Otty Mattress Review: How Does This Mattress Fare?


Is it just me, or are you sick of the typical foam vs memory foam vs springs vs whatever other typical material you find in a mattress? I want something more unique-if only to give myself an ego and make me think I have something fancier than in reality.

I heard that Otty has some kind of bamboo in their mattresses so, in this Otty mattress review, I plan to find out what that means. And, if I dislike this, does Otty have another option that’s more traditional?

What To Consider Before Going Dotty for Otty

Seeing bamboo and going “ooh, fancy! Gimme!” is fine but don’t click that “buy” button just yet. There are still some things you should consider before you indulge in these wonderful new bamboo and charcoal substances.

What Filling Do You Want?

Bamboo, obviously. But are you okay with memory foam, too? This mattress contains bamboo memory foam. This mattress isn’t a substitute for one more traditional, it’s merely a unique version of that typical mattress filling.

If you wanted something more like cotton, wool, or something completely new then you need to look elsewhere. We’ve yet to come across something so different although Sealy’s Geltex, which we’ll discuss later, may be suitable.

Is the Firmness Okay?

This is a medium-firm mattress so if you thought the mattress would be as rigid as a bamboo stick, you’re unfortunately mistaken.

Being medium-firm, this is best for people without too many back issues, of average weight, who aren’t craving something soft and fluffy.

Are You Okay With a Hybrid?

If you wanted pure bamboo or even pure foam, this mattress will disappoint. It’s a hybrid mattress so it contains some springs. If you’re okay with that, then this mattress is a good contender for you.

Otty Pure Hybrid Mattress: The Basics

The Otty Pure Hybrid mattress is made of memory foam, springs and other foams. The first layer of memory foam makes this special though, as it’s never been done before. It contains bamboo and some charcoal, with the main intent to keep you cool.

Otty’s mattress also happens to be antibacterial, so it’s well-suited to people with sensitivities, asthma and allergies. Along with that, the cover wicks moisture so if you have sensitive skin or sweat a lot, then this mattress should be a great match for you, too.

If you find it’s not for you, then that’s fine. The 100-night sleep trial makes this a risk-free investment. Plus, further risk melts away with the 10-year warranty.

You can give this mattress a try no matter who it’s for, or what size room you have as it’s available in:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Small double
  • EU double
  • King
  • Eu king
  • Super-king
  • Emperor

Although for some of those sizes, you’re probably going to need to buy a base too. Emperor! That’s definitely not a common size in the UK.


  • Great pricing
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Moisture-wicking surface
  • Suitable for people with asthma and allergies


  • No mattress handles
  • Large springs, not for you if you want more foam than spring
  • Won’t suit someone who regularly gets cold at night

Otty Pure Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress: The Details

Diving in further, let’s find out exactly what that bamboo does and where it is. We’ll also delve into the charcoal and several other benefits that the mattress has to offer.

Mattress Construction

The mattress layers aren’t incredibly complex, but they have unique benefits that you may enjoy. Let’s break it down.

The Cover

The top cover of the mattress is embroidered for your comfort, but it’s also infused with charcoal. The charcoal helps wich away moisture and cover any unpleasant odours that come with time.

Charcoal is often used in insoles and shoes that combat sweaty feet, so finding it in a mattress is good news. It’s a highly functional material and can keep that horrible sweaty sheen off of your skin for good.

Bamboo Memory Foam

The next layer is quite a thin one of memory foam, but it’s got bamboo in its construction. Bamboo is a naturally breathable material that helps regulate body temperature, so it can help you have a more comfortable night.

Bamboo blankets are a common luxury for sweaty sleepers-so having it right in your mattress is an asset.

Support Foam

Memory foam is soft and squishy on its own, and you sink right into it. Some high-density foam underneath helps keep you sturdy, but it’s not too rigid. Your heavier body parts can still sink into the mattress and gain correct alignment and comfort.

Large Springs

Most of the support in the mattress, though, comes from around 2,000 pocket springs, 16 centimeters long. The size and tightness of these coils is what gives the mattress its medium-firmness, and they also aid in support.

Another benefit of pocket springs is that they’re in their own little pocket. Vibrations from spring A won’t go to spring B, C, D and so on so this reduces motion transfer. The only springs that sink and move are those you’re lying directly on top of. The rest are calm, free to move under your partner without disturbing you.

Airflow Side Support

Not exactly a fifth layer, this foam surrounds the springs and support layer, sitting just under the memory foam. Not only does this foam promote airflow, but it also adds stability to the edges of your bed.

As the springs aren’t going edge to edge, your edges won’t sink down as much and you’ll be able to sleep on them without fear of rolling away.

Base Foam

To keep everything above it standing there’s a base foam layer that’s strong and durable, designed to make your mattress last. It also adds further stability to the rest of the layers in the mattress.


Everything in the mattress as described above is made out of entirely sustainable materials. Otty doesn’t give too much detail on it, but we at least know for certain that bamboo is sustainable because it always grows back.

If you’re eco-conscious and want a mattress that isn’t hurting the environment too much, then consider this one.

Delivery and Removal

Another standout of this mattress-the delivery is wonderful. It’s fast and free, and you don’t have to do any of the work.

Your Otty mattress won’t come with handles, which is a mighty shame and will make it much harder to move. Luckily you won’t have to do the heavy lifting, it’ll be done by people who do it all the time.

When you get the mattress delivered you can have it brought to any room of choice. Once it’s placed on the bed the same people can take away your old mattress, too.

Not only does that save you hardship, but it saves time as well as helps the environment. Why hire someone to haul the mattress away, spreading further vehicular fumes, when someone who’ll be driving anyway can take it for you?

The Other Otty

If you like Otty’s practices but not their bamboo mattress, there are others you can avail of.

1. The Otty Hybrid Mattress

Not into the bamboo and charcoal? That’s fine. Consider this mattress instead. It has the same construction as the Pure Hybrid, but the memory foam layer is regularly temperature-regulating, without the charcoal or bamboo.

The rest of the layers are identical to the Pyre Hybrid excluding the top layer. The cover is thick and knitted rather than embroidered. It’s also removable so you can wash it, as it doesn’t have the antibacterial elements of the Pure Hybrid.

Otty’s Hybrid mattress doesn’t seem to have much of a point compared to the Pure Hybrid but think of it like this: you get the same feel as the Pure Hybrid but at a slightly lower price. It’s better suited to someone with less cash to spare, so if that’s you, take a look here.

2. Otty Aura Hybrid Mattress

Is your budget even smaller? That’s fine. You can get a very similar mattress to the one above at a lower price, and you won’t miss out on too much.

Here’s what the layers look like:


Like the Hybrid above, there’s a knitted, removable and washable cover. Great for killing those nasty germs when there’s no charcoal to do it for you.

Being removable also means you can sleep directly on the mattress surface-great if you dislike the feel of sheets on your skin, or you just can’t stand folding the irritating, massive things.


Layers two and three are memory foam and high-density foam like in the Otty Hybrid. They’re no different in the Aura, and remain breathable and supportive.

Pocket Springs

Again, you have relatively the same pocket springs but there are 1,000 less of them. This cuts down on costs, but by no means reduces support and comfort. Will the mattress feel less luxurious? Probably. But many other “luxury” brands only use 1,000 pocket springs so it should still feel premium.

Side and Base Support

Like with the other mattresses there’s a base layer and side support that surrounds the spring and high-density foam. Otty may be cutting materials to cut costs, but they’re not sacrificing quality here. You can still sleep on the edge without fear of rolling away.

So if you like this mattress and are okay with 1,000 springs fewer, check it out here.

Other Than Otty

Otty not for you? There are three unique alternatives you may wish to look into.

1. Nectar Memory Foam

Although it’s not fancy and infused with charcoal and bamboo, Nectar sells a memory foam mattress if you were saddened that Otty’s memory foam layer is so thin.

Nectar’s memory foam mattress contains a ton of the stuff, more than average, so you’ll have that wonderful feeling of being cradled by your mattress as you sink in. It’s breathable too, unlike many memory foam mattresses which sleep hot.

  • Nectar is slightly pricier than Otty
  • Contains far more memory foam
  • Contact-free delivery-they won’t bring it to your bedroom
  • Don’t take away your old mattress
  • Lifetime warranty

You can check Nectar out here.

2. Dreamcloud Hybrid

If you want a hybrid but not from Otty, then Dreamcloud is one of the next best things. The most difficult part about Dreamcloud is that you’ll need to buy a base with your mattress as it’s done in American sizing.

Outside of that, you’re in for a luxurious feel during your year-ling sleep trial. The construction is similar to Otty’s but there’s slightly more memory foam and a plusher sleeping surface.

  • Pricier than Otty
  • Slightly more motion transfer
  • Springs are larger in diameter
  • Fluffier feel when sleeping on the surface
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Contactless delivery

Take a look at Dreamcloud here.

3. Sealy Geltex

Finally, as mentioned earlier, Sealy provides a welcome break from the typical foams and springs. The Olympia Geltex provides all-over pressure relief and sits on top of some foam and pocket springs.

Sealy’s mattress is nothing too special or different but will provide a different feel if you desire.

  • Gel instead of foam
  • Slower delivery than Otty
  • Deeper mattress
  • Quilted top

Take a look at Sealy here.

Final Thoughts

Otty mattresses aren’t that different from regular mattresses, but the bamboo and charcoal in the Pure Hybrid make it feel luxurious and fancy. They don’t just sound great, but function well to keep you cool and keep sweat at bay.

The other Otty mattresses are incredible too, and very like the Pure Hybrid but without the fancy elements. Any of them would be a wonderful addition to any home, and we can’t fault them … unless of course, you want to move them into a new bedroom after a while. Without handles, that may be torture.

If you’re ready to withstand that torture for the sake of Otty, you can check it out here.

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