Why are Tempur Mattresses So Expensive?


Tempur is one of the leading brands on the memory foam mattress market. The name is associated with quality, but also a premium price tag. So why are Tempur mattresses so expensive and does that extra cost deliver a superior sleep experience?

Tempur Mattresses: A Market Leader

For decades, Tempur has led the market in memory foam mattresses with its NASA-developed memory foam technologies.The company has garnered a following among those who need comfort and support while they sleep.

There is no disguising the fact that Tempur mattresses are expensive though. But it’s also important to understand where Tempur prices sit when compared to other brands.

Bed review and analysis website Slumber Search puts the cost of a Tempur king-size memory foam mattress between £1575-£3899 or more. Other brands tend to have prices ranging from a couple of hundred for budget models, up to around £3000 or more.

So why is Tempur seen as so much more expensive than its competitors? For one thing, Tempur does not offer lower quality mattresses, so its lower priced products still tend to fall on the higher end of people’s budgets, if they can afford them at all.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing of course. People will pay for quality. The key here is whether Tempur is offering value for this higher price tag.

Reasons Why Tempur Mattresses are so Expensive?

Tempur claims that theirs are the only memory foam mattresses certified by the United States Space Foundation, and that this is a testament to how their memory foam has a superior standard of quality and comfort.

The company closely guards the exact design specifications of its Tempur memory foam material to make sure no other mattress has the same qualities. They also manufacture and test their own memory foam material instead of outsourcing the process.

The company also takes pride in using high-density foam. The foam’s open cell structure is said to provide superior levels of comfort, bounce and to improve breathability.

Tempur is available in stores too. That might not sound like something that should cost the customer more money, but it means that Tempur has to cover the costs of getting its product to retailers and having them store it.

There is an upside to Tempur being available on our high streets though. It means that we can try Tempur mattresses to see if they feel right for us. That’s a big plus when we’re looking to make a significant investment.

Tempur claims to also have the edge in longevity. Along with a 10-year guarantee comes a promise that a Tempur mattress will keep 95% of its height. Memory foam can sag or develop bumps as it ages, so such claims are reassuring.

Tempur clearly trades on quality. It is not trying to be the mattress brand for everyone. Rather the company is holding its corner of the market as the original leading memory foam company whose product, it believes, cannot be matched.

That means that buying a Tempur mattress is an investment, but are customers satisfied?

Is the Higher Price Reflected in Customer Feedback?

As with any mattress, what is right for one person won’t suit another. Tempur mattresses do receive high praise from their fans who claim that there is no other mattress on the market that can give a better sleep experience.

At the same time, there are those who find the mattresses too hard to sleep on comfortably or say that, for them, the mattress was not worth the high price they have paid.

On balance, Tempur appears to perform well for customers on feedback sites like TrustPilot, though reviews are perhaps best described as mixed with people either absolutely loving the mattress or disliking their experience.

Quality and Brand Names Come at a Price

Ultimately, Tempur mattresses have a high price tag not just because of their premium materials and luxury technologies, but also because they are Tempur mattresses and that brand name means something.

For those wanting a budget mattress, Tempur is not going to fit your needs, however, for those who are able to spend more on a quality memory foam mattress they would like to keep for 10 years or possibly more, Tempur certainly should be on your list.

And if you do want to buy a Tempur mattress but still save a bit of money, Tempur offers markdown prices in their outlets and there are often deals to be done online and in stores.