What Is A Rolled Mattress? Could This Be A More Manoeuvrable Option For You?


Does the thought of getting a new mattress and manoeuvring it up flights of stairs or through narrow doorways fill you with dread? If so, a rolled mattress might just be the solution for you. So what is a rolled mattress?

Unpacking the “Bed in a Box” Idea

A rolled mattress or roll-up mattress is a mattress that has been compressed and rolled-up. These kinds of mattresses are also sometimes called vacuum-packed mattresses or a “bed in a box”.

With a rolled mattress you can have your mattress delivered straight to your doorstep in a much smaller box, which is great if you live in a narrow home or have to contend with lots of stairs. Shoppers can also buy rolled mattresses and take them home the same day.

The process of unpacking a rolled mattress is usually straightforward. It involves cutting any straps that are holding the mattress in its rolled-up shape, laying it on your bed base, and then opening the vacuum packaging.

Here’s a video to give you an idea of how easy it can be to unpack a rolled mattress:

Rolled mattresses can regain their shape quickly or may take several hours to fully regain their pre-rolled shape. Giving the mattress time to expand is important for rolled memory foam mattresses which can take up to 24 hours to regain their shape.

Rolled mattresses are not the same as futons or camping mattresses as, usually, they are not designed to be repeatedly re-rolled once they have been unpacked.

What Varieties of Rolled Mattresses Are There?

There are rolled mattresses to suit most buyers and they come in the usual sizes from standard to super king.

Rolled mattresses made of foam are common, with gel and eco-hybrid mattresses made of breathable fibres also featuring quite prominently.

You can also buy rolled pocket sprung mattresses and various hybrid varieties that combine the softness and breathability of natural fibres with the responsiveness of individual pocket springs.

Are Rolled Mattresses Still Good Quality?

There is nothing inherently inferior about a rolled mattress but, as is the case with most products, the quality of the mattress will be dictated by the choice of materials and the manufacturing processes.

Unfortunately, memory foam and other foams can lose their shape if they are compressed for long periods, so don’t be afraid to use your warranty if you feel that your foam mattress hasn’t regained its proper shape.

What are the Advantages of a Rolled Mattress?

Easier to Get into Your Home

The main selling point of a rolled mattress is how convenient it can be. Even a king-size mattress can be compressed into a box that can be delivered to your door and is far easier to take up flights of stairs and through the average house or flat.

Convenient to Buy

Due to vacuum-packed mattresses having a much smaller footprint than standard mattresses, it’s likely retailers will often have a supply of them ready to buy so you won’t have to order and wait for the mattress to reach the store.

If you have the room in your car or van, you may be able to take home your mattress on the same day you buy, which isn’t usually the case for most people buying a new standard mattress.

If you do need your mattress delivered, the wait time is still likely to be shorter than if you were waiting for a full-size mattress to be shipped. 

A Bed in a Box Can Make Memory Foam More Moveable

It is possible to re-compress and roll-up some foam mattress types. The process for this can be a bit tricky, but it could save a lot of sweat should you need to move house and take your existing foam mattress with you.

You should check with your retailer before trying to re-roll any mattress. For most mattress types, re-rolling is not recommended.

Disadvantages of a Rolled Mattress

Limited Choices for Certain Mattress Types

While the range of roll-up mattresses is impressive, your options for certain kinds of mattresses such as pocket sprung roll-up mattresses might be limited. This is because not every kind of mattress can be rolled and keep the same quality and performance.

The Smell

Some people find that the off-gassing or smell that comes with rolled mattresses can be off-putting.

This smell can be a combination of the mattress itself, and also an odour that is present because of the vacuum-sealing process which will lock in smells from, for example, the fire-retardant chemicals used on the mattress.

Off-gassing isn’t present in all mattress types, so it may be possible to minimise the problem by choosing a mattress that comes with natural fibres or pocket springs, which tend to be low odour.

Alternatively, airing out the mattress in a ventilated room while you wait for the mattress to expand can help to reduce the impact of off-gassing.

Final Thoughts

Rolled mattresses offer a convenient “bed in a box” solution for people who don’t want the hassle of trying to get a full-size mattress up to their bedroom and onto their bed frame.

While buyers should not expect poorer quality from a rolled mattress, there are some trade-offs like having to wait for the mattress to expand before use and the potential for more odours as a result of the manufacturing process.

But rolled mattresses can offer a neat solution to the inconvenience of buying and moving a large new mattress, and it’s not hard to see why they are proving extremely popular.

Have you bought a rolled mattress before? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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