Simba Mattress Review: How Well Will You Sleep?


If you’re like me, then most mattresses are too hot for you, and many are far too bouncy. Memory foam makes me sweat, and pocket springs minimize movement but they don’t eradicate it. I end up disturbing my partner with constant flailing.

When looking for a mattress that can combat both issues, I discovered Simba. In this Simba mattress review, I hope to find out whether it’s suitable for people like us.

What To Consider Before You Go Simba

Before you dive in with a Simba mattress, you should also yourself what you’re looking for in a mattress. There are a few vital elements to reflect upon:

  • Material: Do you want foam, springs or both? As a hybrid mattress, Simba has both.
  • Firmness: Do you like to sink into softness, or do you need extra support in something firm? Simba’s mattress is medium-firm, for people who like something in the middle.
  • Heat: Hot sleeper? Simba can help you cool down. Do you sleep too cold? Consider a non-breathable memory foam mattress instead.
  • Bounce: Do you like a bouncy bed? Simba’s foam and spring construction isn’t great for that.
  • Motion transfer: Do you sleep with a partner and one of you moves a lot at night? This mattress is an excellent choice thanks to lots of foam and pocket springs.

The SIMBA HYBRID® Pro Mattress: A Detailed Overview


  • 200-night sleep trial;
  • 10-year warranty;
  • Great customer rating—4.8 decided by over 96,000 people at the time of writing;
  • Free delivery and returns;
  • Highly breathable wool layer.


  • No lifetime warranty;
  • No next day delivery;
  • Medium-firm isn’t the most suitable for heavier people or people with back pain.

Simba sells two mattresses, but the Hybrid Pro is the flagship and best seller, for good reason. It’s the most advanced of the two mattresses on sale and it’s definitely well-received, with almost 100,000 positive customer ratings at the time of writing.

It’s a Hybrid mattress made of foam, pocket springs and wool. It’s made to keep you comfortable as well as cool and supported. Its unique seven-layer construction helps with that well.

This mattress is excellent for people who want some luxury, but you also value support as its medium-firm nature won’t let you sink into it for days on end.

That said, it’s not the rigid support people with back pain or extra weight need to thrive. It’s better for preventing pain and supporting people with smaller frames. Heavier people will sink in further which eliminates some of the support.

Of course, those with pain and additional weight shouldn’t shy away. It most likely won’t worsen any issues you’re having. And if it does, then you can easily change your mattress. Simba offers a trial of 200 nights so if you notice problems within that time you can send the mattress back free of charge.

If instead, it’s an issue with a faulty mattress, the mattress is under warranty for 10 years so you’re safe there too. Based on these criteria we can pretty much say it’s a risk-free mattress that suits anyone looking for a bit of luxury. Just treat it well so you’re eligible to return it and don’t void the warranty and you should be fine.

It’s available in:

  • Single;
  • Double;
  • King;
  • Super-king.

The SIMBA HYBRID® Pro Mattress’s Best Features

The Simba Hybrid Pro is packed full of impressive features for comfort, convenience and the environment. Here’s a breakdown:

Seven Layers of Comfort

Hybrid mattresses are made of a blend of foam and springs. The Simba Hybrid Pro takes this a step further with several layers of foam, and two layers of small pocket springs. The seven layers come together to form the luxurious mattress that customers speak so highly of.

Even customers with some back pain have reported that the mattress helped them through a tough time. This is fantastic, and more than some medium-firm mattresses have done for people. Experts usually recommend a solid firm mattress for back pain so we find this an impressive feat for the Simba Hybrid Pro.

So what’s in those seven layers, then?

Layer One: Sleep Surface

The first layer is the thickest besides the base layer. It’s made of modified memory foam, which has fewer environmentally harmful chemicals than regular memory foam. This memory foam topper is fantastic, as it lets your body fall gently into the mattresses, gaining support as the foam moulds to your shape.

However, you won’t sink in too far as you would with a memory foam mattress. This is great if you like to move a lot at night or dislike feeling cradled by your mattress.

On top of the memory foam, you’ll find a knitted cover, hypoallergenic so it won’t hold dust or mites. It’s easy to wash down using a cloth with small, circular motions and is safe to sleep on top of—although Simba recommends using a mattress protector for longevity. Plus, most people will want to sleep on top of sheets.

Regardless of what you place on the surface, the top layer is soft and breathable for optimum comfort.

Layer Two: Wool

The memory foam on top may be breathable, but other foams aren’t always so forgiving. That’s why there’s a layer of wool directly under the memory foam, which promotes further breathability and temperature regulation.

Layer Three: More Memory Foam

Underneath the wool, there’s some open-cell memory foam, or Simba-Pure as they call it. This adds further support and cushioning to the overall feel of the mattress.

Layers Four and Five: Springs

Around the midpoint of the mattress, we come to the spring layer which has up to 5,000 pocket springs. The springs are quite small and they’re deep within the mattress to ensure you don’t feel them when laying in bed.

This is in two layers of smaller springs, rather than a single layer of large ones.

Layer Six: Further Foam

There’s some more memory foam under the springs, mainly there for support. The most support is around the edges for those of you who like to sleep towards the sides of the bed.

Layer Seven: Foam Base

The final layer is memory foam, too, but it’s more than just a slab of the stuff. Towards the top and bottom of the layer. There are four log-shaped areas of foam that allow your body to sink further into the mattress in those areas.

Both areas are positioned so the heaviest parts of your body will hit those layers, which can help align your spine if done correctly.


Something more mattress need: handles! The Simba Hybrid Pro has two on each side, making it easier to haul that heavy mattress through the house and into place. You’ll definitely need this help, as you won’t have any help from the delivery people.

Free Delivery and Returns

Speaking of delivery, it’s free! This is fantastic for saving some money—many companies or brick-and-mortar locations will charge you an additional fee to have your mattress delivered.

When it comes it’s a no-contact delivery service, a plus for people who dislike dealing with strangers or have other concerns. Simply haul it upstairs from then, and if you don’t like it you can return it free of charge.

Trial Period

You can return your mattress within 200 days of having it. Not everyone will be compatible with every mattress, so there are no hard feelings there. You get your money back, and you can move on to find a mattress that really suits your needs.

We have some alternatives below if you’re looking for a different mattress.


If instead, you find your mattress has issues you can’t deal with but you still like it, then it’s covered under warranty for 10 years. This is a decent warranty—you should be changing your mattress about once a decade as it is. If you’re doing that, then it’s practically a “lifetime” warranty although an actual lifetime warranty would be nice.

There are very few rules that come with the warranty, but one is that you rotate the mattress regularly to keep it in top shape. This isn’t a mattress you can flip, though, due to its construction. End to end rotation will do.


Finally, memory foam has several chemicals that aren’t the best for the environment. Due to Simba’s unique memory foam construction, the mattresses lack those chemicals, making the Hybrid Pro fantastic for the eco-conscious among us.

The types of missing chemicals are:

  • TCPP;
  • Organic pollutants;
  • Parabens;
  • Phosphate;

The SIMBA HYBRID® Mattress: Quick Peek

If you like the sound of the Simba Hybrid Pro but the price tag scared you off, don’t worry—there’s a similar, cheaper option on sale. The Simba Hybrid is identical in every way, except it only has five layers.

It’s missing the cooling wool layer and it only has one layer of coils. Other than that you get the several layers of breathable memory foam, base with support zones and the breathable, knitted surface you’d expect.

The Hybrid is available in the same sizes as the Hybrid Pro and boasts the same delivery policies, trial and warranty. You can check it out here.

Simba’s Other Excellent Gear

Simba has several other pieces of gear that can get you tucked in and c comfortable at night. Unlike other brands, there are no bases available with the mattress, which is fine because the sizes are standard in the UK—but there are other Simba-recommended items on the market.

  • Mattress protector: Simba recommends a mattress protector to keep your bed cosier for longer.
  • Mattress topper: If you like a higher bed or you want something Simba but your own mattress is fine, the foam-and-springs topper is the next best thing.
  • Weighted blankets: Simba has a weighted blanket available, a tool great for relieving anxiety or restless leg syndrome.
  • Pillows and duvets: It can be difficult to find high-quality pillows and duvets, so Simba has some available.

Best Alternatives to Simba

If Simba isn’t for you, consider some other beds on the market. Perhaps a different material is for you, or you’d rather a lifetime warranty or longer trial?

1. Nectar

Nectar has an excellent mattress available for memory foam fans who don’t think Simba has enough foam for them. With 9 centimetres of memory foam on top of further foam layers, Nectar’s mattress might do the trick.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty;
  • Year-long sleep trial;
  • More affordable than Simba.

You can check that out here.

2. Dreamcloud

On the other hand, if you like hybrid mattresses just not Simba, you may like Dreamcloud. There aren’t quite as many layers in the Dreamcloud mattress but it’s fantastic all the same. Plus, it’s more affordable than Simba’s Hybrid Pro.

  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Year-long sleep trial;
  • Different sizing but bases available.

See this one here.

3. Sealy

Finally, if you’d rather something completely different, most of Sealy’s mattresses have a mixture of gel and foam, often with springs accompanying. The gel is great for back support, and if you don’t like the Sealy Olympia Geltex but like the sound of Sealy, there are tons of other mattresses on offer.

The Olympia Geltex is fantastic for staying cool and getting top-notch pressure relief, though, so that’s the mattress we recommend out of Sealy’s vast range.

However, there are some downsides:

  • No sleep trial;
  • Only a five-year warranty;
  • Only 1,000 pocket springs compared to Simba’s 5,000.

If you’re still interested, then you can check it out here.

Final Thoughts

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a superb mattress. The knitted top and natural wool layer make it wonderfully breathable, the memory foam makes it contour to your body shape but the springs provide some support. The customer-adored mattress has a fantastic feel, true luxury.

You can check this mattress out here if you’re interested, and there’s always the Simba Hybrid if you want something similar but the Pro isn’t quite for you.

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