Simba vs Otty: The Pros & Cons Of These Two Top Mattresses

I feel it’s almost impossible to choose between two mattresses because at a surface level they all look the same. However, once you get into it, they’re not really that similar. I've taken the time to compare two mattresses in the hope that the review will help in your mattress purchase decision in the future. So in this Simba vs Otty investigation, hopefully, we’ll find a winner.

Should I Buy Simba or Otty?

Both Simba and Otty have several mattress options, so today we’ll be looking at the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress and the Otty Pure Hybrid Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress. The points below and the rest of the review are based only on these mattresses, and much of the information carries over into the brands’ other products.

Choose Simba If:

  • A longer sleep trial is what you’re looking for;
  • You’re fine with a 10-year warranty;
  • Customer ratings matter a lot;
  • You have a large budget;
  • Chemical-free bedding is best;
  • You want edge support on the sides;
  • You want an abundance of coils.

Choose Otty If:

  • Sustainability matters to you;
  • Tons of active cooking is exactly what you want;
  • A moderate sleep trial is fine;
  • You have a tighter budget;
  • Edge support is a must;
  • A 10-year warranty works well for you.

How Are These Mattresses Laid Out?

As these are premium brand mattresses, they’re no ordinary lumps of fabric and springs. They each hold several layers that make their overall construction as comfortable and functional as it is. Plus, in one of them, the construction makes the mattresses perform for more people than similar mattresses do.

Comparing Construction


The Simba mattress costs a ton—the seven layers better be worth it. Luckily it seems that they are.


The top cover extends partway down the sides so you have a soft surface all around the top area of the mattress. It’s nothing too special, but it’s soft enough to feel wonderful under a sheet, and it’s breathable to stop you from overheating.

A Wool Layer

Adding to that breathability there’s a layer of wool. This also helps keep you cool and adds some comfort to the construction, too.


Simba-pure is a type of exclusive foam made by the company. It’s an alternative to memory foam, one lacking the chemicals that make memory foam and other types harmful for the environment.

It’s soft enough to add some comfort but it’s not so soft that you’ll sink in and get lost. Plus, there’s support right underneath his first layer of foam, too.

Tons of Small Coils

Most mattresses have, at most, about 2,000 coils that add support. In this case, there are two layers of 2,500, making that 5,000 coils total. This is enough to provide plenty of dedicated support that responds to the slightest movement.

Having more springs also makes this a firmer mattress, as those that aren’t being compressed at any one time are as tall and firm as ever.

More Simba-Pure

The second layer of Simba-pure adds edge support and more rigidity to the mattress. It also helps support the springy coils and your limbs.

Base with Zoned Support

Unlike many mattresses bases, this one isn’t just there to provide stability or longevity. Instead, it helps align your spine with zoned support. There’s more room for your body to sink in around the shoulder area, just where you need it, while the foam under your back is firmer.


There are six layers in the Otty, and while somewhat similar to the Simba, there are differences lurking in its layers.

The Cover

Otty has an embroidered cover that’s infused with charcoal. This infusion creates active cooling, moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties for a clean, enjoyable mattress.

Bamboo Memory Foam

Memory foam itself sleeps quite hot and isn’t perfectly sustainable or eco-friendly due to the chemicals involved. The memory foam in the Otty is made from bamboo, making it both sustainable and eco-friendly, plus bamboo is a naturally cool material so there’s no need to worry about sleeping hot.

There’s also charcoal infused in this layer for further cooling and comfort.

Supportive Foam

Memory foam is soft, so here’s a layer of foam that’s more rigid. It contributes to the mattress’s medium-firm feel.


The springs also add to that medium-firmness, and there are 2,000 of them. While less than there are in Simba, this is still a decent amount to provide highly localized support.


To add edge support and support the coils and foam, there’s a dense foam casing that isn’t a whole layer but sits around the edges of the rest of them.


Finally, a foam base adds longevity, ensuring the rest of the layers don’t wear out too soon.


If you want a mattress that falls within the expected standard, you should be looking at something 20–35 centimetres thick. This is enough to provide comfort and keep you from feeling your bed frame. Plus, a higher mattress is desirable for some people who want to sleep high up.

With Simba and Otty you get the following:

  • Simba: 28 centimetres.
  • Otty: 25 centimetres.

It’s not a huge difference, but to those of you who like a deep mattress every little centimetre matters.


Both of these mattresses come with a medium-firm rating, meaning they should feel relatively the same. Really, that’s not exactly the case.


Simba’s mattress is medium-firm, but not in the way you’d expect. As there are more springs, stacked, there’s more resistance to face. However, that’s not where most of the firmness comes in.

Most of the firmness is an illusion. The mattress is softer under the heaviest parts of your body thanks to the bottom foam layer. This makes the rest of the mattress feel firmer under your back, without actually being hard.


The Otty mattress is just a regular old medium-firm mattress. Both the foam and springs bring about this feel, making it a perfect pick for someone needing an average, in-the-middle mattress.

Some groups of people need a firmer mattress though, and it’s possible to harden the Simba up a bit if you love the mattress but not the firmness rating. Consider:

  • Getting a thin, firm mattress topper so you can still feel the mattress but are on something more rigid;
  • Investing in a bed base with sprung slats, which push up against the mattress and make it firmer;
  • Sliding a solid board, an inch or two thick, under the mattress.

Edge Support

Lots of people need edge support and it’s nice to know you can sleep across your mattress’s entire surface. Luckily, both mattresses have it in pretty equal quantities. They each have a foam layer dedicated to providing expert edge support, so you can rest assured that you can sleep soundly across the entire mattress with both of these.

Though you should note that the edge support is around all edges with Otty, it’s focused on the sides with Simba.

Motion Transfer

Again, motion transfer is where this pair match well again. They’re both foam and springs. The springs are wrapped individually so the material surrounding each dampens the vibrations. And, as they’re springs, there’s some bounce to them which creates minor motion transfer that will be more present the heavier you are, or the harsher you move. Identical in both mattresses.

Both mattresses’ foam construction is quite dense, so there’s no way for motion to travel through there, either.

It’s likely that the Simba has slightly less motion transfer—as low as the Otty’s is—given that there are more springs. More springs mean more fabric, so more time for any vibrations and bounce to die down before reaching a sleeping partner.

Breathability and Temperature

Neither of these mattresses will sleep extremely hot, as they both lack traditional memory foam which is notorious for reflecting heat. Even so, they do their part for active cooling.

Both also have coils, which allow air to circulate, and as both mattresses ’ coils are enclosed in foam, the air should move at the same rate. Even so, the techniques are slightly different.


Simba’s mattress uses a mix of the following to keep you cool:

  • A thin, breathable cover;
  • Wool, a material often used to promote better airflow and breathability in bedding and clothing;
  • Foam constructed from natural materials, that includes no trace of that hot-headed memory foam.

This is fantastic for keeping you cool at night. Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of moisture-wicking or antibacterial properties, but hopefully, the mattress will keep you cool so you won’t need any of that.


Otty has three main ways of promoting airflow and breathability.

  • Charcoal infused layers to promote breathability, antibacterial properties and moisture-wicking;
  • Bamboo, which is naturally cooling and often used in bedding made to cool you down;
  • The side support layers are constructed to promote airflow.

This is plenty to cool down a hot sleeper and should suit someone with night sweats very well.

Simba vs Otty: An Overview

These mattresses are fantastic, clearly, and excel in different areas. Let’s put together an overall picture so you can see who they’re best for, and how everything comes together neatly.


Simba’s eco-friendly mattress is pure luxury with all those springs giving dedicated support even under the smallest area. The extra springs could be the difference between your arm causing a big dip and a little dip in the bed. More springs mean each spring covers less area, so the springs respond to precise pressure and motions.

The same can be said for the base layer, which features zones that let your heavier areas sink deeper, while your back gains more support. Not only does this align your spine and prevent rounded shoulders or a raised lower back, but it makes it great for people with back pain.

People with back pain are often told to sleep on a firmer mattress, but as this one is firmer under your back, it works just as well as a real firm sleeping surface. Customers can attest to how it works well for their back pain.

Another group that needs a firmer mattress is heavier people. A medium-firm mattress is soft to you if you’re heavier, and you often sink too deep into it in certain areas, throwing your spinal alignment all over the place. The zones help here, too.

Your shoulders sink deep, deeper than a lighter person’s, but they don’t go in too far thanks to the many strong springs. Now, in a regular mattress your torso would sink deep too, creating an uncomfortable crater in the bed—but not here.

Yes, your midriff may be heavier due to body fat, but remember that the centre of this mattress is firmer. Your body doesn’t sink as far as your shoulders, and so you still get support and spinal alignment from this.

The mattress will still feel softer to you if you’re heavier from body fat, but it won’t cause harm. It’s not the best for people who are heavy due to muscle though if you carry a lot of that muscle in your shoulders.

So, overall, this is an excellent mattress for any sleeper, from edge to edge. The wool layer is enough to keep anyone cool while you slumber, so in the end, there’s pretty much nobody who can’t utilize this mattress. And if you don’t like it, you can change your mind within your first 200 nights on it.


  • Eco-friendly;
  • 200-night sleep trial;
  • An active cooling layer;
  • Lots of coils for more precise support;
  • Suits all sleepers who like the way it feels;
  • Zoned support is great for pressure relief and back pain.


  • It has less active cooling than Otty’s mattress;
  • Might be eco-friendly, but still artificially made foam;
  • Not the best for people with very heavy shoulders.


Otty’s mattress isn’t quite as firm-feeling as Simba’s, so you’re just getting a regular medium-firm performance. This makes it less suitable for people with back problems and those of heavier weights. As mentioned earlier, you can take steps to make it firmer if you’re incredibly in love with this mattress.

One of the things that might have you in love with the mattress is all that breathability. This makes it an asset to generally hot sleepers, especially if you’re going through menopause, pregnant or get too hot at night based on your weight. Though as stated just above, you’ll need to make it firmer first if you’re heavier.

If night sweats accompany that heat, or if you have night sweats caused by frequent bad dreams, then this is great for you too. Sweat is full of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours and is generally not very clean. With Otty wicking it away you’ll be fine.

A quick wipe down of the surface should be enough to clean any residue away. The cover isn’t removable but it sits right on top of memory foam, which is naturally excellent at repelling dust, mites and other unwanted substances in your mattress.

Speaking of that memory foam, if you like eco-friendly but you need your mattress to be sustainable too, this is the one to pick. Bamboo is a plant, so it’s constantly growing and the world is unlikely to run out of it since we can just grow more. An excellent choice if you value supporting the environment.

At the end of the day, the mattress has its low points but it’s still fantastic for most people, especially those in desperate need of its cooling abilities. Oh, and because it has fewer but larger springs, it’s a bit more fun to bounce on if you like a springy bed, or have kids who want to bounce (while seated!) on the bed. It’s easier to create a big dent on fewer, larger coils.

If it’s not bouncy enough, cool enough, or you don’t like the medium-firmness after all, you can send it back within 100 days for a full refund.


  • More fun to bounce on;
  • Eco-friendly as well as sustainable;
  • Fantastic active cooling in two layers;
  • Naturally anti-bacterial;
  • Wicks away moisture;
  • 100-night sleep trial;
  • Easy to clean as memory foam is antimicrobial.


  • 100-night sleep trial is shorter than Simba’s;
  • Not great for back pain or high weights;
  • The bounce factor may not be for everyone.

Final Thoughts

While Simba is best for people of higher weights and who need extra back support, Otty excels in being cool and eco-friendly. Evaluate your needs and values and make the choice that works for you. You should also consider budget—remember, the Simba mattress is quite pricey.

Unlike many mattresses, there’s a lot of crossovers but the high-points of each are distinct which should make the choice easier. Well, easier as long as you have needs to fulfil. If you’re buying out of pure want then it’s a more difficult choice as the mattresses are equally fantastic, comfortable and luxurious.

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