Sealy Mattress Review: Could This Mattress Be Right For You?


I feel like there isn’t enough variety from leading mattress brands. Nectar and Dreamcloud are all well and good, but there’s such limited stock. When shopping for a mattress I like to find a brand with lots to offer so I know if I don’t like one, but love the brand, then there are other mattresses to browse.

In this Sealy mattress review, I’m going to dive into their flagship mattress and explore the other options, too, so we can find a brand and some mattresses we love.

Considerations When Buying Sealy

There are tons of mattresses in Sealy’s range. To figure out which is best for you, you need to nail down a few things.

Support Required

Most people needing a specific firmness need something rigid—it’s great for back pain and supporting heavier people. If that’s you, consider a firmer mattress from the range. Forgoing that, people with pain could consider a mattress made to help your spinal alignment and other posture issues.

As for soft mattresses, very light people, kids, and those who like to sink into the mattress in a large crater may prefer this type. Sealy has a few excellent medium-soft mattresses we’ll be looking at. However, they have a secret ability that will suit those in need of something firmer, too.


Given the vast range, it’s no surprise that different Sealy mattresses come with varying price tags. Set yourself a budget before you go mattress shopping to be certain you don’t overspend. However, don’t price your budget too low. Be realistic!

Material Desires

Most of Sealy’s range are hybrid mattresses, but they have different materials. For example, some have gel which is great for support and staying cool. Others have memory foam and springs in them for varying feels.

Sealy Olympia Geltex Mattress: An Overview

Sealy’s flagship mattress is the Olympia Geltex, made of gel, foam and 1,000 pocket springs. The springs are fantastic for providing support, working individually to mold to your body’s varying weight.

The gel and foam are both breathable so you stay cool at night, and the gel offers pressure relief on top of that.

One of this mattress’s standouts is that it’s more suitable for heavier people than many medium-firm mattresses. This is thanks to the gel which helps evenly spread your body’s weight, leading to less of a crater in the bed and more support for heavier limbs.

Although we recommend being certain that a gel mattress will work for you, in advance of purchase. There’s no trial—so you have to buy it and love it, because you can’t decide it’s not for you after use.

You can, thankfully, send it back under the warranty if something goes wrong—but only for the first half of the mattress’s lifespan, which is five years.

If you sleep hot, have lots of aches and pains and are looking for a medium-firm mattress then this could be incredibly suitable for you. If you want a better warranty and a trial, see our alternatives later on.


  • One of a huge range of mattresses.
  • Great back support.
  • Excellent breathability.
  • Spreads weight evenly on the mattress.


  • No sleep trial offered.
  • Only a 5-year warranty.
  • Has 1,000 pocket springs, which isn’t great compared to some competitors.

Sealy Olympia Geltex Mattress: Features and Benefits

Like the sound of this mattress? Let’s five into its features in more detail to help you determine whether it really is for you.

Mattress Construction

Unlike some other brands, Sealy doesn’t have detailed diagrams or long, winding paragraphs talking about their amazing mattress construction. This makes sense—it’d take an age to do this for each mattress.

To make up for that, we’ll break down the materials in the mattress to the best of our ability and let you know how they can benefit you.


Obviously, the most desirable element in this mattress is the gel. Not only does gel give you a soft, squishy feel, but it has several other benefits too.

One benefit is breathability. Gel isn’t a solid so air can easily pass through it, ensuring you stay cool at night. Better than that is the full-body support as the gel moves around in response to the weight placed on it. Finally, pressure relief comes with that support.

If you have aches and pains then the gel supporting you may help combat them. Being supported head to toe is one of the best ways to ensure your spine is aligned and your limbs are positioned healthily.


We don’t know much about the foam in this mattress as Sealy focuses more on the gel and springs. However, foam, in general, adds support as well as cushioning and if made correctly, it remains breathable.

The foam in this mattress isn’t the star, but at least it will help the starring gel keep you comfortable and cool.

Pocket Springs

If you’re going for a spring mattress, it’s always best to go with pocket springs. As they’re individually wrapped they reduce vibrations that impact other springs, so they function as individuals rather than as a coil group.

This can help reduce motion transfer, but it also lets springs support you at varying levels. Your heavy shoulders will compress a few springs further than your light feet will. This helps aid the gel in supporting you and spreading your weight evenly.

With 1,000 springs you know you’re very well supported, although this is fewer than some competitors offer. Still, it’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

Hypoallergenic Cover

Mattresses are awful to clean and after a while can start to smell. Luckily, this mattress has “smart fibers” which are silky, but they also wick away moisture to ensure the mattress stays smelling and feeling fresh over time.

That makes cleaning the mattress simple. Give it a wipe down, but there’s no need to go in and scrub or layer on the fresheners and fabric sprays.

Assistance Upon Delivery

Hauling a mattress around is no easy task, so thankfully with Sealy mattresses, the delivery drivers will bring it to any room of your choosing. There are two of them so they’ll handle the entire ordeal for you.

Once placed, the delivery people will take away all the packaging, too. Unfortunately, they won’t take your old mattress with them. You’ll need to have that disposed of, or at least out of the room, in advance.

Money-Back Guarantee

While Sealy offers no sleep trails, you can get your money back within two weeks of purchase if you suddenly decide the mattress isn’t for you. We suppose you could assess this by sitting on it, laying on it, or perhaps finding another mattress you like better.

It’s not great, but this is better than nothing. It by no means makes up for the lack of sleep trial. At least you get a full refund, no questions asked if you avail of this—or you could choose a different mattress of equal value, in place of a refund.

Sealy’s Other Mattresses: Top Four

As we said, Sealy boasts a vast range of mattresses so if you dislike the Olympia Gletex, perhaps one of these may suit you better.

1. Sealy Activsleep Ortho Posture Firm Support Mattress

More affordable than the Olympia Geltex, the Ortho Posture also contains gel and foam, but lacks pocket springs. The foam’s seven support zones make up for the lack of springs, thankfully, and helps relieve pressures on your joints.

With the same allergy-resistant cover, this mattress will suit someone with a more limited budget but wants something as close to the Geltex as possible. It’s also fantastic for you if you have poor sleep posture that you wish to correct.

You can see this mattress here.

2. Sealy Activsleep Memory Pocket 1800 Mattress

Have you heard great things about memory foam and want to give that a try? This may be the mattress for you. It’s a medium-firm hybrid mattress with a “hearty” memory foam construction on top.

Further in, you’ll find individually responsive pocket springs—1,000 of them, like in the Olympia Geltex. Paired with that there are 800 smaller pocket springs to help with the comfort and support.

If you want memory foam without the excessive heat and sinking deep into your mattress, consider this mattress which you can check out here.

3. Sealy Derwent Firm Contract Mattress

If you want a firm mattress, then consider the Derwent Firm—it’s in the name. Although it’s thin, the coils in this mattress are rigid and ready to support anyone who needs it.

Along with the firmness, there’s an edge guard that stops the mattress from sagging. Coupled with the PostureTech, which helps evenly distribute your weight, this should keep your mattress functional for quite a while.

However, this mattress comes with a twist. It’s also great for people looking for a soft mattress. The heavier you are, the firmer the mattress feels as the firmness increases with pressure.

Based on that, this mattress is fantastic for pregnancy, or for bodybuilders who are starting to bulk. Heavier people need a firmer mattress to support them, so why not get one that responds to weight as you need it to?

If you like the sound of this mattress, check it out here.

4. Sealy Keswick Firm Contract Mattress

For a different soft-to-firm mattress, the Keswick works wonderfully. It’s deeper than the Derwent and is split into zones that support different body parts as needed—for example, your lumbar.

Aside from that and one other benefit, it’s very similar to the Derwent. Its other difference is that this mattress is flippable, so you can help prolong its life by turning it over. This is superb if you dislike buying mattresses and want to ensure yours lasts as long as it can.

If you like the sound of that, then see the mattress here.

Best Alternatives to Sealy

If none of those mattresses seem like your perfect pick, perhaps you should change brands altogether and look at something different. There are a few you may wish to consider.

1. Nectar

Nectar only has one mattress, which you can investigate here. It’s pure memory foam which you may enjoy if you like to sleep in your mattress.

Although memory foam sleeps hot, Nectar’s is more breathable than average. With every move it cools you further, ensuring a comfortable night.

If you want something medium-firm but still supportive that you can sink right down into, then Nectar’s memory foam mattress is one to consider.

2. Dreamcloud

Dreamncloud has two mattresses but the Luxury Hybrid is the most well-known—check it out here. It’s a combination of a quilted top, pocket springs and memory foam. So, you get that contoured-to-your-shape sensation without sinking deep into the mattress.

It’s more similar to the Olympia Geltex than it is to the Nectar Memory Foam mattress. However, the quilted top and the memory foam layers give it a completely different feel. It’s also bouncier than the Geltex, if you like that feeling in a bed.

3. Simba

Simba has two very similar mattresses on offer, both a combination of pocket springs and memory foam. However, the memory foam is better for the environment than typical memory foam and are more breathable, too.

The Hybrid Pro has a natural wool layer to further enhance breathability, and it has a double layer of pocket springs. The Hybrid lacks these but has the single pocket spring layer and breathable women topper of the Pro, so the main difference between the mattresses is the price.

If you like the sound of an eco-friendly, naturally cool mattress, you can check out Simba’s stuff here.

Final Thoughts

Any mattress listed in this Sealy mattress review is top-notch, although we still recommend the Olympia Geltex if you’re going for Sealy. It’s decently cost-effective, smartly constructed and will keep you cool and supported at night.

Check Sealy out here if any of the company’s mattresses match your desires for your luxury sleeping surface.

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