Eve vs OTTY: Which Hybrid Mattress Could Meet your Criteria?


Hybrid mattresses are all the rage, and no wonder: they’re comfy, can help keep you cool through the night, and some even fight allergens.

Today we’re looking at data for two of the leading mattresses on the market, the Eve Premium Hybrid and the OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress. But in the comparison between Eve vs OTTY, which hybrid will suit your needs? Let’s find out!

Should I Buy Eve or OTTY?

For a look at some of the best features we found from Eve and OTTY, here’s a handy list so you can pick between the two.

You Might Love the Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress If:

  • You want a highly rated mattress. Eve’s Premium Hybrid received a Best Buy honour from consumer group Which? in 2023.
  • You like a good silver lining. The Eve Premium Hybrid uses silver in its top cover to give you a healthier sleep surface.
  • You want a “no-questions-asked” Eve prides itself on offering a trial and warranty that are as hassle-free as possible.

You Might Love the OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress If:

  • You want more sustainable materials in your mattress. The OTTY mattress contains bamboo.
  • You want a mattress that is suitable for vegans. OTTY notes this mattress is free of animal-derived materials.
  • You want value for money. You get a lot for a relatively low price tag with the OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress.

Mattress Construction: What Makes Up These Mattresses?


Eve starts off the Premium Hybrid with a machine-washable top cover. This quilted cover has small strands of silver running through it. Silver has microbial properties and so might give you a healthier sleep surface.

Next in the Eve design is the “floatfoam” layer. Softness and pressure relief are the main functions of this foam layer.

Eve follows the “floatfoam” layer with a layer of memory foam. This foam contours to your body. Both the memory foam and comfort foam layers contain graphite. Eve uses graphite to absorb heat and keep you cooler through the night.

Underpinning the softer layers is a layer of firmer support foam. This layer is to ensure you have proper back and joint support.

Following the support layer is the foam casing layer. The foam casing protects the spring layers in the mattress. It also adds edge support so you can move about the bed as much as you want without the worry of slipping off the sides.

Eve’s spring layer contains over 1500 springs. Each spring is 12cms and can add a bit of bounce to your mattress. Springs can also push air through the mattress to amp up breathability.

The last layer in this mattress is a base that has a special coating on it to make sure that your mattress stays put on your bed.

Eve sources its raw materials from the members of the National Bed Federation (NBF). The NBF works on behalf of the mattress industry. It also holds its members to ethical standards to ensure materials and products are high quality.

The Eve mattress is single-sided, so you don’t flip it over.


The OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress has five layers and a base.

The first layer is a top cover that contains charcoal. OTTY is using charcoal to fight the build-up of harmful bacteria and allergens. Charcoal may also help remove odours from your mattress.

OTTY also designed the cover to soak up moisture to give you a healthy sleep surface. The mattress cover is dry-clean only.

The next layer is a layer of bamboo memory foam. Bamboo can be a more sustainable alternative to other foam materials. Bamboo is a breathable material, so it can help you to feel fresh through the night. The bamboo foam layer also contains charcoal.

Following the bamboo memory foam layer is a layer of high-density foam. This foam layer adds extra support and also helps to cushion the next layer, the spring layer.

The OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress contains up to 2,000 pocket springs. These 16cm springs aim to give tailored support to you as you sleep. You should feel you can move freely on the OTTY, but the way the springs react should also reduce motion transfer.

The last layer is called the “Airflow” support layer. This layer allows air to circulate in the mattress while adding side support. This feature means you can use your bed without rolling off the sides. The Airflow technology in this layer may also help you to stay cool through the night.

Supporting all of the above is a foam base to protect all the component layers and keep your mattress where it should be.

The OTTY is a single-sided mattress.


The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is 28cm deep.

The OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress is slightly smaller at 25cm deep.


Eve rates its Premium Hybrid mattress as medium-firm.

The OTTY Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal mattress scores a 6.5 on OTTY’s firmness scale. This score translates to a medium-firm feel, too.

The mattress industry often uses the medium-firm label to tell you that the mattress should suit most sleepers.

Edge Support


The foam casing layers in the Eve also have side support to give you safety and comfort even at the edges of your mattress.


The OTTY mattress dedicates a side support layer to providing edge support, so you shouldn’t need to worry about rolling off the sides of the mattress.

Motion Transfer


Eve says that its mattresses change to match your body shape and come with “contour zones” to isolate movement, so you shouldn’t feel much motion transfer.


OTTY says that its combination of high-quality foams and springs and its layered design all work together to reduce the amount of movement you feel when your sleep partner turns over during the night.

Breathability & Temperature


The Eve Premium Hybrid contains two layers of foam infused with graphite. Graphite may help to draw away heat and provide a more temperate sleeping experience. The use of pocket springs in the Eve mattress may also help to circulate air and help you feel fresh through the night.


OTTY uses bamboo and charcoal in its foam to try to improve breathability. It also has a layer of edge support with Airflow technology. The mattress also contains pocket springs which may help to circulate air and keep you feeling more comfortable.

Overall Mattress Comparison & Review

Both Eve and OTTY are aiming for the premium market.

The Eve seems to be speaking to luxury with the use of silver strands in its cover. This silver is there to act as an antimicrobial agent.

Taking a different approach, OTTY combines bamboo and charcoal to signal to its customers that it is innovative and, potentially, that it is using materials the eco-conscious might like.

It’s worth pointing out that while both silver and charcoal do have bacteria-fighting properties in some settings, their use in mattresses for this purpose isn’t something we see often, and it’s unclear how effective they are.

The vegans among us will be happy to see that OTTY designed its mattress without using animal-derived materials. This fact may add another tick of approval for those looking for more natural materials and a kinder environmental impact.

To make a more thorough assessment of what Eve and OTTY are offering, let’s now delve into their prices and other details.

Prices and Sizes

Size (Width x Length) Eve Premium Hybrid


OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress


Single (90 x 190cm) xx £467.49
Small Double (120 x 190cm) xx £577.49
Double (135 x 190cm) £599 £632.49
EU Double (140 x 200cm) xx £659.99
King (150 x 200cm) £699 £714.99
EU King (160 x 200cm) xx £742.49
Super King (180 x 200cm) £749 £797.49
Emperor (200 x 200cm) xx £824.99

Prices are based on RRP from the Eve and OTTY websites and are correct as of 30/05/2023. Prices may vary.

From the chart, we see that OTTY offers more sizes for its Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress, including the Emperor size for those of you who want a mammoth-sized bed.

However, Eve is offering the UK standard sizes of Double, King and Super King. These are likely to please most buyers, though the lack of a Single may put some buyers off.

In terms of price, the Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal is consistently less expensive across the range.

Delivery and Returns

Eve and OTTY offer similar delivery and return policies, with a few quirks that are entirely their own.


Eve has a few delivery options.

Eve offers standard free delivery to mainland UK postcodes, but some restrictions apply. Standard delivery means Eve will work with a courier to deliver your mattress between 8 am and 7 pm on your given delivery day.

If you would like to pick a day for your delivery, you can. It costs £15 for the nominated day service. This service is only available in certain parts of the UK. You will know if your postcode is eligible if the option is available when you order your mattress.

Eve also offers a recycling service for your old mattress. This service is part of Eve’s “Deliver, Remove & Recycle” option. This service means your two-person delivery team will bring your mattress to a room of your choice and take away your old mattress. It costs £40 for this service. Postcode restrictions apply.

Eve also offers a no-contact delivery service.

Eve’s returns are free, but if you miss your mattress pick-up you will have to pay a fee of £30. You can start the returns process by contacting Eve’s customer service team.


OTTY offers free standard delivery to mainland UK addresses. This service delivers your mattress to your doorstep.

OTTY also offers a premium delivery service. This service means a two-person team will deliver your mattress and can take it up to your room of choice. They can also take away your old mattress. This service costs £40.

If you need to return your mattress you can start the process by emailing the customer care team.

Returns are usually free though you may incur charges in some circumstances. OTTY urges you to make sure your mattress is clean, or you may have to pay a cleaning fee.

Sleep Trial

Both Eve and OTTY offer a 100-night sleep trial. This test period is adequate, in our opinion, though we would like to see more manufacturers offering longer trials of 200 or more nights so you can get a feel for your new mattress across seasons.


Eve offers a 100-night sleep trial on the Eve Premium Hybrid. This trial means that you can try the mattress in your own home. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can return your mattress and receive a full refund.

Eve recommends giving yourself at least 30 days with your new mattress. This period is about the length of time it takes to break in a new mattress and get a feel of its features and the sleeping experience it provides.

If you aren’t happy with the mattress, you can contact customer service to start your return.


OTTY also offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress. Like the Eve trial, this means that you have 100 nights from the day of delivery to try your mattress. If you aren’t happy, you can return your mattress and OTTY will give you a refund.

OTTY does stipulate that you must return the mattress in a “reasonable” condition. This stipulation means that the mattress must be free of any defects, including stains.

If OTTY decides the mattress needs cleaning, you may have the £40 cleaning fee deducted from your refund. If the mattress is too soiled or damaged, OTTY reserves the right to cancel your sleep trial. If that happens, you would not receive a refund.

OTTY’s customer care team can help walk you through the steps if you wish to make a return under this sleep trial.



Eve offers a 10-year warranty on the Premium Hybrid.

If you use the mattress as it should be used and have made sure to follow the care instructions, Eve will fix or replace your mattress in the event of a problem caused by a material fault or manufacturing.

Such problems might include a spring failure or the mattress foam cracking or splitting. The warranty may also cover dips in the mattress above 2.5cm.

Part of the Eve guarantee is that you must have put your mattress on a suitable bed base. Eve outlines suitable bed bases in its care instructions and on its website.

You must be the original buyer of the mattress, and you must be able to evidence the defect or problem to be eligible to make a claim. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Eve offers a specific form to make warranty claims.


OTTY also offers a 10-year guarantee on the Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress.

The guarantee means that OTTY will repair or replace your mattress if you have a problem because of a fault in the materials OTTY has used or the manufacturing processes.

Such problems may include indentations in the memory foam that are greater than 2.5cm. Spring failures are also covered.

All of the above are only covered if you have rotated your mattress regularly and have abided by OTTY’s care guidelines. For example, you must place your bed on a suitable base. You also must not mishandle or mistreat the mattress by, for example, folding or bending it.

Like Eve, OTTY does not cover you for loss of comfort if the problem is because your bed has aged.

Final Thoughts

The Eve Premium Hybrid and the OTTY Pure Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress are both premium mattresses. They offer great features designed to please most sleepers.

If you like a mattress that has won the approval of consumer groups like Which? and want a mattress from a company that stakes its reputation on quality customer service, then the Eve Premium Hybrid might be a good pick.

If you are looking for a wide size range and love the idea of bamboo and other new materials in your mattress, the OTTY may be your pick. The OTTY may be a great choice if you are on a tight budget, too.

Whatever mattress you pick though, both of these options have some great features that could help you get the restful and healthy night’s sleep you deserve.

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