Eve vs Emma: How Can These Hybrids Help You Sleep Better?


If you love the feel of memory foam but need the responsiveness only pocket springs can provide, Eve and Emma are two leading mattress brands with hybrid mattresses that fit the bill. So why are hybrids so popular?

Today, we are considering data for the Eve Premium Hybrid and the Emma Hybrid mattresses. Join us as we delve into the features, prices, and delivery options to give you all the information on Eve vs Emma and which mattress is right for you.

Should I Buy the Eve or Emma?

Here is a quick list of some of the things we liked the most about the Eve Premium Hybrid and the Emma Hybrid to show what these mattresses have to offer:

You Might Love The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress If:

  • You like the bounce of full-sized pocket springs. The Eve Premium Hybrid contains 1,500 pocket springs which are 12cm each.
  • You love a lot of foam. The Eve Premium Hybrid comes with five layers of foam to give stability, pressure relief and comfort.
  • You want convenient delivery. Eve has several options to fit your delivery around your commitments.

You Might Love the Emma Hybrid Mattress If:

  • You want the reassurance of a long sleep trial. Emma offers a 200-night sleep trial, so you have plenty of time to try the Emma Hybrid in your own home.
  • You want adjustable firmness. Emma will send you a free comfort layer to add personalisation to your mattress.
  • You want a smaller sized mattress. Emma offers Single and Small Double sizes.

What Makes These Mattresses Mighty?

Comparing Construction


Eve has several layers in its Premium Hybrid mattress, and they all serve different functions.

The first layer is a quilted top cover. This top cover is quite unusual on the market because it contains silver strands. Silver has antimicrobial properties, so Eve is hoping this will keep your mattress fresher and healthier. You can unzip the top cover and wash it up to 40°C.

Next is Eve’s “floatfoam” layer. Eve is aiming to deliver a luxury soft feeling with this layer. The floatfoam layer also contains graphite. Eve uses graphite in the Premium Hybrid to draw away heat. This feature could make things more comfortable while you sleep.

Following the floatfoam layer is a memory foam layer. We’re talking about body contouring here to give you pressure-point relief and that cradled feeling. There is graphite in this layer too.

There is a lot of softness in the first few layers, so Eve then slips in a support layer. Support layers are firmer, and they give you that all-important support for your spine.

Chasing the support layer is a double layer of foam that Eve uses to protect its spring layer. What’s more, the case layers also have edge support. There should be no danger of the mattress dipping at the sides that could lead you to fall off.

Eve then packs in a layer of full-sized pocket springs. And at 1,500 springs in total, Eve is aiming to give support that changes as you move. Springs can also help to circulate air through your mattress to keep you feeling fresh.

Last is a base layer with a special coating to ensure all the other bits of this mattress stay where they should be.

There is no need to flip the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress over as it is a single-sided mattress.


The Emma Hybrid mattress has a top cover and a four-layer design.

The top cover features Emma’s UltraDry technology. Emma made this cover with the intent that it will wick away moisture while you sleep, giving you breathability and comfort. The top cover can be removed and washed.

Following the top cover is the Airgocell foam layer. At 4cm, the open-pore foam layer gives comfort while also helping air circulate in the mattress.

The next layer is the micro-coil layer. Emma’s conical springs are significantly smaller than the Eve’s at just 2cm, but they still aim to give you pressure relief. The springs may also help to keep air moving in this mattress.

Emma then introduces a 3cm layer of memory foam to give body-contouring support. Emma rounds out the mattress with a 16cm cold foam base layer.

The Emma Hybrid is single-sided, so it should always have the white cover at the top.


The Eve Premium Hybrid is 28cm deep.

The Emma Hybrid is slightly smaller at 25cm deep.

Both of these sizes should fit most standard bed sheets, but we always recommend checking your bed base and your furnishings to make doubly sure they can accommodate your new mattress safely.



The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a medium-firm mattress. Medium-firm is usually a good fit for most sleepers.


Emma rates the Emma Hybrid at a medium firmness. Emma explains that the Emma Hybrid is slightly softer than the Emma Original. This medium softness may be especially good for you if you sleep on your side and want a bit of extra comfort for your shoulders and hips.

If you are not entirely happy with the firmness of the Emma mattress, never fear. You can get in touch with Emma, and they will send you a free comfort layer to either add firmness or softness, depending on your preference.

Edge Support


The Eve’s foam casing layers contain dedicated side support. Eve uses quality foams and responsive springs in the Premium Hybrid.


Emma does not provide specific details about edge support, but it does note that its various foam layers are high quality. Together with the spring layer, we would expect to find support even at the edges of the Emma Hybrid.

Motion Transfer


Spring layers will add a bit of bounce to your mattress. But, with layers of foam in the Premium Hybrid, we would expect you to feel only minimal motion when your partner turns over.


Emma does not talk directly about motion transfer in its accessible information. Due to the emphasis on foams in this mattress though, we would expect you to feel little motion transfer.

Breathability & Temperature


The Eve Premium Hybrid contains graphite which Eve uses to pull away heat as you sleep. The springs in the Premium Hybrid may also help circulate air.


The top cover of the Emma Hybrid has fibres that wick away moisture, helping to avoid that clammy feeling while you sleep.

Emma also has a layer of its Airgocell foam in the Emma Hybrid. Airgocell foam is an open-pore foam. This foam combines neatly with the spring layer to circulate air through the mattress.

Overall Mattress Comparison & Review

The Eve Premium Hybrid and the Emma Hybrid are both leading mattresses. The Eve and Emma have premium foams and quality spring materials. We would expect both mattresses to last the life of their warranties without you noticing excessive comfort loss.

Consumer groups like Which? recognize both the Eve and the Emma mattresses for their features. Sleep is a highly individual thing, and your experiences might differ, but this may give you extra confidence that both of these hybrid mattresses can deliver on their comfort promises.

In terms of your sleep experience, the Eve claims to be a mattress that will fit all sleeping styles.

The Emma is reportedly a great option for side-sleepers who tend to rate it highly. Back sleepers have tended to prefer the slightly firmer Emma Original Hybrid.

Next, we will look at the prices and other details of the Eve and Emma mattresses.

Prices and Sizes

Size (Width x Length) Eve Premium Hybrid


Emma Hybrid Mattress


Single (90 x 190cm) xx £359.10
Small Double (120 x 190cm) xx £429.10
Double (135 x 190cm) £599 £499.10
King (150 x 200cm) £699 £599.20
Super King (180 x 200cm) £749 £658.70

Prices are correct as of 30/05/2023. Prices are from the Eve and Emma websites, though prices may vary.

Emma offers a Single and Small Double in its size range, whereas Eve does not. When we examine starting prices for the Double, the Emma is considerably cheaper. The price difference continues across the size list.

Both Eve and Emma offer a 10-year warranty, so you can expect protection for the life of your new mattress.

Eve and Emma are competitively priced compared to some other premium hybrids on the market like the Tempur Hybrid. If we are looking purely at pricing though, Emma may be your preferred option.



Eve delivers its mattresses in a box measuring 44.5 x 44.5 x 185cm. Eve offers a few different options for delivery.

First up is Eve’s standard delivery option. Standard delivery is free to most mainland postcodes, but some restrictions apply. Any fees will be made clear when you buy your mattress.

Your couriers will deliver your bed-in-a-box to the entrance of your home or the main entrance to your housing complex.

Eve also allows you to choose your delivery day. This service costs £15 and is subject to postcode restrictions.

Eve also offers a premium Deliver, Remove, Recycle service. For £40, Eve’s two-person team will deliver your mattress to a room of your choice. They will then take away your old mattress.

Eve now provides a no-contact delivery service so you can have your mattress dropped off at your doorstep without you having to sign for it.


Emma’s courier will deliver your mattress in a box that measures 45 x 45 x 110cm.

Due to current health restrictions, Emma is using a free no-contact delivery service. Your delivery driver will bring your mattress to your doorstep. You will not have to sign for it. Instead, the courier will take a picture as proof of delivery.

Emma’s dispatch waiting period for a new mattress is currently two to five days, though this is subject to change.



If you have a problem with your mattress, Eve has a contact form so you can quickly get help from their customer service team. Returns are usually free.


If you are still within your trial you can begin the return process through Emma’s returns portal. Otherwise, you will have to contact Emma’s customer service team.

Emma operates a no-contact returns process. No-contact means Emma does not want its couriers coming into your home. As a result, they ask that you bring your mattress to the front door of your building–but do not leave it outside.

Your courier will then pick up your mattress, package it appropriately, and take it back to the warehouse. Returns are usually free.

Sleep Trial


Eve offers a sleep trial of 100-nights. Your sleep trial starts from the day your mattress is delivered. It takes a little while to get used to your new mattress, so Eve recommends giving yourself about 30 days to see if the mattress is for you.

If you decide you don't like the Eve Premium Hybrid, contact Eve and Eve’s customer service team will guide you through returning your mattress.


Emma offers a 200-night trial. Your sleep trial starts when your mattress is delivered. Not happy with your mattress? You can return it by going through Emma’s returns portal. Emma’s customer service team will then schedule to pick up your mattress.

While Eve’s 100-night trial is an adequate trial period, Emma’s 200-night trial is even better in our opinion because it will let you test the mattress across seasons. Testing across seasons helps you see how your mattress handles different temperatures and whether it can give you a comfortable sleeping experience.



The Eve Premium Hybrid has a 10-year warranty.

This warranty covers things like the stitching on your mattress coming apart or a failure in the spring layer. You are also covered if your mattress develops a dip greater than 2.5cm that can be seen.

The guarantee does not cover things like comfort preference. You void the warranty if you bend or break the mattress or attempt to modify it in any way. You must use your mattress on a suitable bed base, too.

Lastly, the Eve is a mattress you do not have to flip over. You still have to rotate your mattress 180° every month for the first six months of having the mattress. Rotate it every three months after that.

You must always rotate the mattress using the handles on the sides. If you don’t use the handles, you could void your warranty.


Emma also offers a 10-year guarantee on the Emma Hybrid mattress.

The guarantee covers your Emma Hybrid mattress for problems like splits forming in the foam of the mattress. However, the warranty only covers foam materials splitting in the first six months of owning the mattress.

The guarantee also covers indentations over 2.5cm.

Similarly, you are covered if there is a spring fault, or if the spring layer shifts out of place.

Your warranty may also cover a faulty zip on the mattress.

To use your warranty, you will have to give photos of the damage to the customer service team handling your claim.

You may have to demonstrate how you have complied with care instructions for your mattress. For example, you may have to take pictures of your bed base.

If Emma is happy the fault occurred because of a defect and not because of improper use on your part, Emma will arrange to replace your mattress. If there is a problem with only the cover of your mattress, Emma may ship you a new mattress cover.

Final Thoughts

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress and the Emma Hybrid mattress offer some excellent features.

The Eve Premium Hybrid gives extra comfort with several layers of foam and a large spring layer. The Premium Hybrid uses different technologies to amp up the amount of airflow in the mattress. Eve gives you more delivery options than Emma and so can fit around even the busiest person.

The Emma Hybrid mattress comes with a moisture-wicking cover and an open-pore foam layer to make the Emma even more breathable. A 200-night trial with the Emma mattress gives you a chance to try the mattress across different seasons, too. The Emma also costs less than the Eve and has more size options.

Picking between these two mattresses is difficult because they both offer premium features at reasonable prices. Ultimately, your choice will come down to what you prioritise from your mattress. Don’t be afraid to have high hopes for these hybrids though, because they aim to please.

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