What Is A Miracoil Mattress? Could It Be Right For your Needs?


While browsing mattress types you might have seen the term “Miracoli” used, but what is a Miracoil mattress, and is it right for your needs?

Firstly, Miracoil mattresses are a type of continuous coil or open coil mattress, so it’s useful to understand open coil mattresses to get a better idea of what the Miracoil offers and how it’s different.

What Are Open Coil Mattresses?

Open coil mattresses are mattresses that house an inner-spring system made of one continuous coil of metal. They are a standard in many mattresses and may be referred to by other names such as continuous coil or cage sprung.

Due to the inner-connected nature of open coil mattresses, they are extremely responsive meaning that they are springy and allow movement to travel from one side of the bed to the other. You will feel it when a sleep partner moves or turns over in the night.

Open coil mattresses offer an even surface on which to sleep but standard open coils do not offer tailored support, meaning they don’t account for different areas of your body and cannot usually be adjusted to, for example, reduce pressure on your joints.

Standard open coil mattresses are cheap to make and so usually cost a couple of hundred pounds. As a result, they do not offer the best lifespan and are prone to sagging. They also tend to offer little support at the edges of the mattress and may begin to bulge as they age.

What is Different About a Miracoil Mattress?

Popularised by the manufacturer Silentnight in the UK, Miracoil mattresses tweak the open coil design to introduce a few new features.

Unlike most open coil systems, Miracoil’s springs are linked vertically instead of horizontally. The idea of this is to offer better support and to allow the springs to go all the way to the edges of the bed.

You can see this system in more detail in the video below:

The springs’ head-to-toe design is also supposed to help stop “roll-together”, or that feeling of clashing with a sleep partner in the middle of the night because you have slowly both made your way into the centre of the bed due to the way the mattress shifts when you move.

Silentnight claims their Miracoil mattresses offer superior “zonal support” than other open coil systems, too.

When we sleep it is important for both our sleep quality and overall health that we have a well-supported sleeping position that keeps our spines in alignment. By using denser springs in the centre of the mattress, Miracoil mattresses might offer better support for your body.

Who Are Miracoil Mattresses Good For?

Miracoil mattresses range in price but many are below £600. This means that they are a relatively affordable mattress option even in the larger king and super king sizes.

What’s more, and because they can be combined with other technologies, Miracoil can offer a relatively budget-friendly option for getting a firm mattress with features like the body contouring of a memory foam layer or the cooling and temperature regulation of a gel layer.

Miracoil mattresses tend to be on the medium-firm side, so sleepers who enjoy a firmer sleeping experience may be more likely to feel the benefit of this kind of mattress. Front sleepers may also find the firmer sleeping experience better for keeping their bodies aligned.

One other potential benefit of the Silentnight Miracoil range is that it also comes in different styles including an orthopaedic range. People who need a bit of extra support for their backs and joints may find the relatively low price point for these mattresses attractive.

Lastly, those looking for an open coil mattress may find a Miracoil gives them a better level of comfort and features like reduced motion travel and an overall more restful experience.

Are There Drawbacks to a Miracoil Mattress?

Miracoil mattresses are still a kind of open coil mattress and so come with a number of the open coil’s drawbacks.

While they certainly do have a place in the mattress market, other options like pocket sprung mattresses are often favoured for their superior support and longevity when compared to most open coil or continuous coil mattresses.

Due to the interconnected nature of the spring system, open coil mattresses tend to wear out quicker, and while Miracoil mattresses may be designed slightly differently, a pocket sprung mattress may be a better option if you want to get a long life out of your mattress.

Lastly, if you do purchase a Miracoil with added memory foam layers or other layers that add particular features to the mattress you may find that these are no-turn mattresses, meaning they cannot be flipped over. This can reduce the lifespan of the mattress.

Final Thoughts

Miracoil mattresses are not going to be suitable for every sleeper and they may not represent the best option if you have room in your budget and want a mattress that is going to last eight years or more.

However, if you would like a budget-friendly mattress that comes with a few additional features as well as a firm sleeping experience, Miracoil mattresses may be an option worth considering.

Have you experienced sleeping on a Miracoil mattress? Let us know your opinions below.

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