Dreamcloud Mattress Review: Is This Mattress Bliss or Miss?


Memory foam is too hot and quicksand-like for me, despite its often luxurious feel and its perfect mix of cradling and support. However, I enjoy that foam feel. A hybrid mattress is an excellent compromise for someone who likes foam, but dislikes being hot and sleeping in the mattress.

Dreamcloud offers a fantastic hybrid mattress and in this Dreamcloud mattress review, I plan to find out exactly how dreamy that cloud is.

What To Consider Before You Choose Dreamcloud?

Before you dive in with a mattress there are two factors you should always consider.

Mattress Type

The Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress, meaning there are multiple materials used in its construction. Memory hybrid mattresses contain some memory foam and then innerspring—the Dreamcloud is slightly different.

Rather than a lot of memory foam, Dreamcloud uses a thin layer of regular memory foam and some gel memory foam. Underneath that, you have some other foam variants before a layer of pocket springs, superior to regular innersprings.

Firmness Desired

Some people may desire a firmer mattress for back pain, or perhaps you need more support due to your weight. You won’t find that with this mattress, which is medium-firm.

If you’re looking for something super soft you can sink into and make a large dent then you should look elsewhere. too

What’s Dreamcloud’s Mattress Like?

The Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress encompassing several foam layers and some pocket springs. Each layer comes together to form a luxurious feeling mattress that really can give you the cloud-like feel that the name implies.

It’s a mattress suitable for any bed frame type, and any age, although there’s a slight downfall with its sizing. It comes in American sizes which are slightly different from EU/UK sizing:

  • Twin—38” x 75”—Slightly larger than a UK single.
  • Twin XL—38” x 80”—Slightly larger and taller than a UK single.
  • Full—54” x 75”—Slightly larger and shorter than a UK double.
  • Queen—60” x 80”—Slightly larger and longer than a UK king.
  • King—76” x 80”—Much larger and slightly longer than a UK super king.
  • Cal King—72” x 84”—Slightly larger and longer than a UK king.

The unique sizing may make finding a bed frame for the mattress difficult in the UK, but Dreamcloud has you covered. You can get a bedframe with your mattress, along with some other essentials which we’ll discuss later.

Once fitted you’re in for a cosy mattress with lots of room. This is great for taller people and couples, although there’s a downside for couples: there’s some motion transfer in the mattress, not great for people who toss and turn in the night.


  • Luxurious feel;
  • 365-day sleep trial;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Suitable bedframes available with purchase;
  • Larger than average mattresses give you more space to stretch out.


  • No EU sizing available;
  • Some motion transfer;
  • Probably won’t fit your existing bed frame.

Dreamcloud’s Features and What They’re Good For

All mattresses have a similar set of features, but they stand out for different reasons. Dreamcloud’s mattress is no different and has one unique feature that you may enjoy.

Layered Construction

Many hybrid mattresses are two layers, three at most: foam and springs. Dreamcloud takes this a step further and provides five layers of luxury for you to sleep on.

Soft Cover

The first layer of this mattress is cashmere, covering gel memory foam. This provides a nice squishy feel with a soft surface that should feel great against the skin. The softness should also feel fantastic through a sheet, as there’s nothing rough or unpleasant to catch on the sheet’s fabric.

Pressure Relief

The second layer is made for pressure relief. It’s the thinnest part of the mattress, constructed from memory foam. The gel foam on top will stop you fully sinking into this memory foam, so instead, you get its other benefit: it will contour to the pressure you place on the top layer.

As it contours to your body shape without you sinking into it, you get excellent spinal alignment. The heavier parts of your body will sink further while the lighter ones stay on the surface, so this ensures your spine is in place.

A properly aligned spine is a recipe for both healthy sleep and awake time, along with the pressure relief that sleeping while supported by that memory foam can bring.

Sinking In

You won’t sink into the memory foam, but another layer of foam beneath it ensures you can sink into the mattress somewhat. Again, it makes sure the mattress doesn’t swallow you up resulting in difficulty moving around.

This layer is fantastic for people who like to sleep on, not in their mattress. It’s also top-notch for claustrophobic people who don’t want their mattress to rise at the sides around them.

Supportive Coils

The coils add strength and structure to the mattress. Rather than just innerspring, these coils are pocket springs so they don’t interfere with each others’ vibrations.

Each coil provides support as they’re strong and sturdy and will only move when you do. They respond to the pressure on the foam layers above, so you don’t sink down in one large dip as you would with many mattresses.

The coils are what stops the foam layers above letting you sink down too far into the mattress, too. They adapt to your body the way the foam does, ensuring you’re fully supported, all the time.


The base layer is nothing special. It’s a thin layer of harder foam that supports the layers on top, ensuring they function as they should.


On the firmness scale of 1–10, this mattress is a 6.5. It’s considered medium-firm, which isn’t the best for people needing a firm mattress but it’s fantastic for someone who wants support without the mattress being hard.

Dreamcloud considers this “luxury firm” and many other mattress brands rate theirs the same way. If you’re someone who doesn’t know whether you like a firm or soft mattress, then this “luxury” medium-firm is a decent place to start.


Despite the thin memory foam layers on top, you won’t overheat on this mattress. The top layer of memory foam contains some gel that keeps you cool. That, paired with the coils and the breathable other foam layers, ensures you stay cool throughout the night.

The layers work together to encourage airflow while the top layer helps spread your body heat over the mattress area surrounding you. This is sure to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night.

Motion Transfer

One feature of many foam and pocket sprung mattresses is that there’s very little or no motion transfer. Unfortunately, users report that there is some on this mattress, but it shouldn’t be enough to wake a partner.

Gentle turning and getting out of bed in the night should be fine. However, if you toss and turn to no end, then this probably isn’t the best mattress for you. You’d be better off with something that has thicker memory foam layers, as that’s one of the best materials for reducing motion transfer.


This mattress has a lifetime warranty, or “forever” warranty so don’t worry if something goes wrong. You won’t be out of luck—Dreamcloud’s got you covered.

Not only is this convenient for you, but it’s an excellent way for Dreamcloud to show their pride and confidence in the mattress.


Another way Dreamcloud shows their confidence in their products and their dedication to customer satisfaction is through the trial. You can try this mattress out for a full year and if you don’t like it, then that’s fine. You get your money back and can ship the mattress back where it came from, for free.

This year-long trial is fantastic because your incompatibility with a mattress doesn’t always show up straight away. It may take a few weeks or months for the novelty to wear off, and then you start disliking your mattress.


Finally, the third feature of the overall mattress package is delivery. Delivery of this mattress is entirely free, fast and contactless. The contactless element is great if you dislike dealing with people you don’t know, and it’s fantastic for safety if you or the other party is ill on the delivery date.

The swift, free delivery lets you save money and it helps you know exactly when your new mattress will show up.

Dreamcloud’s Other Products

There are a few other Dreamcloud products on offer, including another mattress you may be interested in if the one above isn’t for you.

Dreamcloud Premier

The Dreamcloud Premier is similar to the mattress reviewed above, with the same firmness, breathability and excellent support. However, the layers making it up are much thinner and quite different from the other Dreamcloud:

  • A soft, unpadded cashmere cover;
  • Memory foam, quilted into the cover, creating a cosy topper;
  • Point-activated gel memory foam for pressure-point relief;
  • Foam to reduce motion transfer;
  • Heavy-duty pocket spring coils;
  • A base helping with airflow and dampening coil vibrations.

It comes in the same sizes as the other Dreamcloud mattress.

Outside of the construction, the main difference between this mattress and the one above is the price., but users say it’s a fair price.


As the Dreamcloud mattresses come in unusual sizes for the UK, you may be interested in one of the bases. If you purchase a base and a mattress together you get a small discount.

The bases are:

  • A plain, platform base;
  • An adjustable bed frame so you can sleep partially sitting up;
  • Wheeled metal bedframe for easy transportation;
  • A slatted bed frame with a plush headboard.


Finally, available at a discount alongside the Dreamcloud mattress or Dreamcloud Premiew mattress, the brand manufactures:

There’s also a bundle available that will save you a few pounds if you buy everything together.

Best Alternatives to Dreamcloud

Perhaps Dreamcloud isn’t for you—there are a few other mattress brands you may wish to consider.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Maybe you’ve decided memory foam is for you after all. The Nectar memory foam mattress is incredibly similar to the Dreamcloud, except it’s made of pure foam. It has 9 centimetres of memory foam and several other foams in the construction. However, it’s much cooler than your typical memory foam.

Here’s how it differs from the Dreamcloud:

  • Lower price;
  • Memory foam construction cradles your body.

You can see this mattress here

Tempur Sensation Mattress

If you’d rather a softer mattress, consider the Tempur Sensation. There are three thicknesses to choose from and we should warn you, even the thinnest single mattress is extremely pricey. On the plus side, you get a free pillow.

The soft mattress is pure polyfoam, great for bouncing and sinking into.

Compared to the Dreamcloud:

  • Much pricer;
  • Bouncier than the Dreamcloud;
  • Doesn’t have much support;
  • Very soft.

If you like this mattress, see it here.

Sealy Ortho Posture

Stepping away from softness, Sealy’s focus is more on keeping your posture in check. It’s a medium-firm hybrid mattress, made with several foam layers and some large innersprings. The innersprings aren’t separate so there’s some vibration and bounce to them if you want support as well as something with a bit of jiggle.

Opposed to the Dreamcloud:

  • Springier, making it easier to move around and get out of bed;
  • Less luxurious, but still very comfortable;
  • Helps regulate body temperature without cooling you;
  • Materials help keep allergies at bay.

You can take a closer look here.

Final Thoughts

The Dreamcloud mattress is excellent for people who like a mixture of comfort and support. It’s neither too fancy nor is it plain, it’s a blend of luxury and simplicity. The five mattress layers don’t overcomplicate things and each performs its job well.

If you like the Dreamcloud mattress and want to know more or get one for yourself, you can check it out here

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