Nectar Mattress Review: Memory Foam Friend, or Foe?


In this Nectar mattress review, we’re going to uncover whether this is the right mattress brand for you.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Nectar Mattress

One thing you should note before purchasing a Nectar mattress is that the company exclusively manufactures memory foam. Memory foam lets you sleep in the mattress, it sleeps hot and it’s not particularly bouncy—if you don’t like the sound of that, look at another brand.

If you’re:

  • Looking for a mattress you can snuggle into;
  • Someone who gets cold at night;
  • Needing motion isolation as you sleep with a partner.

Then this is a mattress brand you may like. Evaluate those aspects before diving in to determine if a Nectar mattress is your best choice.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: An Overview

Nectar’s main mattress is a medium-firm beauty with more memory foam than your average mattress. It has 9 centimetres of the stuff, which is just over double what many competitors allegedly offer. The memory foam makes up about a third of the mattresses 25-centimeter depth.

Something to note about this mattress is that it keeps you cool at night thanks to several breathable layers. This differs from your average heat-reflecting memory foam mattress. This is fantastic for hot sleepers, or people prone to night sweats.

Sleepers of any age and coupling will benefit from this as the mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Single;
  • Small double;
  • Double;
  • King;
  • Superking.

Overall, it’s an excellent mattress for someone looking for a luxury mattress at a reasonable price. It’s not great for heavier sleepers or those with back troubles as it’s only medium-firm, but anyone else can have at it.

If you dislike the mattress, that’s fine too as you can try it for up to a year and get your money back if it’s not for you. If you choose to keep it, then you’re covered by a lifetime warranty.

Along with that warranty, you also get free shipping and some free pillows, so it’s an excellent deal for someone looking to save a few pounds.


  • 365-Nigh Sleep Trial—Money back if you’re not satisfied.
  • “Forever” warranty—If something goes wrong, you’re covered.
  • Very little off-gassing—Great for your health and the environment.
  • Comes with free pillows and shipping.
  • More breathability than your average memory foam mattress.


  • Nectar only offers memory foam mattresses, so you’re out of luck if you dislike this mattress but admire the brand.
  • Won’t support people who need a firmer mattress.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: Main Features

Let’s explore some of the Nectar mattress’s best features compared to a typical memory foam mattress.

Cooling Cover

As stated above, memory foam isn’t great at being cool. It’s a naturally reflective material, so whatever your body temperature is, the material reflects it back.

However, the Nectar memory foam mattress is has a cover designed to do the opposite. It draws heat away from you, and whenever you move you’re hit with a burst of fresh, cool air. This fully eradicates one of the main downsides to memory foam mattresses in general.

Constant Airflow

The constant airflow is another feature that keeps you cool. Every time you move you’re hit with that fresh air thanks to how the mattress is constructed.

Usually, a memory foam mattress is too dense to allow breathability. The heat is trapped by the thick foam so it’s held in rather than allowed to circulate.

With the Nectar memory foam mattress, the layers are slightly separate at the sides and let air in around all the edges. They’re porous enough to allow that air to head up through the layers and out through the cooling cover.

Minimal Motion Transfer

Many mattresses have high motion transfer—you move, and it creates a ripple effect and may disturb your partner. Due to the nature of memory foam mattresses, there’s no such occurrence on this bed and similarly constructed ones.

When you move the mattress only moves under the spots you’re touching and have vacated. You could throw a bowling ball onto the Nectar memory foam mattress, while there’s a glass of wine positioned on the other side of the bed. The wine wouldn’t move or spill—at least according to Nectar’s example.

That makes this mattress a fantastic pick for someone who sleeps with a partner who moves around a lot at night. You’ll both get your peace no matter how much you move.

Thick Memory Foam Layer

Memory foam is foam and although it springs back up now, it will start to compress eventually. This is especially true when there’s minimal foam in the mattress, as there’s no real room for you to sink down and not much support in the surface foam.

Given the Nectar mattress’s high memory foam content you don’t have to worry about this. Not only do you have further memory foam to sink into while you sleep, but the two layers of foam may last longer than a mattress with only one, thinner layer.

Seven Support Zones

When sleeping, aligning your spine is vital. It prevents pain and other issues from arising down the line. Memory foam is proficient at that in general, as your body sinks into it at different rates and depths depending on heavy you are in those areas.

The Nectar memory foam mattress does one better than that, as there are support zones in the base too. These seven zones are strategically placed based on a typical person’s sleeping positions. They’re located in areas you’ll need the most support throughout the night.

This results in a mattress that not only supports you through the two layers of memory foam but through the third foam later, too.


We stated earlier that this is a medium-firm mattress, which is excellent for memory foam. Due to the nature of memory foam, you don’t want something too soft. Otherwise, it will be impossible to move around at night.

Unfortunately, memory foam can never be as firm as say, latex or innerspring, as it will always respond to heat and let you sink into the mattress.

Because of this, the mattress is excellent for people who like an equal balance between comfort and support. You’ll still be able to move around at night and you won’t feel like you’re drawing in fabric. However, you will feel snug and secure as the mattress rises around your limbs and you nestle in.

While it’s fantastic at support and spinal alignment as stated earlier, it’s still not great for those of you with back pain or weight issues. The heavier you are the deeper you’ll sink, making this feel more like a soft mattress. As for back pain, experts online frequently state that harder mattresses are better for pain.

Free No-Contact Delivery

While not a feature of the actual mattress, you can’t deny that Nectar’s free delivery is highly beneficial. Mattresses are already such an investment, it’s nice to knock a few pounds off the price. It’s also free to return the mattress if you find yourself disliking it, so your incompatibility comes at no cost to you.

Further beneficial, Nectar can arrange a zero-contact delivery if you wish. This is fantastic for introverts, anxious people or germophobes who worry about picking up germs and illnesses from strangers. While this means you’ll have to haul the mattress inside and upstairs by yourself, it’s a small price to pay for safety and comfort.

Other Nectar Mattresses and Accessories

Right now, Nectar only offers one mattress. However, there are additional sleeping accessories on offer that you may be interested in.


Each mattress comes with optional free pillows, but you can purchase further memory foam pillows from Nectar if you wish. Alongside that, you can acquire duvets, sheets, weighted blankets and mattress protectors. If you like to keep your bedding all from one place, this is excellent.

All applicable bedding comes in the same array of sizes as the actual mattress, and you don’t need to purchase a Nectar mattress to use Nectar’s other bedding.

Bed Frames and Other Furniture

Nectar sells bedside tables to accompany your sleeping spacer, but it also sells several bed frames to go with your mattress. If you buy a mattress and bed frame together you may end up with a slightly reduced price.

There are three types of Nectar bed frame available:

  • Platform, which is basic and free of headboards;
  • Headboard, which has a small footboard and a larger headboard;
  • Ottoman storage bed, which legs you lift the slats and mattress to store bedding and other items beneath it.

Lastly, Nectar has a sofa bed available, but it isn’t to go with the Nectar memory foam mattress. It’s a small fold-out deal that’s much thinner than a Nectar mattress, but no less comfortable.


Finally, you can purchase various bundle variations of all of Nectar’s products at a discount. The “essential” bundle will get you a mattress and three sets of accessories, but jump up to premium and you get the mattress, accessories and a bed frame.

The other bundles are variations of the premium, using different Nectar bed frames.

Alternatives to Nectar

If you dislike Nectar or don’t like memory foam in general, there are a few mattress brands you may find more success with.


Dreamcloud’s main mattress is a hybrid. It’s pricer than Nectar, but it’s warranted as you’re essentially getting two types of bed in one. On top, you have that luxurious memory foam feel, but inside there are pocket springs that add support and longevity to the mattress.

The Dreamcloud mattress has:

  • The same year-long trial as Nectar;
  • Free, no-contact delivery;
  • A “forever” warranty;
  • Entirely different feel than a memory foam mattress.

It’s much bouncier and more responsive—but it’s not firmer than the Nectar memory foam mattress.

You can look further into this mattress here.


Simba is another brand selling hybrid mattresses, but instead of one token mattress, they have two.

The brand’s bestselling mattress is closer in price to Nectar’s, but again, backs the wonderful combination of memory foam and springs. There are also some layers within the seven overall, of other foams in there that make the mattress stand out.

Moving to the pricer Hybrid Pro you have the same overall construction as the regular Hybrid, but it uses additional materials and springs to add a more comfortable feel for those of you who enjoy luxury.

Simba mattresses have:

  • More layers than Nectar’s;
  • A higher price tag;
  • Only a 200-night trial period.

Check the Hybrid out here, and the Hybrid Pro here.


Finally, Sealy has a faster array of mattresses of different types. While their flagship mattress is fantastic and we definitely recommend it, the one we’ll recommend this time is the Sealy Ortho Deluxe Mattress. This is one for those of you who need something tougher for your back or your weight.

The mattress is:

  • Innerspring mattress so it’s not great at motion isolation and won’t cradle you as a memory foam mattress will;
  • Great at combatting aches via a stiff foam layer;
  • Pricier than Nectar, but worth it for pain relief.

See more about this mattress here.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: The Bottom Line

This Nectar mattress review revealed that although the brand only has one mattress for sale, it’s an excellent one. Despite its memory foam construction, it keeps you cool all night, and its above-average memory foam thickness is sure to keep you comfortable as well as supported throughout the night.

It’s definitely a mattress well-suited to sleepers in need of equal parts comfort and support. If that’s you, then you should have no problems with the Nextar memory foam mattress.

Click here to check out Nectar’s fantastic mattress.

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