Simba vs Eve: Which Mattress Could Help You Get A Good Nights Sleep?


If you enjoy the feel of memory foam but you want more bounce and freedom to move, you might be on the lookout for a mattress that can give you the comfort of foam but with a bit more spring. That’s where a hybrid mattress comes in.

Here, we’re taking a look at the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Eve Premium Hybrid to see which of these great mattresses, Simba vs Eve, might give you the dreamy night’s sleep you crave.

Quick Highlights if You’re in a Hurry

Below are just a few things we loved about the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Eve Premium Hybrid and think you might enjoy them too.

You Might Love the Simba Hybrid Pro if:

  • You want an extra-long sleep trial. There’s a 200-night sleep trial with the Simba so you can test-sleep the mattress in your own home.
  • You like breathability at the heart of your mattress design. Nearly every layer of the mattress is made with sleep temperature in mind.
  • You want to pick from a wide range of mattress sizes. The Simba Hybrid Pro includes sizes like a Small Double that are often overlooked by manufacturers.

You Might Love the Eve Premium Hybrid if:

  • You want a mattress designed for the UK market. The Eve is made for the UK so your bed base or fitted sheets should work well with this mattress.
  • You want a mattress that has won awards. The Eve Premium Hybrid was awarded a “Best Buy” certification by consumer group Which? in 2023.
  • You want a mattress to suit all sleep styles. If you need a mattress to suit multiple sleep styles, the Eve is made for side, back, and front sleepers!

Stripping Back the Simba and Eve to See What They’re Made Of


The first layer in the Simba Hybrid Pro is the 750g knitted cover. The cover is not removable or washable, so you might want to buy a mattress protector to keep everything fresh.

The next layer is a UK-sourced wool layer. Wool is breathable so it lets air circulate through your mattress and keep you cool.

Up next is a layer of foam. Simba’s foam is called Simba-Pure and this layer contains graphite, which can draw in heat. The foam is also open-cell, meaning that it lets air pass through to help you with temperature regulation.

Next comes two layers of up to 5000 of Simba’s Aerocoils. These springs are made of a hard-wearing titanium alloy which is durable and corrosion-resistant.

The next layer is another Simba-Pure layer. This layer contains edge support so you can use the full sleep surface and you don’t have to worry about falling off the edge of the bed during the middle of the night.

Lastly, there is a supportive base layer. This layer is zoned which means it gives firmer support to areas of your body that need it.


The Eve Premium Hybrid’s top cover is quilted with an actual silver lining: the tiny strands of silver in the cover help it to resist the build-up of bad bacteria and other microbes that might cause allergies. The cover can be unzipped and is washable.

Following that is a comfort layer or “floatfoam”, and then a layer of memory foam. Both of these layers also contain graphite which can draw heat away from your body.

Next is a layer of firm foam designed to give you support where you need it, which is great news if you’re wanting to keep your spine healthy–and aren’t we all?

Eve then adds two layers of foam to this mix. These layers are to cushion the spring layers, but they also add extra edge support so you can feel comfortable even right at the edges of the mattress.

Up next is the spring layer. The layer contains up to 1500, 12cm pocket springs. Spring layers add responsiveness to your mattress. Springs can also improve breathability to keep you sleeping cool.

Last in the Eve mattress is the base layer which keeps everything in place.


Both the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Eve Premium Hybrid have a depth of 28cm.

This depth should fit most standard bed frames and most bed sheets, but it’s always best to measure before you buy, just to be sure.


The Simba Hybrid Pro is rated as medium-firm.

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is also rated as medium-firm.

A medium-firm rating is the industry’s way of saying the mattress will likely suit the comfort needs of most sleepers.

Edge Support


The Simba Hybrid Pro contains a layer of Simba-Pure foam which has edge support to prevent you from rolling off the mattress. The Aerocoil system also could provide responsiveness at the edges of the mattress to help you feel supported.


The Eve Premium Hybrid contains a firm support layer. It also has layers around the spring layer that have edge support to prevent you from rolling off the sides of the mattress. Again, the spring layer may also help you to feel supported wherever you are on the sleep surface.

Motion Transfer


The Simba Hybrid Pro contains layers of foam that can help to reduce any motion transfer. We would expect the Hybrid Pro to offer a stable sleep experience with little motion transfer.


The Eve mattress tries to reduce motion transfer using layers of foam that contour to your body. While there may be some movement when asleep partner turns in the night, we would expect this to be minimal and not be a problem for most sleepers.

Breathability & Temperature


The wool layer in the Simba Hybrid Pro is designed to allow air to circulate. This is supported by open-cell foam which contains graphite that can draw in heat to give you a cooler sleeping experience. The Aerocoils in the Hybrid Pro is also designed to circulate air through the mattress.


The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress contains two layers of foam infused with graphite to help prevent you from getting too warm while you sleep. The spring system in the Eve can also help to circulate air, keeping you cooler during the night.

Overall Mattress Comparison & Review

Both the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Eve Premium Hybrid are highly praised mattresses that use high-quality materials.

Simba has a great customer rating. While this isn’t necessarily an indication that a mattress will be right for you, it does show that Simba is probably doing something right.

Eve has also pleased a lot of people with the Eve Premium Hybrid. The consumer group Which? gave the Eve Premium Hybrid a “Best Buy” certificate in 2023, which demonstrates its quality.

When it comes down to understanding whether Simba vs Eve will be right for you, a lot rides on the pricing, and also the kind of service you can expect during delivery and if something goes wrong and you need to return your mattress.

So, let’s check those details out.

Prices and Sizes: Which Mattress Suits Your Budget?

Size (Width x Length) Simba Hybrid Pro


Eve Premium Hybrid


Single (90 x 190cm) £698.40 xx
Small Double (120 x 190 cm) £965.40 xx
Double (135 x 190cm) £965.40 £599
EU Double (140 x 200cm) £1,055.40 xx
King (150 x 200cm) £1,055.40 £699
EU Queen (160 x 200cm) £1,103.40 xx
Super King (180 x 200cm) £1,103.40 £749

Prices are correct as of 30/05/2023 and are taken directly from the Simba and Eve websites.

From the price comparison chart above we can see that the Simba offers a strong range of sizes for the Hybrid Pro. Simba’s pricing for the Single cannot be considered low by any means, but the Hybrid Pro is not intended to be a budget mattress.

Compared to other hybrid models on the market of this quality, the Simba Hybrid Pro appears competitively priced, and with a sleep trial of 200 nights and a 10-year guarantee you may feel even more confident about buying the Hybrid Pro.

Eve’s starting price comes in significantly higher because the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is only available in three sizes, the Double, King, and the Super King. Even accounting for this, the Double is over £100 more. The price gap between the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Eve Premium Hybrid widens as we reach the Super King size.

Eve does offer a substantial 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year guarantee, so you can be confident that you can return the mattress if it is not right for you, but if budget is your main concern the Simba might be your first choice.

Delivery and Returns

The Simba Hybrid Pro

Simba offers free standard delivery for the Simba Hybrid Pro to most UK mainland postcodes. Outside of this area, you may have to pay a fee. This will be made clear when you pay for your mattress.

Due to Covid-19, Simba is currently offering a zero-contact delivery option. It can also deliver and take your mattress up to a room of choice, but this service may change depending on government guidelines.

Simba allows you to pick a delivery date when you are buying your mattress. Delivery is currently taking around three business days.

Other delivery options such as weekend delivery may be possible, subject to availability.

If you wish to return your mattress, Simba allows you to access the returns process via your online account. If you are returning your mattress because of a fault, Simba also offers a form to help streamline the process. Response times are listed as two days.

Returns are usually free.

The Eve Premium Hybrid

Eve offers free standard delivery for the Eve Premium Hybrid to most UK mainland postcodes, though some restrictions apply.

If you select no-contact delivery, Eve will deliver your boxed mattress to your door or the main entrance of the building where you live. Eve can also have its two-person team take your new mattress up to your room of choice, subject to restrictions.

Eve also offers a nominated day service for the additional charge of £15. Nominated delivery is only available in some parts of the UK and this will be reflected in your options at checkout.

Eve offers a mattress removal service to take away your old mattress. This can be arranged at checkout. Eve’s team will only pick up a like-for-like service, so if you receive one mattress, the team will only pick up one mattress to take away. This service costs £40.

To return your mattress while it is under the 100-night sleep trial you can contact the Eve team and they will arrange a courier to pick up your mattress. If you believe there is a fault with the mattress and you are still under the 100-night sleep trial you can contact the customer care team and they can arrange collection.

If you are returning your mattress under the 10-year warranty there is a separate warranty form.

Sleep Trial

The Simba Hybrid Pro

Simba offers a 200-night sleep trial on the Hybrid Pro, so you can try the Hybrid Pro in your own home for up to 200 nights.

The sleep trial starts when you take receipt of your mattress. Simba does ask that you wait around 30 days before returning the mattress because getting used to a new mattress can take time.

If you aren’t happy, you can start the return process by contacting customer service. This service is usually free and a courier will come to your home to collect your mattress. It will then either be recycled or donated. Once your return is processed, any money you have paid will then be refunded.

The Eve Premium Hybrid

Eve offers a 100-night sleep trial on the Eve Premium hybrid.

If you are unhappy with the mattress for any reason, you can contact Eve’s customer service team and begin the process of returning the mattress within those 100 nights. Eve will then pick up the mattress and return it to their warehouse. Your refund will then be issued.


Both Simba and Eve offer extended warranties and this is what we would expect for mattresses of this quality.


The Simba Hybrid Pro is covered by a 10-year guarantee, so if your mattress develops a manufacturing fault or a problem with the material, you can return it for a replacement.

Some of the faults covered under this warranty include the mattress splitting, cracks, or dipping above a certain tolerance. The tolerance for indentations grows as your mattress ages.

This guarantee does not cover your mattress if, for example, it has been placed on an inappropriate surface or if it is soiled. You’re also not covered if the material defects are because of mistreatment, or if the mattress is showing perceived comfort loss because of its age.

There are a few stipulations with this guarantee. One is that the mattress must have been rotated regularly as described in the care instructions. This means rotating the mattress head-to-toe once a month for the first 200 nights you have the mattress, and then at least once every six months after that.

You should also contact the customer care team within 30 days of noticing a fault.


Eve offers a 10-year warranty on the Eve Premium Hybrid.

This means you are covered if your mattress develops problems like a spring failure, material faults that mean the mattress dips greater than 2.5cm, cracking or seams splitting, or faults that are down to a manufacturing or material fault.

The guarantee does not cover you if you have used the mattress on an unsuitable surface, if you have failed to care for the mattress properly, or if you have mishandled or abused the mattress.

The guarantee will also not cover things like perceived loss of comfort. The guarantee is only valid if a claim is made by the original purchaser and is not valid if you bought the mattress through an unofficial third party.

Final Thoughts

The Simba Hybrid Pro and the Eve Premium Hybrid are both highly rated mattresses that pack in a lot of features to give you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Simba offers a longer sleep trial and is less expensive than the Eve. It has great cooling technology and is made of recyclable materials which, for the eco-conscious, is a bonus.

The Eve mattress has made a big name for itself, it makes caring for your mattress easier with a washable cover, and it tries to cater to all sleeping styles so no one is left out.

Both of these mattresses are great options and your choice comes down to which brand you feel most appeals to you, your budget and your sleep needs.

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