What Is a Divan Bed? All You Need To Know About Divans


Are you wondering “what is a divan bed?” or “what are the differences between divan beds and other types of bed frames?” We’ve put together a guide to clear up any of the confusion and explain what divan beds are, and a little about their pros and cons when compared to other styles of bed.

You might hear divan beds called simply “divans” or “divan sets”. These terms all mean the same thing as “divan bed”.

What Are Divan Beds – How Are They Different?

Divan beds are ordinarily split into two parts. There is a divan base and a mattress that sits on top. A divan base is made out of sturdy wood, and this is then covered in fabric.

Depending on which divan bed design you go for, it may have wheels on the bottom to make it easier to move from place to place. A divan bed can also include storage drawers in the base section.

Though the mattress and the base are usually sold together, you can buy them separately.

The key difference is the fact that the mattress sits on top of the frame. With other bed frames, the mattress will sit within the frame. This can save space. Divan beds may have drawers inside but do not have much space underneath the base.

Also, divan style beds don’t tend to come with headboards. You can buy these separately, and they can attach to your bed, but they may not come as standard.

Can You Assemble a Divan Bed Easily?

A key consideration is the fact that divan beds are the easiest to assemble. Other types of frame may have a lot of parts to put together, such as wooden slats that may sit underneath the mattress.

Divan beds are often as easy as putting two halves together and then putting your mattress on top of the base. Double divan beds typically come as two equally sized halves. You can read more about this design and see the diagrams in this article. These two halves clip together in the middle. You can then securely add the mattress.

If you have a headboard for your divan bed, you may need to attach this. There will usually be pre-drilled sockets for the headboard to clip into.

For simplicity, divan beds are a popular choice.

To Spring, Or Not To Spring?

You can choose different options when it comes to support. Divan beds can come with either a “platform” base or a “sprung” base. So, what are the differences?

A platform divan base is simply a wooden frame with a panel on the top. These are more firm. If you don’t mind laying on something solid, and find the harder support better for sleep, this might be a good choice.

Sprung divan bases have a built-in set of springs under the platform. They make it feel much softer and give a cushioning effect when you lay on the bed. Sprung bases may have less space in the base for storage, but this depends on the design.

When deciding if you want a sprung divan or otherwise, think about the support you need. Do you prefer a cushioned effect or a hard platform. The springs can work with your mattress to provide the effect you want.

Divan Bed Storage Options

As briefly mentioned already, divan beds give you different options to bed frames in terms of storage. Companies making beds can utilise the space inside the base to give you extra storage. Instead of just throwing things under the bed, you can organise within drawers or ottoman style storage.

An ottoman style will mean the mattress part of the platform lifts up. You will then be able to put your items within like a storage chest.

Drawers, naturally, will slide out from within the base. Having multiple drawers means you can store clothing, books, spare bedding or just about anything else you wish.

Some divan beds have Conti drawers, also known as continental drawers. These are much smaller drawers and don’t open all the way out. They are an option if you are putting a divan bed in a smaller space and the drawers won’t be able to open all the way.

Divan Bed Mattress Options

You will probably find that a divan bed is not restrictive at all when it comes to choosing mattresses. If you are in the market for a new divan bed, the mattress will probably come with it as standard.

There are a lot of different styles of mattress available, and as the sizes are standardised, you can find the right option for your bed regardless of whether you have a divan base or a bed frame.

Divan Bed Pros and Cons

To make it easy to make your choice, we’ve put together the pros and cons of divan beds. What is good about a divan bed? What are some of the negatives to consider?


  • Divans are often good value as they are sold with the mattress.
  • There are plenty of storage options.
  • You can choose if you want a sprung platform.
  • Divans take up less space than bed frames.


  • Divans can make cleaning more of a challenge. As you can’t get underneath easily, you may need to move the bed for vacuum cleaning.
  • They tend to ship as two large parts. This can make the bed tough to get into your home or through small doorways.


There is an element of personal preference if you are choosing a bed. A divan bed has distinct features though, the platform on the bottom with the mattress above, rather than a mattress sitting within a wooden frame. Leave us a comment and let us know if our article has answered the question “what is a divan bed?”