UK Mattress & Bed Sizes, Dimensions and Their Benefits


Understanding and choosing the correct mattress and bed size is vital. Luckily, it’s easy enough to understand when you learn the UK bed sizes for each mattress. Bed frames are slightly bigger than mattress ones so keep that in mind when shopping, too.

mattress size dimensions uk

Mattress Size: Small Single Single Small Double Double King Super King
Width 75 cm 90 cm 120 cm 135 cm 150 cm 180 cm
Length: 190 cm 190 cm 190 cm 190 cm 200 cm 200 cm

UK Mattress Sizes

1. Small Single

Small Single Mattress Size

Small single mattresses are the most petite you can go for outside of a cot or toddler bed. These beds are well-suited to children, but would also be okay for adults with smaller frames.

At 75 cm or 2’6, they’re also suitable for small bedrooms and sleepers who don’t mind not stretching out.

Their main use tends to be as a transition bed for young kids. The kids have outgrown their cot or toddler bed, but a regular single is too intimidating or too much space.


  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • Great for transitioning young kids to their first adult bed.
  • Small, so usually the most affordable option.


  • Not great for use in the long run, for most people.

2. Single

Single Mattress Size

Single beds are a more common size for kids, and are also used for shared bedrooms for teenagers. At 90 cm or 3 feet, they’re a tad larger than a small single, but still not optimal for people who like to stretch out.

These beds and mattresses also make a fantastic budget option, or a bed for those with small bedrooms in studio apartments and other cramped setups.

Lastly, they’re decent for guest rooms where space is scarce, or fantastic for large guest rooms where you plan to sleep a couple and their child. The child could take the single bed where the couple gets the next bed type we’re discussing today: the small double.


  • Suitable for children and adults.
  • Great for guest rooms.
  • Inexpensive, for buyers on a budget.


  • Not much room to stretch out or to accommodate a larger frame.
  • Inadequate for sharing.

3. Small Double

Small Double Mattress Size

A small double is also called a queen, although this term is used more in the United States. You might also hear it called a three-quarter bed. It’s 4 feet wide, or 120 cm.

This bed is ideal for people who like to stretch out, but have quaint accommodation. Guest rooms are a popular area for these beds, and you’ll often find them in hotel rooms that feature two “doubles”.

It’s not the best size to sleep two, but it won’t be an uncomfortable experience. It’ll be a little too snug for friends or adult siblings sharing a bed in an emergency, so if that’s the kind of guest you usually have, you’ll want to go with two singles or small singles instead.

These small double beds are more suitable for couples who don’t mind getting cosy. Although, the larger the people, the tighter the squeeze.


  • Wonderfully roomy for single sleepers.
  • Great for guest rooms.
  • Fantastic for a couple with a tiny bedroom.


  • Unsuitable for sharing with friends in emergencies.

4. Double

Double Mattress Size

Double beds are the most common, most popular and most widely available bed in the UK. It’s pretty much the standard for couples, and often for single adults too.

Sized 135 cm or 4’6, there’s plenty of room for you to stretch out alone or with a partner. They’re designed to work for two average-sized adults, but can also accommodate one or both parties with a larger frame depending on how large that frame is.

These beds are great for standard bedrooms or larger rooms that you don’t want feeling cramped.


  • Bedding for these mattresses is widely available.
  • Common, so there’s tons of choice when buying mattresses of this size.
  • Fits two adults comfortably, most of the time.
  • Luxurious for single sleepers.


  • May be too small for couples with larger frames.
  • Can make a smaller bedroom feel or appear cramped.

5. King Size

King Mattress Size

With a king size bed, you’re entering the luxury territory for couples instead. Not only is it extra wide at 150 cm or 5 feet, but it has an extra 10 cm or 3 inches in length, too.

As it’s longer, king size beds are excellent for taller people. They’re great for people who lie close to the ends of their pillows and always find their feet peeking over the end of the bed.

They’re also excellent for couples who enjoy sharing a bed, but want their individual space, too.

According to this study, sleeping alone increases the time spent in deep sleep, but you wake up feeling unrested—sleep quality is better when you’re with your partner. So, if you invest in a king size bed, you can have the experience of sleeping alone together and reap both rewards.

King size beds aren’t suitable for smaller bedrooms by any means, so ensure you have a large space for one. This makes them usually incompatible with guest rooms.

They’re also fantastic for couples who have young children. We all know that kids have nightmares and run to their parents’ bed often.

Be prepared for a struggle changing the sheets though, as getting that duvet in the cover can be a challenge. Also, be prepared to pay more than average for your bedding. While it’s widely available, it’s also pricey.


  • Great for couples who want lots of room.
  • Work well for families who have kids who share the bed.
  • Easy to buy bedding for.
  • Doesn’t take up too much extra space but can feel much larger than they are.
  • Fantastic for taller people.


  • Too large for the average bedroom.
  • It can be a nightmare to change the sheets.

6. Super King Size

Super King Mattress Size

Finally, we’ve reached the height of luxury. This is a bed for people who value personal space in a shared bed above all else and is the largest UK bed size. With 6 feet or 180 cm of space, it’s almost as wide as a standard double bed is long.

As well as being wonderful for space-craving couples, these are also great for couples with larger frames, or who move excessively at night. There’s almost no chance you’ll hit your partner if it’s the latter, or if it’s the former, you’ll have plenty of space of your own regardless of your size.

They’re also great family beds. If you have multiple young children who like to climb into bed to wake you up, they’re perfect. It won’t be too tight of a squeeze and you can enjoy some weekend morning family time.

Super King beds, lastly, make great beds for pet owners who just can’t sleep without their animals. Dogs have plenty of room to stretch out between you, or at the end of the bed. Although if you have a Great Dane there’ll be an issue fitting two people and a dog into the space.


  • Perfect for morning family bonding time.
  • Great for large couples.
  • Highly suited to sleeping with pets.
  • Plenty of room to stretch out.


  • Pricey.
  • Enormous and won’t fit in most average bedrooms.

Final Thoughts

That’s all the standard bed sizes in the UK or at least the commonly available ones. There are also European singles, doubles and kings but you’d have to go hunting for them to obtain one.

A quick recap on the UK bed/matress sizes:

  • Small single: 75 cm.
  • Single: 90 cm.
  • Small double: 120 cm.
  • Double: 135 cm.
  • King: 150 cm.
  • Super king: 180 cm.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them down below.

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