Simba vs Sealy: A Fair Comparison Of Two Big Brand Mattresses

We’ve all had nights where it’s just too hot to sleep comfortably, but if you’re regularly finding yourself too warm, it might be your mattress that is contributing to the problem.

Below, we’re taking a look at the data for two mattresses, the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress and the Sealy Olympia Geltex mattress, that attempt to solve this issue while offering you a host of different features.

But between Simba vs Sealy, which mattress will be right for you?

The Simba vs Sealy at a Glance

If you are pressed for time, here are some of the features offered by the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Sealy Olympia Geltex that caught our eye.

You Might Love the Simba Hybrid Pro if

  • You want a long sleep trial. Simba offers a 200-night sleep trial with the Hybrid Pro so you get to try this mattress in your home risk-free.
  • You love a great warranty. You get a 10-year guarantee with this mattress, meaning you’re covered if the mattress develops a fault.
  • You like breathability in every layer. The Simba Hybrid Pro’s design has featured in almost every layer to help you sleep cooler.

You Might Love the Sealy Olympia Geltex Mattress if

  • You want a mattress that fights allergies. The Olympia Geltex is part of the Sealy range recognised by Allergy UK for fighting allergens like dust mites.
  • You need great back support. Geltex can distribute your weight evenly to give you improved back support.
  • You enjoy the gentle cooling offered by Geltex. Geltex can create a cool, comfortable environment right from the moment you lie on it.

Mattress Construction: What Makes Up the Symba and Sealy?

The Simba Hybrid Pro

The Simba Hybrid Pro contains several layers, each designed to improve your sleeping experience.

The cover is a 750g knitted cover that aims to provide a soft sleeping surface. The cover is hypoallergenic but it cannot be removed, so you might want to buy a mattress protector with the Hybrid Pro to help keep it clean.

Next in the design is a wool layer. Wool is a highly breathable material.

This is followed by a layer of Simba-Pure which contains fewer chemicals than other foams and is free of the controversial flame-retardant TCPP. This specific layer of Simba-Pure is open-cell and contains graphite to draw in heat and keep you cooler.

After that comes a double layer of up to 5,000 titanium alloy springs. The covered Aerocoil springs give you tailored support for different areas of your body while also circulating air within the mattress.

The next layer of foam is a support layer that adds edge support. This is to help you use the entire sleep surface without losing support.

The final major layer is a castellated base layer to give you support for different areas of your body while providing softness where you need it. This can also help to reduce the build-up of heat in the mattress.

The Simba Hybrid Pro is a no-turn mattress but, to maintain your guarantee, you must rotate the mattress regularly.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex

Sealy doesn’t provide detailed specifications of its mattresses on its website, but we can examine the information that is given.

The Olympia contains a 4cm Geltex layer. This is an open-cell and air-permeable foam that is infused with an elastic gel. This helps you to sleep cooler during the night by absorbing heat and circulating air.

Geltex may also be more resilient than other memory foams, with some statistics claiming it is up to five times more resilient than other viscoelastic foams. Geltex is good for people seeking pressure-point relief and firm but comforting support for their back and joints.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex also contains a layer of pocket springs, with the King size having up to 1000 springs that can give mobility on the mattress while providing support.

The mattress is treated with Purotex, a technology that aims to reduce common allergens. It also contains Tencel fibres which are breathable and soft, and they may also help you sleep cooler and reduce moisture.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex mattress is single-sided.


The Simba Hybrid Pro has a depth of 28cm.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex has a depth of 30cm.

While these sizes are not unusual on the market we always recommend checking that your existing bed base can accommodate mattresses of this size. It is also worth checking your sheets and other items to ensure they fit properly.


The Simba Hybrid Pro is rated as a medium-firm mattress.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex is listed as medium-firm.

The feel of your mattress will change over time though, so a mattress that may initially feel extra firm may soften pleasantly after a few months of use.

Edge Support

The Simba Hybrid Pro

This mattress contains a layer of Simba-Pure foam which has added edge support to help ensure you can use the entirety of the sleeping surface. The presence of high-quality titanium alloy spring layers could also improve responsiveness at the edges of the mattress.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex

Unfortunately, Sealy does not publish easy to access information on the Sealy Olympia Geltex and its edge support.

Motion Transfer

The Simba Hybrid Pro

The Hybrid Pro attempts to minimise motion transfer with the use of several layers of foam and a base layer that absorbs movement. We would expect motion transfer to be minimal.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex

The Sealy contains a combination of Geltex and pocket springs. This combination can allow for slightly more motion transfer than a simple foam mattress. However, we would expect the individual responsiveness of the springs and the foam layer to absorb motion and give you a restful sleep.

Breathability & Temperature

The Simba Hybrid Pro

The Hybrid Pro has several features that aim to improve breathability and keep you cooler throughout the night.

The mattress contains a wool layer which can help to improve temperature regulation. It also incorporates open-cell foam that allows air to circulate. This foam contains graphite, which is used to absorb heat.

Another cooling feature comes in the layers of Aerocoil springs that give support but they are also designed to help air circulate within the mattress.

Lastly, the base of the mattress is castellated to improve airflow.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex

The Sealy contains Geltex. Geltex is a material championed by Sealy and Silentnight that is made of air-permeable foam infused with an elastic gel. This allows more air to circulate to help you stay cooler throughout the night.

Customers report that gel-infused mattresses do often feel cooler, particularly when you first lay down to sleep. Throughout the night, as the entire mattress warms, you may find this cooling effect lessens.

The inclusion of pocket springs in the Olympia Geltex may also help to regulate temperature by keeping the air in the mattress circulating.

The use of Tencel fibres may also improve temperature control. Tencel fibres are lyocell and modal fibres. These fibres can be softer than cotton but also can wick away moisture and improve breathability.

Overall Mattress Comparison & Review

Environment Matters

Both the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Sealy Olympia Geltex offer features that could help to keep you cooler during the night, with the Hybrid Pro emphasising cooling, while the Olympia Geltex tries to keep things cool and also improve the wider sleep environment with its moisture-wicking fibres and allergen-busting properties.

While sustainability may not be at the top of your priority list when buying a new mattress, we note that both Simba and Sealy are making strides in this area.

The Simba Hybrid Pro is made of 100 per cent recyclable materials. Simba also sells on its waste foam and springs so that, rather than going to landfill, they can become materials in different products.

Sealy is reportedly working toward a zero-landfill policy, and the parent company is looking at sustainable practices like shifting its operations to renewable energy. It has already made strides to make its production processes carbon neutral.

So we know that these mattress makers are thinking about the environment, but what about our sleeping environment? They’re both taking steps there, too.

The cover of the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is hypoallergenic. This is a general term but, in this case, it means that the Simba Hybrid Pro cover does not contain materials that are likely to cause an allergic reaction. This is not the same as being anti-allergen, though.

The Sealy Olympia Geltex goes a step further and contains probiotics. These probiotic microcapsules are activated when you first lie on the mattress. The probiotics then spread throughout the mattress to fight allergens. For this reason, Sealy has the Allergy UK stamp of approval.

Prices and Sizes: Which Mattress Fits Your Needs?

Size (Width x Length) Simba Hybrid Pro


Sealy Olympia Geltex


Single (90 x 190cm) £696.75 £509.00
Small Double (120 x 190 cm) £869.25 x
Double (135 x 190cm) £869.25 £679.00
EU Double (140 x 200cm) £966.75 x
King (150 x 200cm) £996.75 £713.00
EU Queen (160 x 200cm) £1,011.75 x
Super King (180 x 200cm) £1,071.75 £959.00

Prices correct as of 15/04/2021.

Prices for the Sealy are illustrative based on one store's pricing but demonstrate that the Sealy Olympia Geltex is less expensive than the Simba Hybrid Pro. However, with a 200-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty you are arguably getting more for your money from the Hybrid Pro.

Delivery & Returns

Simba Hybrid Pro

Simba is currently delivering within five days of your order with a “zero-contact” service. This means it will deliver your boxed mattress directly to your doorstep, at which point you and a helper can move it into your home safely. Alternatively, you can have the mattress taken up to a room of your choice.

Simba offers free weekday delivery as standard to most UK postcodes. You can select a delivery date at checkout. If you want to customise your delivery details further you may have to pay extra.

Simba allows you to access return requests directly from the account you made when you ordered from them. It processes returns under its 200-night sleep trial through this portal, too.

Simba also provides a form if you wish to return and replace your mattress under the 10-year warranty because of a fault. At the time of writing, Simba says it will take up to two business days to hear back when using this form.

Sealy Olympia Geltex

Your delivery and return options will depend on the store from which you purchased your Sealy mattress and their policies.

Sealy does deliver directly in some cases. Usually, delivery is within 14-21 days, Monday to Friday, and involves a two-person delivery team that can take your mattress to your chosen room and help set it up.

Covid-19 restrictions may mean this service is not available at this time.

Sealy offers free delivery to most mainland postcodes in England, Wales, and Scotland. If you fall outside of this catchment, some fees may apply.

If you bought directly from Sealy and would like to return your item, Sealy offers a 14-day returns policy and will give a full refund or store credit.

The returns process must be started with Sealy only if you purchased directly from Sealy. If not, you must go through the returns process outlined by the store you bought the mattress from.

Sleep Trial


The Simba Hybrid mattress comes with a 200-night sleep trial. This means that if you don’t like the mattress for whatever reason, you can return it for free. Your trial begins on the day you receive your mattress. Simba does ask that, unless there is a fault, you try the mattress for at least 30 days before returning it.

Once the mattress is back with the Simba team and has been processed, you will receive the full price back or, if you are paying under a credit agreement, the money you have paid so far.


Sealy does not offer a sleep trial so you will not be able to trial the bed in your home. Simba does have a strong presence in high street stores so you may be able to try the Olympia Geltex or a similar Simba mattress there.

While we understand that there can be valid reasons for not offering a sleep trial, we feel it should be standard for mattresses which are a significant investment.



Simba offers a 10-year guarantee on the Simba Hybrid Pro. This means that you are covered in the event of a material or construction fault, which might include things like materials cracking, spring malfunction, or dipping that is above a certain tolerance.

You are not covered for age-related problems like a gradual loss of firmness, perceived comfort issues, or anything related to reasonable ageing of the mattress.

The guarantee also excludes problems that may have been caused by you, for example, if you have placed the bed on an unsuitable surface, if the mattress is soiled, or if you have mishandled or mistreated the mattress.

One other important term in the guarantee is that you must rotate the mattress regularly to ensure it ages properly. This means rotating your mattress head-to-toe once a month every month throughout your 200-night trial, and then at least once every six months after that.


Sealy offers a five-year guarantee on its Olympia Geltex mattress. This means that if your mattress suffers a manufacturing or material defect in that time, Sealy will repair it or replace it free of charge.

Sealy will not cover items that have developed faults from improper use, soiled items, or mattresses that are exhibiting only age-related wear or perceived loss of comfort.

To claim under the guarantee you must start the process with the retailer from whom you originally purchased your mattress. If that was Sealy, you can contact their customer team for help.

You must retain your proof of purchase to make a valid claim.

Final Thoughts

The Simba Hybrid Pro and the Sealy Olympia Geltex both offer cool ways of tackling temperature regulation while serving up a suite of different features for different sleepers.

If you want to stay cool while also enjoying the comfort of layers of foam and Aerocoils, the peace of mind of a long sleep trial, and a great 10-year guarantee, the Simba Hybrid Pro may make for a refreshing change of pace.

If you would like a mattress that can provide cooling while also giving back support and a sleeping environment that wards off allergies, then the Sealy Olympia Geltex may give you the features you want and help to keep your sleep fresh and healthy.

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