Tempur Sensation Mattress Review: A Good Sensation Or Too Pricey?


Do you hate turning your mattress, buying extra covers to keep it fresh and clean, and all the upkeep that can come with a regular mattress?

The Tempur Sensation mattress claims to do away with those hassles by being a low maintenance, headache-free mattress! But is it worth its hefty price tag? Let’s find out with our Tempur Sensation Mattress Review.

You will love the Tempur Sensation mattress if:

You want washable covers. Tempur mattresses are not designed to be cleaned, but their covers can be. Each product will have care instructions on its label, but most covers are washable up to 60°C and are easily removed from the mattress thanks to their handy zips.

You want the reassurance of a long trial period and a good guarantee. The Tempur Sensation mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial so you can try your new mattress in your own home and return it within that time frame if you aren’t satisfied.

Tempur also provides a 10-year guarantee on the Tempur Sensation mattress range, so if your mattress develops a fault you can get a replacement.

You don’t want to turn your mattress. The Tempur Sensation mattress is a no-turn mattress, so you don’t have to flip it to get the best out of your sleeping surface.

You are a stomach sleeper. If you naturally favour lying on your stomach while you sleep, the firmness of the Tempur Sensation mattress may help you feel properly supported.

You might not like the Tempur Sensation Mattress if:

You’re on a budget. Retailing between £1235 – £2999 or more, the Tempur Sensation mattress is a big investment and is pricier than many mattresses currently on the market.

You need the mattress in a hurry. Tempur does not offer standard next day delivery so you will have to factor this in when purchasing the mattress.

What is in the Tempur Sensation to Give Me Comfort?

The Tempur Sensation range is made of viscoelastic foam. The viscoelastic activates when the heat and pressure of your body are applied so the mattress can hug your body shape. This means no matter your build, the Tempur Sensation will change to fit you and give you the support and comfort you need.

The Sensation mattresses have three to four main layers that are all designed to do specific things for you while you sleep.

The first layer is a layer of comfort material to give you a soft and luxurious feel on your skin. Next comes the support material layer and then, in some models, another support layer. The final layer is the thickest and is known as the “DuraBase Technology” layer which adds stability.

The firmness and body contouring of the Tempur Sensation mattress can reduce roll-together and motion transfer, ensuring you get a better night’s sleep.

For the Tempur Sensation Supreme, you can expect a depth of 21cm. For the Elite, 25cm. Finally, for the Luxe, you can expect a mattress depth of 30cm.

The Tempur Sensations range has a medium-firm quality that will be suitable for sleepers who enjoy feeling the support of a solid mattress that can contour to their body.

Some worry about the breathability of Tempur material and that, like memory foam, it will retain body heat and cause you to get too warm while you sleep. This may be an issue for hot sleepers or those in warmer climates.

Thoughts on the Tempur Sensation: Luxury But a Little Fuss, Actually

The Temper Sensation range is for people who do not want to have to turn their mattress. Maybe you live in a small space and turning your mattress isn’t practical, or maybe your health means this is not something you can do.

If any of these apply, or if you just want to get a mattress and largely forget about maintaining it, the Tempur Sensation range is a good fit.

The range’s machine washable covers make keeping your mattress fresh easier and, with a well-chosen mattress topper, you can also give the mattress extra protection and even more comfort.

One thing to watch out for however is that the Tempur Sensation mattress needs to be on a suitable and well-ventilated bed base to ensure that moisture does not build upon the material. A platform top or a slatted base are recommended.

The medium-firm quality of the Tempur Sensation mattress won’t be for everyone, but people who want the contouring capabilities of viscoelastic to reduce pressure point pain may well find this mattress suits their needs.

The main sticking point for this mattress is of course the price. At between  £1235 – £2999 for a mattress in the Supreme class, and more if you want extra depth, this mattress is at the higher end of what most people can afford or want to pay.

If you aren’t put off by the price and think that the firm comfort of the Tempur is worth it, but you want to know you are getting a mattress that will last, Tempur has taken steps to give you extra confidence.

One drawback of memory foam and memory foam-like mattresses can be that, over time, they sag and bulge. What’s more, as memory foam ages it also loses the ability to spring back to its original shape, meaning you’re no longer getting the contouring you paid for.

Here, Tempur is providing a 10-year guarantee on the Tempur Sensation mattress.

This means that if your mattress develops a manufacturing or material fault it is protected and that Tempur stands by its claim that its Nasa-approved Tempur material manages to avoid the more common problems of regular memory foam.

Tempur also offers a 100-night trial period on the Sensation range. You can try the mattress in your own home and if you aren’t completely satisfied you can return it for your money back.

As with all offers like this, terms and conditions apply so be aware of those to make sure you aren’t caught out.

In terms of the sleeping experience, you may be looking for a mattress that can give you support and cradle your body without putting stress on your joints. This can be important for front sleepers, people who have arthritis, or larger sleepers.

Tempur’s specially designed mattresses are designed to do just that.

One main issue people find with viscoelastic mattresses and foam mattresses is that all those layers of foam tend to trap heat, leading to an uncomfortable sleeping experience if you are someone who gets warm on a night.

Tempur points to the open cell structure of its mattresses giving better breathability. But, if you are looking at the Tempur Sensation range, consider if you are a hot sleeper or not as this still may be an issue for some sleepers.

Steady Yourself: Here Comes the Price!

Tempur offers a range of standard sizes and also a few special sizes. The below prices are accurate as of 30/05/2023. Prices may fluctuate.

Size Supreme (21cm) Elite (25cm) Luxe (30cm)
Single £1,309.00 £1,479.00 £1,829.00
Double £1,749.00 £2,019.00 £2,589.00
King £2,119.00 £2,379.00 £2,959.00
Super King £2,379.00 £2,539.00 £3,099.00
Small Single (75x200cm) £1,169.00 £1,329.00 £1,579.00
Long Single (90x200cm) £1,309.00  £1,479.00 £1,829.00
Special Size (120x190cm) £1,669.00 £1,819.00  £2,169.00
Special Size (120x200cm) £1,669.00 £1,819.00  £2,169.00
Special Size (135x200cm) £1,749.00 £2,019.00 £2,589.00
Special Size (160x200cm) £2,219.00 £2,489.00 £3,099.00

Delivery & Returns

You can normally expect to wait around 14-28 days for delivery of a new, standard Tempur mattress when you buy direct from Tempur.

Tempur offers free delivery on all UK mainland orders. The delivery service operates on pre-designated days and usually between 9 am – 4 pm. An installation service is also available. For non-UK mainland residents, a small charge may apply.

If you need a specific time for your delivery, you might need to pay extra.

If you are not satisfied with your order and want to return it, you can arrange this via Tempur’s online form. The pick-up service is free for UK mainland residents and the same pre-designated times policy applies.

If you purchased through a different retailer, they can give you information on their own returns policy so it’s best to contact them directly.

Tempur Sensation: A Solid Sleep Trial & Warranty

Tempur offers a 100-night sleep trial. This isn’t the longest trial on the market but it will be long enough to allow you to get a good feel for the mattress.

The Tempur Sensation range comes with a 10-year guarantee. This guarantee covers defects that are the result of faults during manufacturing or material faults. The guarantee also covers manufacturing problems that lead to visible indentations in the material larger than 2cm.

To ensure that the guarantee remains valid you must follow the care guidelines outlined in the mattress documentation. The returns procedure must also be followed correctly.

The guarantee will not cover minor faults, faults that, at the manufacturer’s discretion, are deemed general wear and tear, or faults that are caused by you, for example, if you have bent the mattress or put it on an unsuitable frame.

You must retain your sales receipt and have completed the guarantee certificate to make an eligible claim.

Alternative Tempur Options You Might Enjoy

If you believe Tempur material has something to offer you but you aren’t sure the Sensation range is the best fit, Tempur has several other mattresses you can try:

1. The Tempur Cloud Collection. A soft to medium-feel polyfoam Tempur mattress that provides Tempur’s support while giving you a softer sleeping experience. This might be a good option if you are used to sleeping on a more forgiving mattress. Prices start at £1,235.

2. The Tempur Original Supreme. A medium-feel mattress with the original Tempur material and an impressive range of sizes to suit almost everyone.  Prices start at £1,235.

3. The Tempur Hybrid. A medium feel mattress that combines the benefits of Tempur’s body contouring material with micro pocket springs. This mattress may be suitable if you like a bit of bounce and more targeted support. Prices start at £1,235.

A Few Other Handy FAQs on the Tempur Sensation

Do you need a mattress topper? As you can’t wash Tempur material you may wish to invest in a mattress topper to ensure you keep your mattress as fresh as possible.

No-Turn But Do Rotate. Tempur mattresses shouldn’t be turned over. However, rotating them every few months can help improve the life of the mattress. This can be important if you are regularly sleeping in the same bed as someone who has a very different body weight to you.

Final Thoughts

If you have enough to worry about in your life and don’t want to add a needy mattress to that list, then Tempur’s no-turn and low maintenance Sensation mattresses may be for you.

And let’s face it, after looking at the price you may need to lie down on a comfortable bed! But with the 100-night trial and a 10-year guarantee you may have more confidence in investing in a Tempur Sensation mattress.

So yes, you pay a high price, but if you have ever suffered from aching joints or found yourself constantly turning through the night, Tempur’s Nasa-approved body-conforming material may be a good solution and many people do swear that Tempur is worth the investment.

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