Eve vs Dormeo: Which Offers The Best Options For You?


When I come across two fantastic mattresses, I find it difficult to choose between them at first glance. So I’ve taken it upon myself to delve in and investigate which mattress is better. This time it’s Eve vs Dormeo, so hopefully, you and I find something great.

Should I Buy Eve or Dormeo?

There are several options with both Eve and Dormeo, so we’ve made it easy by directly comparing one from each brand. We’re comparing the Eve Premium Hybrid with the Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Plus.

Choose Eve If:

  • You like a slightly bouncy mattress
  • Lots of layers make a mattress more appealing
  • You want to feel weightless
  • A 10-year warranty is excellent
  • You’d like a 100-day sleep trial
  • Tons of active cooling makes you happy
  • You want a washable cover

Choose Dormeo If:

  • Breathability is a must
  • Customer rating matters a ton
  • You want a longer warranty
  • A 60-night sleep trial is fine
  • Varying support based on your body seems perfect
  • You’d like medium support with a softer feel
  • Absolutely zero motion transfer is what you need

Inside the Mattresses: What’s Happening?

These mattresses have incredibly different constructions—let’s break them down.

Comparing Construction


Eve’s layers come together to form the perfect blend of comfort, support, breathability and luxury. So, we’ll go through them one by one.

The Top Cover

The cover is cashmere. This is excellent if you want to forgo sheets and sleep on the mattress’s surface, which you can safely do. The cover is washable, so you can stay fresh.

It’s laced with silver which is naturally cooling, antimicrobial and antibacterial. This stops you from overheating too much at night and it keeps the cover as clean as it can be between washes.


Floatfoam is designed to make you feel like you’re floating. It’s meant to relieve pressure, but without being too rigid.

This foam is also infused with charcoal, another material with natural cooling properties. It’s there to draw the heat away from your body and disperse it through the whole mattress so cooler air can reach you and cool you down.

Memory Foam

There’s some memory foam in the mattress, but don’t worry. It’s a more breathable version. It won’t make you overheat.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to be swallowed the mattress and would rather sleep on and not in their mattress, don’t worry there either. The Floatfoam keeps you firmly on the surface of the mattress, but the memory foam still works.

Your body puts pressure on the Floatfoam and that sinks into the memory foam, which contours to the pressure’s shape. This helps add comfort and relieve pressure on your joints even further.

Support Layer

After two soft layers, this one finally adds some support. This layer is foam, dense, and doesn’t provide all the support that the mattress has to offer but it certainly helps the springs along.

This layer stops you from sinking too far into the memory foam to ensure a comfortable night.

Foam Casing

Under the support layer, there’s some foam casing that closes the springs in to keep them safe. It also adds some stability to the edge of the bed, so you can sleep edge to edge with no problems.


Most of the mattress’s support comes from the individually wrapped coils, the pocket spring layer. They provide medium-firm support and as little motion transfer as they can. They also respond individually to pressure, so you won’t be in a big, sagging dip in the bed. They compress further for your heavier areas and less for the lighter ones, helping align your spine.


The springs are attached to the base layer, which also works to keep your mattress stable on the bed. With the base in place, you won’t find the mattress slipping side to side, or up and down, even if it’s slightly loose on the frame.


Unfortunately, the Dormeo mattress doesn’t provide a layer-by-layer look of what’s inside, so it’s difficult to know what the order is on the layers discussed below. Still, here’s what you can expect to find in the mattress:

A Stretchy Cover

Dormeo’s cover, the Superstretch, is award-winning and stretches more than most mattress covers. This is to make it feel softer, and based on customer ratings, sleepers seem to like this. The cover is also removable and washable so you can keep your mattress fresh.

Memory Foam

There’s apparently over 11 centimetres of memory foam in this mattress, but it’s impossible to tell if this includes the octosprings (mentioned later) or not. It’s also not clear whether the memory foam is all in one go, or in several thinner layers.

Regardless of where it is, the memory foam provides a squishy, comforting feel that contours to your body.

Pocket Springs

There are pocket springs somewhere in here, which is great. The springs provide the medium support in the mattress, and the “pocket” aspect reduces motion transfer as the fabric dampens any vibrations caused by moving.

Octospring Layer

The real star of the show is the octospring layer. Better than coils, these octosprings move in multiple directions and they’re made of memory foam. That’s what gives them a squishy feel and lets them move in every direction, sliding up and down with you and compressing as you apply pressure.

As well as being memory foam these springs are breathable, as they feature lots of large holes almost in a honeycomb pattern. The manufacturer put these through rigorous testing using dry ice so they could watch the air flowing through them.

Lastly, there are five zones of these springs, of varying density and strength to provide a more tailored supportive feel for your body.


To a lot of people, thickness doesn’t really matter. However, it’s something you should definitely pay attention to for the following reasons:

  • A thicker mattress is higher, which isn’t great for shorter people
  • The thicker the mattress the less you’ll feel from your bed frame
  • With a thicker mattress, there’s more space for it to support your weight

With those aspects in mind, be careful about your mattress choices. While the latter two shouldn’t be a huge concern in a premium mattress like this pair, the first one counts.

Remembering that point, here’s what these two mattresses are offering:

  • Eve: 28 centimetres
  • Dormeo: 27 centimetres


The Eve mattress is medium-firm, where the Dormeo is just medium.  Let’s see how that plays out in them.


While Eve is medium-firm, it doesn’t feel that way. You won’t sink into it like something soft, but it doesn’t really feel like you’re sleeping on anything at all. The Floatfoam works its magic and makes you feel more like you’re sleeping on nothing.

You can feel the soft surface, you know you’re sleeping on something solid, but it’s almost a strange sensation that feels both soft and firm at the same time. Regardless of how it feels for you, it’s certainly a desirable sensation that’s balanced and adequate.


This Dormeo mattress is dubbed “medium” rather than “medium-firm” meaning there’s more softness to it, great for people who love a lush, squishy feel. At the same time, there’s a level of firmness to it that you can’t deny.

The octosprings provide tailored support, creating an illusion of a firmer mattress based on how well it aligns your body. Excellent for wanting soft, but needing firm.

Edge Support

Eve has excellent edge support. There are no springs right around the edges, only the foam casing layer, so you get a pretty solid foundation to lie on.

This is perfect for accidentally rolling to the edge while sleeping. There’s almost a barrier there that stops you from rolling off, and stops the edge from sinking and making you fall off.

It’s also fine to sleep on if you sleep on the edge in general. It may not be as comfortable as sleeping on the springs, and it’s slightly firmer than the rest of the mattress, but it’s still not uncomfortable.

What may be uncomfortable is Dormeo’s edge support. There’s no dedicated edge support and while you can sleep on the edge, one wrong move and it could sink and you’ll fall. The octosprings move in all directions, so if you tilt too much towards the edge, the octosprings will too.

Motion Transfer


Eve has zero motion transfer on most layers. The foam absorbs all vibrations from movement, making it wonderful for people who toss and turn in slumber.

Unfortunately, there’s also the matter of the springs. They’re pocket springs so the fabric around each coil absorbs and eliminates vibrations—there’s no way for a slight shift to ripple across and shake your partner awake.

On the other hand, the springs give the mattress a slight bounce so if you turn over quite violently there may be some transfer. Regular movements will also cause some bounce and mattress motion, but that’ll be localized and only you will feel it.


Dormeo has zero motion transfer. The pocket springs’ vibrations don’t travel, memory foam naturally lacks motion transfer, and the octosprings are all unconnected so they move individually. The individual movement ensures that motion doesn’t travel.

Breathability and Temperature

Dormeo is breathable and Eve has active cooling—both work well, but it’s up to preference here.


Breathability is where Eve outdoes itself.

Hybrid mattresses are already naturally breathable to a point. They have open coils in their construction which allows airflow and circulation. Eve one-ups this by adding active cooling into the mix, which is always something wonderful to see in a mattress.

The first active cooling is on the top cover with silver. The second is in the top layer of foam, using charcoal this time.

It would be nice to see further active cooling in the memory foam layer which is a naturally hot material. Though, it’s excellent that it’s a more breathable form of memory foam rather than the basic and traditional stuff.


Dormeo has no active cooling but is highly breathable. Air travels well through the mattress as shown by the manufacturer’s tests.

The cover may not have active cooling and it doesn’t wick moisture, but it’s washable if the mattress isn’t breathable enough and you start sweating. You shouldn’t sweat, though, as room-temperature air can cycle through the mattress easily.

Eve vs Dormeo: An Overview

You know what they’re like broken down, now how about when put back together? Here’s how these mattresses perform overall, and who they’re best for.



  • Breathability and active cooling
  • Edge support all around
  • Washable cover
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Soft, cashmere cover
  • Supportive for most people, including those with minor aches and pains


  • Not firm enough for severe back pain and heavier people
  • Minimal motion transfer may not be low enough for some people

Eve is excellent overall. It suits many people that some mattress brands don’t, for example, those who need strong, dedicated edge support. You can use Eve’s entire surface, which can’t be said for a lot of brands.

Across that surface, you have three types of cooling, two of which are active cooling. This makes it a perfect pick for someone who overheats at night and needs a mattress that can disperse that temperature and circulate air well.

Unfortunately, if your overheating at night is caused by extra weight, then you should consider looking elsewhere. While the cooling will work, the mattress will be doo soft for you. If you like a soft mattress then that’s fine, but if you want the support of the medium-firm then you should look for a firm mattress instead.

The mattress is also unsuitable for people with back pain, as you also need a firmer mattress for that. Although, mild aches and pains will fare fine on Eve thanks to the pressure relief and the weightless sensation you have while on the mattress. The spinal alignment the mattress brings can help out there, too.

If you’re unsure about whether Eve would have enough support and pain relief for you, you could always try it out for 100 nights. If you don’t like it you can return it, no issues. And, when it’s yours, it’s covered by a 10-year warranty should anything go wrong for example, if it sags too early or the cover isn’t as washable as you thought.

Neither of those horrors should come true, though. It’s a durable mattress and the cashmere cover is washable, so you can sleep on top of the cover and snuggle into the cashmere if you like. It’s also compatible with sheets instead, of course.

Overall, this is a mattress with many positives and its negatives come at no fault of the mattress itself—it’s merely a compatibility issue. So for most people, you can get to bed in comfort, with minimal motion transfer and a cool night to get you rested.



  • Long warranty
  • Decent 60-night sleep trial
  • Suitable for heavier people
  • Helps with back pain
  • Highly breathable


  • Won’t work for everyone
  • Not for people who dislike a softer feel

Dormeo is a strange one. It’s soft and squishy on the surface, great for people who want that feel, but it’s ultra-supportive too. In fact, it’s so supportive that it may even suit people who need a firmer mattress—heavier people and people with back pain, for example.

The five body zones contouring to your shape provide tailored support from head to toe, which is exactly what you need. Will heavier people sink further into the top layers? Yes, but the springs are strong enough to still provide that zoned support.

If you find it doesn’t work well enough for you, that’s fine. Send it back within 60 days and there’s no problem. If you’re keeping it then you can’t go wrong.

The mattress may not be the most suitable for people who overheat excessively, especially since there’s some memory foam in its construction, but you can wash the cover if you sweat. If the heat is too uncomfortable, as mentioned above, you can send it back. For the most part, the mattress’s breathability should work well for you, though.

If you find something isn’t working as it should then the mattress is covered by a 15-year warranty, so you’re fine. Get your mattress fixed and dive back into this soft-feeling, firm-acting goodness.

Final Thoughts

Eve is a fantastic mattress if you want heaps of active cooling and top-notch edge support. It’s firm enough to add support but you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on anything. Meanwhile, with Dormeo, you’ll very much know you’re sleeping on some soft and squishy goodness, but with more support than you’d expect.

Both of these mattresses work well and lack faults. It’s mainly about your desires with this pair which feel do you like best? Although, if you need zoned support or have back pain, then Dormeo is the one to pick. Need an ultra-cool mattress? Eve is better for you.

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