Tucked Acquires MeetNightingale

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tucked.co.uk is in no way associated with the MeetNightingale sleep products. The MeetNightingale products are no longer available for purchase and its website and content have been archived.

In early 2020, the meetnightinagle.com domain name and website meetnightingale.com was acquired by Tucked as part of a strategic plan to combine our existing sleep-related information, with expert brand and product reviews.

This helps Tucked on our journey to becoming the UK's most trusted mattress expert and the go-to place for sleep advice, tips, and tricks.

Our Plans

Moving forward, we plan to improve on the great content already produced by the previous owners and will endeavour to update all reviews to reflect current expert and market sentiment towards each product.

All star-ratings and editor recommendations will be checked and updated in-line with the Tucked rater guidelines.

Our Top Content

Below you will find a selection of our most popular articles containing sleep advice, product reviews and tips and tricks to ensure you get a great night's sleep.