Nectar vs Dreamcloud: Which Mattress Is Right For You?


Nectar and Dreamcloud are among two of the most popular names on the mattress market. But when it comes to Nectar vs DreamCloud, which mattress will be right for you?

Here is our comparison of the data so you can make an informed choice about the Nectar Memory Foam mattress and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress.

Quick Picks: Should I Buy Nectar or DreamCloud?

You Might Love the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress If:

  • You want a long sleep trial. The Nectar Memory Foam mattress comes with an impressive 365-night sleep trial. This is excellent if you’ve never had a memory foam mattress and want to give it a try risk-free.
  • You want a quality memory foam mattress at a great price.
  • You like a “Forever” warranty. Nectar prides itself on its Forever Warranty which claims that your mattress is covered for as long as you own it. While conditions do apply, this warranty is refreshingly straightforward.
  • You are concerned about off-gassing. Nectar has tried to minimise the amount of off-gassing from its memory foam mattress and says that, while there is a smell on first opening the mattress, it should dissipate quickly.

You Might Love the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid If:

  • You want extra comfort. The DreamCloud Hybrid combines a quilted cashmere cover with memory foam layers and pocket springs for extra softness and comfort.
  • You want a long sleep trial. Like the Nectar memory foam mattress, DreamCloud offers an extended 365-nights sleep trial on this mattress, giving you a lot of time to test the Luxury Hybrid in your own home.
  • You want an extended warranty. The same “Forever” warranty applies to DreamCloud’s Hybrid mattress.

Mattress Construction and Features

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress has a cover with Adaptive cooling technology designed to draw heat away from your body while you sleep. This layer is made of polyester fibres but unfortunately is not machine washable.

Next comes a layer of memory foam and then another layer of foam. These viscoelastic layers are 9cm deep and are designed to relieve pressure and conform to your body shape. This could be great for side-sleepers who need a bit of extra depth to their memory foam to ensure their shoulders and hips are pain-free.

Adding to this is Nectar’s next layer, the base layer. This layer keeps everything steady and is designed to absorb motion transfer so you can move around freely during the night and not worry about waking a sleep partner.

Lastly, there is a layer Nectar calls its Positioning Base Material layer that helps keep all the layers of memory foam where they should be so they stay in place on your choice of a bed frame.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress has a foam and cashmere top that is designed to give extra softness and a luxury feeling.

This is followed by a layer of high-density memory foam. The memory foam adds comfort and, when you lie on it, will activate to contour around your body. Next is another layer of memory foam to add even more support.

This hybrid mattress then adds a pocket spring layer to give extra comfort and targeted support across the full surface of the mattress.

Lastly, there is a base layer to give stability and ensure all the layers stay put while you sleep.


The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is 11 inches in height while the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is 11.4 inches in height.


The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is described as a medium-firm mattress. This is rated as a 6.5 on a scale from one to 10 where one is the softest feel and 10 is the firmest.

Though DreamCloud describes its Luxury Hybrid mattress as a “Luxury Firm” mattress, it rates the mattress as a 6.5 or medium-firm feel mattress.

While the mattresses have the same firmness ratings they may still feel different when you sleep on them because of their different construction.

For example, while both feeling firm we would expect the DreamCloud to offer more targeted support for different areas of the body thanks to the pocket springs, while the Memory Foam mattress may feel more solid to start with.

Edge Support

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress contains layers of quality memory foam. Over time memory foam will usually begin to lose its shape a little, but Nectar claims that its memory foam is durable enough to avoid bulging or sagging at the sides, something it hopes to back up with its Forever warranty.

The Luxury Hybrid includes ActivEdge Technology. This encircles the mattress and keeps everything where it should be, meaning you should feel supported even at the very edges of the mattress.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer can be described as how much movement you will feel if a sleep partner turns, gets up or moves during the night.

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is designed to have very little motion transfer. The layers of foam act to deaden movement and insulate you as you sleep. You should expect very little disturbance.

By adding a pocket spring layer, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress does not focus on reducing motion transfer as much, but the layers of foam are likely to mean you will not notice much movement either.

Breathability & Temperature

A common problem many find with memory foam mattresses is that they can retain heat which in turn may lead to an uncomfortable night, especially if you are naturally a warmer sleeper.

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress attempts to tackle this problem using several innovations such as a polyester cover to wick away moisture and combat heat retention. The use of high-quality memory foam here may also improve breathability.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid combines breathable memory foam layers with a coil system. Both of these elements can help to improve temperature regulation within the mattress, at least to a point, and may mean this mattress sleeps slightly cooler.

Nectar vs DreamCloud: Two Quality Mattresses With Different Features for Different Sleepers

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress combines layers of high-quality memory foam. Many people who suffer from joint pain or have experienced soreness interrupting their sleep due to pressure points say that memory foam can work wonders.

Here, and at an affordable price point, we would expect the high-quality memory foam in the Nectar Memory Foam mattress to deliver on this promise of comfort and support. We would also expect the memory foam to retain its contouring properties for much longer than lower grade foams.

Buyers should be aware that all memory foam mattresses have a slight smell when they are first unpacked. Ventilating the room should be enough to diminish the smell in this case.

Nectar acknowledges this may be an issue for some though and is transparent about it. Nectar memory foam is certified by Certipur, giving you confidence that the off-gassing is not evidence of harmful chemicals.

Nectar also offers a few quick tips for how to eliminate any off-gassing quickly.

One other drawback is that the Nectar cover is not machine washable, so you may wish to purchase an extra mattress protector to keep your Nectar mattress fresh and clean.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, on the other hand, utilizes foam and a pocket spring layer. For many sleepers, this will lead to more responsiveness so you may find you can turn more easily. This could be a positive if you don’t like feeling restricted while you sleep but still need support in areas like your hips.

We were particularly pleased to see that DreamCloud uses gauge shield edge support. If you’ve ever found yourself sliding off of an unsupportive mattress, you’ll know how important edge support can be.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is slightly more expensive than the Nectar Memory Foam, so those on a budget might consider if the pocket springs are worth the extra money for them and their sleep needs. Pocket springs and edge support can be useful for larger sleepers who may need responsive support across the entire mattress.

Mattress Sizes

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is available in the standard sizes Single, Double, King and Super King. The mattress can be placed on most bed frames, including adjustable bases, slatted frames, traditional frames, and divan bases.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is also available in the standard sizes of Single, Double, King, and Super King. It is also suitable for most bed frames but DreamCloud says it’s important your frame can accommodate the mattress, so make sure you have a depth of at least 29cm or around 11.4 inches.


This is where the two mattresses differ, with the Nectar Memory Foam mattress being the less expensive of the two.

Here is a price comparison with prices taken directly from the Nectar and DreamCloud websites, correct as of 05/04/2021.

Size Nectar Memory Foam

(10 inches in height)

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

(11.4 inches in height)

Single (90 x 190cm) £469 £549
Double (135 x 135cm) £569 £649
King (150 x 200cm) £669 £749
Super King (180 x 200cm) £769 £849

The prices offered for both these mattresses are highly competitive when we consider the quality of the foams in use.

If every penny counts for you, then Nectar is the winner.

However, if comfort is something you prize more, and you have a little extra to spend, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid could be your better choice as it aims to deliver a plush sleeping experience.

Since DreamCloud is a part of the Nectar family, a lot of the policies that apply to Nectar also apply to DreamCloud, so we will now discuss them together and point out any differences where needed.


Both Nectar and DreamCloud offer free delivery of their bed-in-a-box mattresses as part of their standard service. This delivery service is for UK mainland postcodes only.

Under normal circumstances, DreamCloud and Nectar offer a 2-person delivery service, which is great if you live in a block of flats or aren’t capable of getting your mattress up to your bedroom.

However, at the time of writing Covid-19 health restrictions mean the premium service has been replaced by a “no contact” service. This means your mattress will be delivered to your door but cannot be taken up to your room of choice.

Under normal circumstances, you may also have the delivery team take away your old mattress. For Nectar, the price for this service is £35. For DreamCloud, the price is also £35. This service may also be affected by Covid-19 safety restrictions.


Both Nectar and DreamCloud offer a simple returns policy. If you need to return your mattress you can speak to a customer service agent via their respective websites who can talk you through the issue and work with you to arrange a solution.

Some restrictions on returns do apply, but you do not need to keep the original packaging for your mattress.

Returns are usually free, though charges may apply in some specific circumstances.

The 365-Night Home Trial Period

Both mattresses come with a 365-night sleep trial which, as DreamCloud points out on its website, is about three times the industry standard which is often around 100 nights.

The eligibility window for the sleep trial begins 30 days after you take delivery of your mattress and if after those 30 days you aren’t happy, and you are still within the 365 nights, you can return your new mattress for a full refund.

There are terms and conditions with this trial. For example, you may have to provide photographs of the mattress you wish to return, and the mattress must still be in good condition.

Still, this sleep trial is among the longest on the market.

The Forever Warranty

Both the Nectar Memory Foam mattress and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress come under Nectar’s Forever Warranty. This warranty is one of the leading on the market. It aims to offer a guarantee for as long as you have the mattress.

So what does that mean, exactly?

The warranty says that for 10 years the company will replace a defective mattress at no cost to the buyer. This covers materials splitting, excessive loss of support (for example a spring failure) and other defects.

After those 10 years, Nectar and DreamCloud will offer a repair or replacement service but may only cover the costs of shipping if the problem is the result of a manufacturing fault, and other restrictions may apply.

For both the Nectar Memory Foam mattress and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress you are covered if the mattresses develop dips or bumps of “4cm or more”.

This is a slightly higher threshold than some other manufacturers but keep in mind this is a “Forever” warranty compared to a limited five or 10-year guarantee, so the fact that the bar is set a little higher isn’t surprising.

We usually also see warranties that get more strict about what they cover the longer you have had the mattress. The Forever Warranty is simpler than that, but it does come with some stipulations.

For example, you must retain the proof of your original purchase and you may be asked to provide photo evidence of the fault and the conditions in which the mattress is being used.

Also, you are not covered by this guarantee if the dips or bumps in the mattress are the result of not putting the mattress on a proper frame, or are the result of accident or misuse.

As is standard with other warranties, the warranty will not cover gradual softening over time either, and also cannot be used if the bed no longer matches your comfort preferences due to its age.

So, while this warranty is impressive we would still expect most sleepers will start looking for another mattress at around the 10-year mark as the comfort these mattresses can provide begins to fade.

At this price and with the possibility of getting a few extra years out of both mattresses, the Forever Warranty still offers impressive cover and peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress and the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress are both quality mattresses that give you premium features at a pocket-pleasing price.

If you are someone who needs the support of several layers of memory foam to relieve your aching joints or you would prefer not to be woken by a sleep partner’s movements during the night, and you aren’t concerned about a little off-gassing, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress could be a good choice.

If on the other hand you prize a luxurious feeling and you don’t mind spending a little more, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid may suit your needs better.

And with a year-long trial period and a great warranty, you’ll have peace of mind whichever of these two mattresses you choose.

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