Happy Beds Windsor 3000 Mattress Review – Comfort, Support & Budget Friendly!


If you’ve ever struggled with back pain, you know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep, especially if your bed just doesn’t give you the support you need. The Happy Beds Windsor 3000 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Pillow Top mattress throws a lot of features at the problem to give you extra comfort and better support.

Here’s our Happy Beds Windsor 3000 Mattress Review to help you decide if this budget-friendly mattress will be right for you.

You Will Like the Windsor 3000 if…

You enjoy the feel of pocket springs. The Windsor 3000 has an abundance of pocket springs which can help to give targeted support to different areas of your body.

You want a good size selection. Happy Beds offers the Windsor 3000 in all the standard sizes but also includes a Small Single, a Small Double, and a Super Kingsize in this range.

You want free shipping. It’s a little thing, but you shouldn’t have to pay more for delivery when you’re already making a considerable investment in your new mattress.

You want extra back support. It’s certainly not a new combination, but the pocket springs and memory foam combination can be great for people who need an orthopaedic mattress but don’t want to compromise heavily on responsiveness.

You don’t want to fuss over your mattress too much. This is a pillow top mattress so it does not need to be flipped over. We also liked that you will only have to rotate this mattress every six weeks to keep it in good condition.

You Might Not Like the Windsor 3000 if…

You want a sleep trial. While the Windsor 3000 is relatively budget-friendly, you won’t be able to trial this mattress in your own home.

You want a long warranty. While a 5-year warranty is typical for many memory foam mattresses on the market, there are longer warranties out there, and this may indicate the company isn’t convinced its memory foam will last.

You don’t like being warm while you sleep. The memory foam in this mattress is noted to help retain heat. While the Windsor 300 contains air vents and cooler foam layers, if you are someone who tends to get overly warm while they sleep, this is something to keep in mind.

What is the Windsor 3000 Made Of?

The Windsor 3000 is a pillow top mattress meaning it has a layer of luxurious fabric fixed to the top of the mattress.

The Windsor 3000 features satin pads and dual pads to give comfort, as well as a layer of memory foam to provide body contouring. The Windsor 3000 also contains reflex foam which, as well as being cooling, is designed to give extra firmness.

Lastly, the mattress also contains a layer of small pocket springs to give the bed an extra sturdy feel.

The Windsor 3000 is 33 cm or 13 inches deep. The height is increased by the pillow top layer. It is a medium-firm mattress which is what we would expect from an orthopaedic mattress.

In terms of motion transfer, the pocket springs and the overall body contouring of memory foam mean you should feel very little if your sleep partner moves in the night.

Pillow top mattresses and memory foam mattresses can be warm to sleep on as they tend to retain heat. The Windsor 3000 adds air vents and cooling reflex foam to help control this issue.

Our Thoughts: Great Price But Probably a Short Term Mattress

Pillow top mattresses are often wonderfully soft when you receive them but they will start to lose that extra comfort and compress over time. The short, 5-year guarantee on the Windsor 3000 reflects this and that is something to pay attention to.

If you are buying a pillow top mattress you will likely have guessed that you don’t flip the mattress. If you are buying the mattress for its orthopaedic support, this will probably be music to your ears.

What is pleasing about Happy Beds’ Windsor 300 is that it also only needs to be rotated every six weeks, and the design of the mattress incorporates several handles which can make this process much easier.

The addition of layers of standard memory foam in any mattress will mean it will often retain heat. The Windsor 3000 tries to get around this problem by introducing cooling air vents and a layer of reflex foam. This kind of foam is cheaper than memory foam but it can also be cooler.

Speaking of the reflex foam, we know that it can off-gas slightly more than other foam products but this should disappear quite quickly. Also, the foam may sag more quickly than memory foam, which again may be why this item is priced lower.

One of the other reasons why Happy Beds can price the Windsor 3000 and its other beds competitively is that most of its bed components are made in the UK.

Happy Beds is also an online-only retailer, meaning that it does not have to pay for having its beds in physical stores. This saving is passed to you but it does mean you cannot try the bed before you buy it and, with no sleep trial, you are going to have to be confident this bed is a good fit before you purchase it.

The Windsor 3000 is Priced to Sell

The Happy Beds Windsor 3000 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Pillow top mattress comes in a range of standard sizes with a few extra sizes thrown in, which is great to see.

The Windsor 3000’s prices range between £429.99-£649.99. Here is a list of prices from Happy Beds correct as of 30/05/2023:

Mattress Size (Width x Length) Price
Small Single – 75cm (2'6″) x 190cm (6'3″) £444.99
Single – 90cm (3′) x 190cm (6'3″) £444.99
Small Double – 120cm (4′) x 190cm (6'3″) £509.00
Double – 135cm (4'6″) x 190cm (6'3″) £509.00
King Size – 150cm (5′) x 200cm (6'6″) £549.00
Super King Size – 180cm (6′) x 200cm (6'6″) £679.00

Delivery & Returns

Happy Beds offers free delivery as standard to UK mainland postcodes, with some exceptions. It allows you to choose a delivery date at checkout. This covers delivery only to the ground floor of your dwelling.

Happy Beds has a clear price structure for its premium delivery options including Saturday delivery. It also offers a Delivery Checker tool so that you can see what options are open to you, which makes this process more transparent from the start.

For Returns, Happy Beds has a specific procedure and asks that you check the bed thoroughly before signing for it. If you find it is damaged, this should be noted with the courier.

Happy Beds then asks that you contact customer service within 24-hours of receiving the bed to organise the next steps. The bed will need to be picked up from the ground floor of your house or housing complex.

This return process feels slightly more cumbersome than some on the market we have seen.

No Sleep Trial and a Limited Warranty May Make You Pause

Happy Beds does not offer a sleep trial for the Windsor 3000.

The warranty for the Windsor 3000 is the company’s standard 5-year warranty.

In terms of other beds on the market, many manufacturers will not guarantee memory foam mattresses over five years as they tend to lose their firmness and may start to sag.

Here, the warranty begins on the date you take delivery of your new mattress. It guarantees the materials and manufacturing standards of the mattress so long as that mattress has undergone “normal domestic use only”.

The warranty also covers any visible indentations or sags that are 6cm or more. However, the mattress must have been placed on a suitable surface like an appropriate bed frame.

If the material of the mattress shows signs of splitting that are the result of a defect and not unusual use, this may also be covered.

This guarantee will not cover the mattress softening over time, and will not allow you to return the mattress due to issues from things like you having bent the mattress.

To be valid, a claim for damage on the mattress must be made within 24 hours of the damage occurring.

This is not an exhaustive list of the Terms and Conditions and, as always, we recommend reading all available documentation carefully before deciding to buy so that you know you are covered in case of a fault.

Other Mattress Options You Might Enjoy

If you like the sound of Happy Beds but want to explore what other mattresses might be a good fit for you, Happy Beds have a few other great options.

1. Star Spring Quilted Fabric Mattress. Made of damask fabric with a medium-firm mattress feel, this 8” or 20cm-deep mattress comes in sizes Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, and Super King Size. Its prices range from £79.99-£184.99.

2. Touch 3-Zone Memory Foam Orthopaedic Rolled Mattress. With a 30mm layer of memory foam and a 150mm layer of reflex foam, this medium-firm mattress is priced at £119.99-£204.90. It is available in a wide range of sizes: Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, Super King Size, European Single, European Double, and European King.

3. Deluxe Memory Spring Rolled Mattress. An orthopaedic mattress designed to work with most bed bases, this 7 inch or 18cm memory foam mattress is priced at £94.99 – £129.90. The mattress is rated as medium-firm and comes in sizes Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, and King Size.

4. Noah Memory Foam Spring Mattress. An open coil mattress with 25mm of memory foam, this medium-firm mattress is priced at £114.99 – £164.99 and is available in sizes Small Single, Single, Small Double, and Double. This mattress is suitable for bunk-beds and is listed as hypoallergenic.

Handy FAQs on the Windsor 3000 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Pillow Top Mattress

Is a mattress topper needed with the Windsor 3000? The Windsor 3000 has a luxurious pillow top that should provide you with the comfort you need. Adding another mattress topper should be unnecessary and any additional toppers will likely contribute to the bed retaining heat.

Does the Windsor 3000 need to be rotated? Yes, it does. Happy Beds recommends that the mattress should be rotated every six weeks to keep the mattress fresh and to ensure that the mattress ages in an even way.

Rotating the mattress means rotating it 180-degrees so the top is at the tail end of the bed and vice-versa.

Can you flip the Windsor 3000 mattress? You must not flip the Windsor 3000. The mattress is a pillow top which means the layers of comfort material are on one side only. Flipping the mattress would impair performance and will likely void your warranty.

Will Happy Beds take away my old mattress? Happy Beds offers a mattress recycling service on some of its products.

This recycling service is offered on a like-for-like basis, meaning that their couriers will pick up your mattress so long as it is the same size as the mattress they are delivering to you. There is a fee of £50 per mattress for this service. This can be arranged when ordering your new bed.

If you would prefer to find a mattress recycling service yourself, Happy Beds offers a tool to help you find locations near you that will recycle your old mattress.

Final Thoughts

We wouldn’t expect this mattress to last beyond the 5-year guarantee and this is reflected in the price you pay, but if you want a mattress for the short term that can give your back and joints extra comfort and support, the Happy Beds Windsor 3000 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Pillow Top may be a good fit for you.

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