.

Mattress Type

The Hypnos mattress Premier Inn uses is a pocket spring type. This means that the bulk of the mattress is made up of springs, giving it a nice bounce. Spring mattresses are incredibly common, but mainly innerspring ones.

In this case, they’re pocket springs, meaning each spring is in its own little pocket. As the springs are more separate, they’re better at compressing individually rather than as one. This contrasts innerspring mattresses which usually compress all at once offering support, but not support that’s moulded to your body.

If you dislike memory foam but want personalized support, then pocket spring mattresses are one to invest in. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, offer the most personalized support.

The specific pocket spring mattress line used by Premier Inn has 1,000 springs which make the range medium-support mattresses according to mattress manufacturers.

Mattress Topper

Again great for people who want to avoid memory foam, the Hypnos Premier Inn mattress has a wool topper. This is supportive, but it’s also soft and malleable so it’ll be nice to move around on.

Many people dub wool toppers among the height of luxury, for their comfort as well as their antimicrobial properties. Wool naturally keeps bacteria at bay thanks to said properties.

Hypoallergenic Properties

The mattress and topper are wrapped up in a hypoallergenic case. Being hypoallergenic, the case is meant to repel dust, mites and other things that can cause irritation. They’ll sit on the surface but won’t settle into the mattress as they would with other mattress types.

Being hypoallergenic makes these excellent mattresses to use in a hotel—you don’t want a mattress full of other peoples’ dead skin! If the idea of that grosses you out in general then you may want a hypoallergenic mattress of some kind in your home, too.

Who Should Buy a Hypnos Premier Inn Mattress?

Besides “anyone who wants one,” there are some people who’d benefit from the Hypnos mattresses used in Premier Inn Hotels.

Hot Sleepers

The wool topper makes this mattress an excellent pick for hot sleepers.

Wool helps regulate your body temperature, so it’ll stop you from becoming too hot or cold. It’s also naturally breathable so if you overheat, your heat will go through the topper, into the mattress, keeping your skin cooler.


The wool’s antimicrobial properties and the hypoallergenic topper are a fantastic combination for people with cleanliness issues. If the idea of sleeping on something mildly dirty makes you shudder, it’s a mattress to consider.

It’s also great if you hate deep cleaning mattresses because they take so long to dry. You can clean it at a surface level instead of with the same effects.

Active Sleeping Couples

If you sleep with a partner and get active during the night—tossing and turning all the time—then this is a fantastic mattress for you.

As the pocket springs move with your body and not as a group under any pressure, they isolate movements well. They’re far better than innerspring mattresses at dealing with the motions.

With a pocket spring mattress, your nighttime activity is less likely to disturb your partner, which is fantastic.

If you want the best mattress for active sleeping couples, though, you should look at memory foam. It’s even better at keeping movements to a minimum. If you still want the Hypnos Premier Inn mattress, consider a memory foam topper on top of the wool one.

Who Should NOT Buy a Hypnos Premier Inn Mattress?

Though this mattress isn’t bad for anyone, there are some people who’d be better off finding an alternative. There are things you can do to this mattress to make it work better for you if you have your heart set on it.

Both groups need the same thing in the mattress—the groups are heavier people, and those with back pain.

These groups require a firm mattress according to many experts around the web. The fitness adds support for an aching back and helps align the spine. For heavier people, it’s to keep them supported well enough as they’d sink into a medium or soft fitness mattress.

The Hypnos Premier Inn mattress is unfortunately only medium-firm, so it’s not the greatest for the groups described above.

However, you can make it firmer if you wish. Here are a few things that could help:

A Solid Mattress Foundation

Adding something solid under your mattress means it cant squish down endlessly. There’s some flat resistance underneath. Get a bed that requires a box spring for your mattress to rest upon, as that adds fantastic resistance—although it’s not the best base for adding some firmness.

Sprung Slats

Sprung slats are two rows of wood that extend from the side to the middle of your bed frame. They’re gently raised or bowed upwards, and your mattress rests on top of them.

As you get into bed these slats compress, flattening out, but they’re always exerting upwards pressure on your mattress. This makes it feel firmer than if you’ve placed it on solid slats, that don’t bow upwards.

A Board Underneath

If you’re not keen to change your bed type, then getting a solid board of plywood or something similar can help. This is especially great if you need the firmness, but your partner loves the medium-firm of the Hypnos Premier Inn mattress.

Slip the board under your side of the bed and it’ll add a level of firmness to the mattress. Pairing this board with a boxspring foundation will have better results.

An Additional Topper

If you’re not afraid of raising your mattress much higher than normal, get yourself a firm mattress topper. The topper will let you experience the luxury and comfort of the Hypnos mattress, but it adds support that the mattress lacks.

Liker the board suggestion above, this is an excellent option for sleeping with a partner. A single topper on a double or larger bed lets one of you have the firm, and the other have the medium-firm.

Of course, you’ll be raised slightly higher than your partner if you sleep on an additional topper. Always consider if that’s something you’re willing to deal with before you dive in with another topper.

What Price is the Hypnos Premier Inn Mattress?

The starting price for these beds is £360, and that’s for a single. Hypnos also make the Premier Inn bed in:

  • Double—£505;
  • King—£580;
  • Super-king—£695.

There are additional costs if you want to add a divan, and even more if you want the divan to have a drawer. You can also buy pillows as used by Premier Inn hotels, in either soft or firm. They come in packs of two.

Lastly, as you get your bed delivered, you can have the old one taken away at an additional per-bed fee.

We find these prices to be lower than average for a mattress, which is impressive and means great things for anyone who wishes to purchase one. Though of course, this isn’t counting the extra cost of going to a Premier Inn hotel and testing or falling in love with the mattress.

Final Thoughts

Premier Inn hotels don’t use a mattress from the Hypnos line, they use their own Hypnos model, created just for Premier Inn hotels. You can purchase it for use in your home, too. Here’s its construction:

  • Pocket springs, 1,000 of them for medium firmness.
  • Wool mattress topper for comfort and breathability.
  • Hypoallergenic cover.
  • Available as a single, double, king or super-king.

Leave any comments or questions on this mattress below.

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